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But when exactly does the Atlantic hurricane season start and how long does it last? But even though I was often overwhelmed by the content, I feel that Melchor tells a necessary story about the pervasive violence against Mexican women in such communities. A woman was killed in Puerto Rico after being swept away in flood waters. [257] The low continued to move generally westward over the next two days before opening up into a surface trough at 17:30 UTC on September 16. NY 10036. [271][272] It continued to gain strength and became a Category 2 hurricane later that evening. [317] It weakened into a tropical depression at 15:00 UTC on September 17 before degenerating into a remnant low six hours later. The season officially started on June 1 and will officially end on November 30; however, formation of tropical cyclones is possible at any time, as illustrated by the formations of tropical storms Arthur and Bertha, on May 16 and 27, respectively. Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms can occur at any time and anywhere, but due to geography and local climate, some places are considered safer than others. [52] At 21:00 UTC on June 1, the remnants redeveloped into Tropical Depression Three over the Bay of Campeche, slowly moving west over west over the bay. [391] As it turned northward and then northeastward, Delta began to weaken as it entered an area of higher wind shear, dry air, and cooler waters. ¿No quería que él también pagara?”, “...porque se había llevado un buen dinero y nomás por andar ahí en los eventos políticos aplaudiendo todo lo que Pérez Prieto decía, con matracas y porras y chiquitibum a la bimbombá, Pérez Prieto, Pérez Prieto, ra ra ra, y ya, de verdad: nomás por hacer eso los del Partido le daban doscientos varos por día y doscientos varos además por cada persona que él llevara a registrarse, más comestibles a granel que entregaban cada semana, más herramienta para el campo y hasta material de construcción, y eso que Munra en su vida había votado nunca por nadie...”, Internationaler Literaturpreis – Haus der Kulturen der Welt (2019), International Booker Prize Nominee for Shortlist (2020). Lightning struck and killed them", "CT sees two Isaias-related deaths, five injuries", "Haiti – Flash Laura : 31 dead, 8 missing, more than 8,000 victims and significant agricultural losses (assessment August 28)", "Una mujer muere junto a su hijo de 9 años tras derrumbarse su casa por las lluvias provocadas por la tormenta Laura", "Joven muere mientras dormía tras caer árbol sobre su vivienda vientos provocados por Laura", "Muere policía al caer sobre cables eléctricos en El Limón de Jimaní", "Franklin County Sheriff says St. George Island first responder died while trying to save swimmer", "Louisiana Department of Health verifies one additional hurricane-related death, bringing toll to 27", "Calcasieu updates on Laura recovery - Sept. 18", "McComb closes all Gulf beaches after fatality", "Man electrocuted while preparing for Hurricane Laura", "East Texas man killed by fallen tree is state's second Laura-related death", "Man dies Tuesday after being found in Orange home with generator in garage", "Hurricane Laura recovery worker electrocuted during debris cleanup in Newton Co", "Baldwin County Coroner: 2 confirmed dead after Hurricane Sally", "Hurricane Sally's remnants blamed for 3 metro Atlanta deaths", "Second Pensacola death believed to be caused by Hurricane Sally", "Body recovered near Innerarity Point was kayaker who went missing in storm, ECSO says", "Tras muerte de una pareja en La Pocita de Piñones, exhortan a no visitar las playas", "RMS: Hurricane Delta total onshore insured losses could reach $4bn", National Hurricane Center's Atlantic Tropical Weather Outlook, Tropical Cyclone Formation Probability Guidance Product,, Articles which contain graphical timelines, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––, This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 19:06. Calculations are provided at, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Timeline of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, Journal of the American Medical Association, Tropical cyclone naming § North Atlantic Ocean, Talk:2020 Atlantic hurricane season/ACE calcs, "Two Gulf hurricanes at the same time?

