best lizzo songs


The star has a much longer discography than you might realize, spanning all the way back to her debut single in 2014. The whole song is amazing, but Lizzo’s verse is *chef’s kiss*. Hi, Demi Says She Contacted Aliens This Weekend, Your Horoscope for the Week of October 18th, The Sussexes Are Heading Home for a Court Date, This Is the Holy-Grail Skincare Ingredient of 2020. Lizzo told Rolling Stone this beautiful song is dedicated to the Black women in her fan base, saying, “A lot of my fans are backpackers and white kids, but as much as I love that, when I got to tour with SZA, I saw Black women in the audience, and the way they connected with my music was different than I had experienced.

At long last, Lizzo is having her breakthrough moment. Most Memorable Lyric: "Your comments leave me such a nasty taste / Can't feel the sound / Swish all around /A palette-cleanser for your salty mouth. Though she professes her love for men in "Boys," Lizzo uses "Jerome" to remind her followers that no matter how charming a partner may be, there's no reason to put up with someone's immaturity or emotional baggage if it's bringing you down. Another trait Lizzo is known for injecting in her music? / How I'm s'posed to get home?". Who better to pair with this hip-hop queen than a megastar like Missy Elliott? Most Memorable Lyric: "Thick thighs save lives, call me little buttercup / All means necessary /My ass is not an accessory.". All rights reserved.Billboard is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. Most Memorable Lyric: "Touch down on the stage, and know b**** ain't come to play.". Promise. But that’s a good thing, so. Even flutes. . Another glittering example of Lizzo’s rap chops, “Boys” offers up some of her best funk vibes while the star waxes poetic on her relationship with men. ", Here, Lizzo expresses her love for men of all shapes and sizes.

“I remember thinking, 'If I quit music now, nobody would notice. I hope to inspire women all over to put themselves first. Along with being featured in the movie Someone Great and inspiring a TikTok meme, this upbeat jam is quintessential Lizzo and deserves its praise, however late. Lizzo has since opened up about her love of water and how she incorporates it into her beauty routine. Our editors handpick the products that we feature. While the star has leaned more into her pop and R&B influences as of late, “Batches & Cookies” is an excellent reminder of Lizzo’s excellent flow. Most Memorable Lyric: "Jerome, Jerome / Take your ass home / And come back when you're grown. "I’ve never really written sexy songs before, so this was new for me. ", As Lizzo put it herself on her Twitter, "#Fitness is my Declaration of Independence from the bulls**t! Like fellow Grammy nominee Ariana Grande on "thank u, next" or Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills, 90210, Lizzo's message here is "I choose me. But much like her newly popular single, Lizzo has been around for a minute. This is my best song ever, and nobody cares.’” She went on to explain that this wasn't going to be a bad thing for long: “The song that made me want to quit is the song that everyone’s falling in love with me for.” Most Memorable Lyric: "I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100 percent that b****." The music video is a surreal ode to the workout videos of the '80s, and the infectious song encourages fans to embrace themselves unapologetically. I wanted to do a song that celebrated that and also celebrated myself.”. Most Memorable Lyric: "I don't get dehydrated, I moisturize it daily / I am my inspiration, I am my inspiration.".

If you want to feel good about yourself, “Juice” is the song to listen to. This is technically a track from Big Freedia, a jewel of New Orleans's bounce music scene, whose distinctive vocals pop up on Beyoncé's "Formation" and Drake's "Nice for What."

© 2020 Billboard. It leaves you wanting more. With "Scuse Me" she does just that, singing about the idea that no one's opinion should matter but your own. This trap-infused banger sees Lizzo taking her confidence to a different level, with her “I love myself” message graduating to “I’m sexy and I know it.” Missy’s verse only adds to the badass vibes that this song will leave you with, making it one of Lizzo’s best tracks yet. “It’s a banger, obviously, but it’s also a state of mind. The track is a somber reflection on society’s tendency toward fat-shaming and racism, with Lizzo learning to accept herself for who she is, singing “I can't wash it away, so you can't take it from me/ My brown skin.”. "—and the track will make you feel fearless. Anything: "Good as Hell" In 2018, NPR ranked the song number 44 on a list of the 200 best songs by female and non-binary artists in the 21st century. About when you’re in a situationship. ", Most Memorable Lyric: "From the playboys to the gay boys /Go and slay, boys, you my fave boys.". Second of all, it includes the lyric “thick thighs save lives, call me little buttercup.” I rest my case. Its chorus poses a strong question—"why men great 'til they gotta be great? As Lizzo herself said, “Juice” isn’t just a song. Here’s the thing: Everything Lizzo touches turns to magic. Gonna go ahead and quote Lizzo on the song’s intro: “Learning to love yourself and, like, learning to love your body is, like, a whole journey that I feel like every person, but more specifically women, have to go through.

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