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The combination of sex, violence and the deplorable insubordination of the lower classes was most attractive to the journalists of the day.''. The male servant hangs for the crime; Grace is institutionalized for years and becomes an object of societal curiosity as a young and beautiful "murderess." Still, as a storytelling conceit, and a way to examine one of the most notorious murders of the time period, it is an excellent read and an excellent miniseries. “People know they need to look brutally and honestly at the world.”, In This Article: Thomas Kinnear was an actual person who lived in Toronto, Canada, in the 1800s. Nobody knows how she spent the rest of her life, which gave Atwood free rein to imagine her ending. I made it, and then people felt it was relevant five or 10 years after it came out.” (The 2000 film was originally criticized for its prurient violence; it has since been touted as a scathing capitalist satire.) Atwood has mentioned Homolka when talking about Alias Grace. —E.M. “This is the moment where we have the appetite for someone as clear-seeing and ruthless as Margaret, because we’re scared,” she says. Marks' life before entering into the service of the Kinnear household had not been an easy one: Most people nowadays accept Irish people to be as European as any other nationality. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Published in Japan in 1991, the book turned the VCR into an instrument of terror at the height of its popularity. However, by the time she wrote Alias Grace, Atwood had changed her opinion of Grace Marks, having read a variety of sources and realised that Moodie had entirely invented parts of her account. The highest “shelves” are actually just wallpaper printed to look like bookshelves. Is ‘The Tale’ HBO’s Most Controversial Movie Ever? A post shared by Li Xiang | X+LIVING (@xlivingart) on Sep 23, 2020 at 4:27am PDT. “I was more interested in the psychology of Grace than in the factual answer of what she did and how. If you’ve ever panicked while traversing the mazelike layout of your local IKEA, Horrorstör will be all too relatable. It was filmed for CBC-TV and aired in 1974, more than 20 years before Alias Grace was published. “And now it’s the thing that I get asked about the most.” She’s referring to the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal and the deluge of similar accusations of sexual misconduct that have followed in its wake. It’s almost as if she’s in the afterlife and she’s looking at the world and the things that have happened at some remove.”, “My main objective was to track a woman’s journey through a man’s world where she’s endlessly harassed, abused –  and expected to remain silent.”-Alias Grace producer/writer Sarah Polley, (Gadon, on the advice of Atwood, won’t say whether she believes Grace is guilty or not. But the celebrated 77-year-old author has tapped into our collective psyche with uncanny precision this year: Hulu’s Emmy-winning The Handmaid’s Tale, based on her 1985 dystopian classic, premiered three months after Trump’s inauguration – at which point a story about women stripped of their rights and reproductive freedom no longer felt particularly fictional. “When women are in positions of power and authority, what is possible onscreen becomes so much more intimate,” she says. Want more Rolling Stone? Published in 1981, this New York Times bestseller is not for the animal lovers out there. What we don’t have is her voice.”, That a centuries-old murder could raise issues of class, gender and power that still resonate today is a testament to Atwood’s writing. Sign Up Today: Get exclusive deals, product news, reviews, and more with the Mental Floss Smart Shopping newsletter! This article contains affiliate links to products selected by our editors. Or, is it just a fantasy set in the past, instead of in the near future, like Atwood's other novel adapted for streaming, The Handmaid's Tale? I’ve used this book, this touchstone, to understand myself and the many people that women become when they’re forced to repress their response to horrible experiences.” (Polley recently wrote about her own appalling interaction with Weinstein for The New York Times.). “Sarah said, ‘Grace is now going to sit with every claim that has ever been had over her identity, and she’s going to sit comfortably in them, which is going to deeply unsettle you.’ And that’s something that goes beyond the pages of Margaret’s book.”, Director Mary Harron (American Psycho, I Shot Andy Warhol) was similarly daunted.

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