Before the arrival of the hurricane, a 65-year-old man in Tizimin, Yucatán lost his life after falling from the second floor of his house while preparing for the storm. [53] Throughout the remainder of the day, Cristobal's windfield became more symmetrical and well defined[54] and it gradually strengthened with falling barometric pressure as the storm meandered towards the Mexican coastline. [373], Numerous tropical cyclone watches and warnings were issued for parts of Mexico in the Yucatán Peninsula following the formation of Gamma and thousands of people were evacuated. By mid-September, the active Atlantic spawned a brief subtropical storm, Alpha, that made an unprecedented landfall in Portugal after becoming the easternmost-forming (sub)tropical cyclone in the North Atlantic basin on record. [408] The names not retired from this list will be used again in the 2026 season. Later, Hurricane Paulette made landfall in Bermuda, while Hurricane Sally severely impacted the Southeastern United States. [209] Afterward, moderate northerly shear of 15 knots halted the trend and partially exposed the center of circulation. [337][338] It transitioned to a remnant low at 03:00 UTC on September 23. In the Eastern Pacific Ocean, hurricane season begins May 15 and ends Nov. 30, according to the National Weather Service. As Laura passed through the Leeward Islands, the storm brought heavy rainfall to the islands of Guadeloupe and Dominica, as captured on radar. Paulette became the first storm to strike Bermuda since Hurricane Gonzalo in 2014, while Sally struck Gulf Shores, Alabama on the same day and location where Hurricane Ivan made landfall in 2004, causing severe damage. [2][3] This activity has been fueled by an ongoing La Niña, which developed during the summer months of 2020. Tropical Storm Laura has formed", "Tropical Storm Marco Discussion Number 10", "Hurricane Marco Tropical Cyclone Update", "Tropical Storm Marco Tropical Cyclone Update", "Post-Tropical Cyclone Marco Public Advisory Number 21", "Muere niña en Chiapas por afectaciones de la tormenta tropical "Marco, "Tropical Depression Fifteen Public Advisory Number 1", "Tropical Depression Fifteen Discussion Number 2", "Tropical Storm Omar Discussion Number 5", "Tropical Depression Omar Discussion Number 7", "Tropical Depression Omar Public Advisory Number 9", "Tropical Depression Omar Discussion Number 14", "Tropical Depression Omar Discussion Number 16", "Post-Tropical Cyclone Omar Discussion Number 21", "Post-Tropical Cyclone Omar Public Advisory Number 21", "Tropical Depression Fifteen forms just off shore", "Potential Tropical Cyclone Sixteen Public Advisory Number 1", Tropical Storm Nana Tropical Cyclone Update, "Tropical storm Nana nears formation in Caribbean as Atlantic hurricane season stays unusually active", "Tropical Storm Nana Public Advisory Number 4", "Hurricane Nana Intermediate Advisory Number 8A", "Tropical Storm Nana Public Advisory Number 9", "Tropical Depression Nana Public Advisory Number 11", "Tropical Storm Julio Discussion Number 1", "Hurricane Nana makes landfall in Belize, brings floods to Honduras;Omar to dissipate", "Farms in southern Belize lose hundreds of acres to Hurricane Nana", "Nana hits Belize, then dissipates over Guatemala", "Nana strikes Belize as hurricane with damaging winds, flooding rainfall", "Tropical Depression Seventeen Public Advisory Number 1", "Tropical Depression Seventeen Discussion Number 1", "Tropical Storm Paulette Discussion Number 3", "Tropical Storm Paulette, Record Earliest 16th Storm, Forms in Eastern Atlantic While Tropical Storm Rene is Soon to Follow", "Tropical Storm Paulette Public Advisory Number 7", "Tropical Storm Paulette Public Advisory Number 8", "Tropical Storm Paulette Public Advisory Number 9", "Tropical Storm Paulette Forecast Advisory Number 21", "Tropical Storm Paulette Discussion Number 24", "Hurricane Paulette Public Advisory Number 25", "Hurricane Paulette Discussion Number 28", "Hurricane Paulette Public Advisory Number 30", "Hurricane Paulette Tropical Cyclone Update", "Hurricane Paulette Intermediate Advisory Number 31A", "Hurricane Paulette Discussion Number 33", "Hurricane Paulette Public Advisory Number 36", "Hurricane Paulette Public Advisory Number 39", "Tropical Storm Paulette Forecast/Advisory #40", "NASA's Terra Satellite Confirms Paulette's Second Post-Tropical Transition", "Knocked down tress and power lines: Damage reported as Hurricane 'Paulette' makes rare landfall in Bermuda", "Man drowns at New Jersey shore in seas churned by hurricane", "Tropical Depression