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Referring to her only as "the terrible girl," Bergner related the events to Orr, who used it as the basis for her short story "The Wisdom of Eve" (1946).

At an awards banquet, she thanks Margo, Bill, Lloyd, and Karen with characteristic effusion, while all four stare back at her coldly. Zsa Zsa Gabor actively sought the role of Phoebe without realizing the producers were considering her, along with Angela Lansbury, for Miss Casswell.

She does such a good job. Addison blackmails Eve, informing her that she will not be marrying Lloyd or anyone else; in exchange for Addison's silence, she now 'belongs' to him. Find movie and film award information for All About Eve (1950) - Joseph L. Mankiewicz on AllMovie Hope Emerson stood 6’2” and weighed nearly 200 pounds. Another theory is that when Anne Baxter lobbied hard to be nominated in the Best Actress category instead of Best Supporting Actress, she shot herself in the foot [c’mon, did she really think she was going to win over these two powerhouses?].

Now, Eve exults, Lloyd will write brilliant plays showcasing her. John Huston, nominated for a best director prize for The Asphalt Jungle co-founded the Committee for the First Amendment to oppose HUAC’s targeting of Hollywood entertainers. In that way, it’s sensitive and complex, but it’s not as good as All About Eve. After that evening's performance, Eve tries to seduce Bill, but he rejects her. "[19] Metacritic assigned a weighted average score of 98 out of 100, based on 15 critics, indicating "universal acclaim". "All About Eve" was the first movie to get 14 nominations.

Crain was at the height of her popularity and had established a career playing likable heroines; Zanuck believed she lacked the "bitch virtuosity" required by the part and that audiences would not accept her as a deceitful character. It’s such a cool, unforgettable shot, and it seems ahead of its time. The pressure to acquiesce agency and more highly value patriarchy, following the return of men from the war, after having been shown propaganda promoting agency such as Rosie the Riveter and after having occupied traditionally male roles such as bomb-building factory worker, was deemed "the problem that has no name" by well-known feminist Betty Friedan. Tallulah Bankhead was also considered, as was Joan Crawford,[10] who was already working on the film The Damned Don't Cry. It ran for four previews and 896 performances at the Palace Theatre on Broadway. Opened, reviewed Feb. 12, 2019. Unlike many of the other films nominated in this category [ahem, Broken Arrow] it sounds surprisingly modern, while also allowing for some theatrical drama. Monroe got the part after a lobbying campaign by her agent,[11] despite Zanuck's initial antipathy and belief that she was better suited to comedy. [46] The production is notable in that Mary Orr, of The Wisdom of Eve, played the role of Karen Richards.

The dialogue is razor sharp and makes no excuses for its brutality. It’s possible they split the vote, leaving Holliday as the victor. But the rest of them, the noirs, are very good. What was important was making a public example of Hollywood, thus sending a message to the rest of the country and the world that Communism would not be tolerated.

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