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Labour has now got the spotlight thanks to its landslide win, but leading the party and public on a march to success amid a global economic crisis is not going to be easy. Protect and support those most at risk. When initially informing the nation of the need for a full Level 4 lockdown, the rationale you put forward to the nation was that based on information from the global experts, that if these unprecedented extreme measures were not implemented, then upwards of 80,000 lives would potentially be lost. It would seem not. Tonight Labour is looking like the natural party of government in Aotearoa New Zealand. It returned to level one on June 9, with border controls remaining in place but most citizens living life as normal -- until last week. Labour’s victory offers the party command of the house, an unprecedented situation in a mixed-member proportional government. Do you trust that Year 11, 12 and 13 students will stay home by themselves and not be tempted to sneak around to a friend’s house? This comes after around 100 days without community spread. "Any decision to review the election date must be as free from partisan political interests as possible.". That situation requires the highest level of investigation, as the United States has already indicated. She this week joined 31,000 rugby fans at a Wellington stadium to watch the All Blacks take on the Australian Wallabies, becoming one of the first international sporting events to allow spectators. April 23rd 2020. New Zealand's Parliament will now reconvene Tuesday and be dissolved on September 6 ahead of the October poll. As per the Oxford University analysis, they had estimated that probably half of the UK had already been infected earlier this year. Some fear it will demoralise students, but Andrew Patterson reports on how it has worked for years at a pioneering decile one school in Auckland. Most likely much higher. That comment is directed at the COVID-19 situation in general rather than at you. With a record 1.9 million people casting an early vote, this was always going to be an election with a difference. ", Video: Putin announces approval of coronavirus vaccine, amid skepticism (CNN), On GPS: What a Biden foreign policy might look like, Fareed's Take: Covid-19 is boosting inequality, Tapper reacts to Trump's proclamation celebrating character. Dear Jacinda, I write this letter as a patriotic Kiwi with the best intentions for my country and for the future health and welfare of my fellow Kiwis. Let’s take a fairly conservative estimate that 1 in 10 people who have been infected are being tested, bearing in mind that a large number of people who get infected are either asymptomatic (no symptoms) or very mild symptoms (Oxford University estimated half of the UK has been infected earlier this year). Why did the WHO not take any of these other sources of information into account and instead just went with the doomsday projections of Imperial College with no questions asked? You said schools are not allowed to tell parents to keep their children home even if they know the parents are not working. "The election occurs in the context of the pandemic, and her response to it has been highly rated," said Clark. We need to get the country back to work in trying to rebuild and reclaim our nation from the devastation that has sadly been caused. Recognise sex workers as informal workers: NHRC, J&K parties to meet today over Ladakh, other issues, Indian Americans overwhelmingly support Joe Biden: Poll, Asia markets track Wall Street loss as Covid sours mood, App stores should be more competitive, says Microsoft, Tokyo shares open lower on uncertain US stimulus talks, Campco to procure areca nuts from doorsteps of farmers, FB, Twitter accused of censoring article of Biden, Apple iPhone 11 Deepavali offer you just can't refuse, Dhoni's daughter Ziva gets rape threats after CSK loss, Google Meet now allows teachers to create breakout room, Scorpio Daily Horoscope - October 14, 2020, Panic in Karnataka as 34 students test Covid-19 +ve. The Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand has written an open letter to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern calling for all schools to be shut, saying it's the only way to keep students and staff safe. Biden campaign foreign policy adviser and former Obama official Tony Blinken joins Fareed to lay out Biden's plans for US foreign policy if he is elected. But if this information is not damning enough, it actually gets considerably worse. The general election was due to take place on September 19, with Parliament rising on August 6 and campaigning had already begun before the lockdowns were introduced. Here is a twitter link to a Fox News journalist in the US being overheard on open microphone just prior to a press conference with President Trump, admitting that even in the much harder hit United States, studies on COVID-19 are showing mortality rates of 0.1%, the same as normal flu. "If we look at the number of new cases today -- given the extent of testing that has happened over the last few days -- I think that's encouraging," Bloomfield said. She does not need the Greens to govern and their leverage is limited. Malls, cafes, bars, barbers and schools can open under alert level 2, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says. COVID-19 vaccine setback weighs on Wall Street. "Holding an election during a Covid outbreak has the risk of serious interference in our democracy. It is as simple as that. They won’t be sitting down for weeks. The challenge now is for Labour to decide to open this victory to support parties. The big question is whether Labour wants to do a deal with the Greens when they do not have to. Right now, all we can do in New Zealand is to take the information we now have, use some calm and rational thinking, and do what needs to be done. Was there/is there a sufficiently extreme level of critical danger facing New Zealand that warrants such damaging measures being taken? Two aspects are interesting in this post-mixed-member proportional history-making election. Have a look and then decide whether or not you would like to subscribe to a Bronze level subscription. When we go to school we are exposed to every child in our class bubble and then the next day everyone that their parents have been exposed to in their day at work. If they have a sibling in another class or at secondary school, myself and anyone in my class are now open to those bubbles, too. Open letter: limitations on religious services. As the country prepares for a possible end to lockdown next week, the Government is moving to stamp out the last traces of community transmission in NZ. So, we now know from the information and data in front of us, in our own country, what the severity level of COVID-19 is in New Zealand. National now has a real problem with rejuvenation. It won the party vote in virtually every single electorate. This is not to say COVID-19 is not to be taken very seriously in New Zealand. COVID-19 began in Wuhan, China, under uncertain circumstances that are still being investigated. The swing away from National is pretty dramatic. In times of crisis or potential crisis, emotion can be the enemy of truth and rational thinking. This article first appeared on The Conversation. Term two starts today in a new virtual way. If you play Labour-lite there is no compelling reason to change from the Labour party. We also need to be very aware of the circumstances that led to this catastrophic situation so that lessons can be learned to prevent similar situations in the future. Still, National leader Judith Collins has clawed back some support for her party by focusing on the tough financial challenge ahead as unemployment rises, recession looms and government coronavirus support packages expire. It absolutely must. Alongside that, we have our global media that have whipped up a level of hysteria and fear that has been pumped through our entire DNA on a daily basis 24/7 to the point where COVID-19 has been perceived by the global public as nothing short of a doomsday plague.

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