Eighteen Public Advisory Number 1", "Tropical Storm Rene Public Advisory Number 3", "Tropical Storm Rene Discussion Number 3", "Tropical Storm Rene Intermediate Advisory Number 3A", "Tropical Storm Rene Discussion Number 6", "Tropical Depression Rene Public Advisory Number 9", "Tropical Storm Rene Public Advisory Number 10", "Tropical Storm Rene Public Advisory Number 14", "Tropical Storm Rene Discussion Number 16", "Tropical Depression Rene Public Advisory Number 22", "Tropical Depression Rene Discussion Number 30", "Remnants of Rene Public Advisory Number 31", "Tropical Storm Rene path: Rene blasts Cabo Verde Islands as NHC forecast hurricane upgrade", "Tropical Storm Rene Public Advisory Number 7", "Tropical Depression Nineteen Public Advisory Number 1", "Tropical Depression Nineteen Intermediate Advisory Number 2A", "Tropical Storm Sally Intermediate Advisory Number 4A", "Tropical Storm Sally forms as it crosses South Florida; likely to strengthen into hurricane when it reaches Gulf", "Tropical Storm Sally Discussion Number 8", "Tropical Storm Sally Discussion Number 12", "Hurricane Sally Intermediate Advisory Number 15A", "Hurricane Sally Tropical Cyclone Update", "Hurricane Sally blasts ashore in Alabama with punishing rain", "Tropical Storm Sally Intermediate Advisory Number 22A", "Tropical Depression Sally Public Advisory Number 24", "Post-Tropical Cyclone Sally Public Advisory Number 26", "Hurricane Sally Crawling Toward Gulf Coast With Potentially Historic and Life-Threatening Flooding", "Global Catastrophe Recap September 2020", "Tropical Depression Twenty Public Advisory Number 1", "Tropical Depression Twenty Discussion Number 1", "Tropical Storm Teddy Discussion Number 7", "With newly formed Tropical Storm Teddy, NHC tracking five named systems at once", "Tropical Storm Teddy Discussion Number 13", "Hurricane Teddy Tropical Cyclone Update", "Hurricane Teddy Public Advisory Number 16", "Hurricane Teddy Public Advisory Number 21", "Hurricane Teddy Public Advisory Number 22", "Hurricane Teddy Public Advisory Number 27", "Hurricane Teddy Intermediate Advisory Number 32A", "Post-Tropical Cyclone Teddy Intermediate Advisory Number 42A", "Post-Tropical Cyclone Teddy Discussion Number 46", "Dos personas mueren ahogadas en Piñones", "Los bañistas que visiten las playas del norte este fin de semana: "Podrían poner en riesgo sus vidas, "Swimmer dies after being pulled from ocean off Jersey Shore beach", "Tropical Depression Twenty-One Special Advisory Number 1", "Sally takes aim at the Gulf Coast; only one name left for hurricane season", "Tropical Storm Vicky Public Advisory Number 2", "Tropical Storm Vicky becomes 20th named storm of the 2020 season, 5 named storms currently in Atlantic", "Tropical Storm Vicky Discussion Number 4", "Tropical Storm Vicky Public Advisory Number 4", "Tropical Storm Vicky Discussion Number 10", "Tropical Storm Vicky Public Advisory Number 14", "Tropical Storm Vicky Public Advisory Number 15", "Cape Verde – Deadly Flash Floods in Praia", "Hurricane Sally expected to bring historic flooding to Mississippi, Alabama, Florida Panhandle » Yale Climate Connections", "Tropical Depression Twenty-Two Special Advisory Number 1", "Tropical Storm Beta Public Advisory Number 5", "Running out of storm names, Atlantic season goes Greek", "Tropical Storm Beta Public Advisory Number 8",, "Tropical Storm Beta Public Advisory Number 9", "Tropical Storm Beta Discussion Number 9", "Tropical Storm Beta Tropical Cyclone Update", "Tropical Depression Beta Public Advisory Number 20", "Tropical Depression Beta Public Advisory Number 21", "Post-Tropical Cycline Beta Public Advisory Number 22", "Beta floods Houston as over 500K gallons of wastewater spill, body of missing fisherman found", "Tropical Storm Wilfred Public Advisory Number 1", "Tropical Storm Wilfred forms in Atlantic, using final name on NHC's 2020 list", "Tropical Storm Wilfred forms in the Atlantic", "Tropical Storm WILFRED Forecast Discussion Number 8", "Tropical Depression Wilfred Discussion Number 9", "Remnants of Wilfred Public Advisory Number 9",, "Subtropical Storm Alpha Public Advisory Number 1", "Subtropical Storm Alpha Discussion Number 2", "Post-Tropical Cyclone Alpha Public Advisory Number 3", "A slew of weather events – including two named storms troubling Europe – pose challenges far and wide", "Ciclone Alpha: Aviso laranja por agravamento de mau tempo hoje no distrito de Coimbra | Notícias de Coimbra", "Tornados em Beja e Palmela ocorreram devido a supercélulas.

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