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NE To that end, we are doing the following things: Checking the temperature of all students and staff as they enter the gym. Enforcing social distancing in the gym during phase 1 of our reopening, andmarking the mats to make it easier to comply. Limiting the size and length of classes. Closing the locker rooms until further notice. Closing the drinking fountain until further notice. Closing the reception area until further notice. Only allowing class participants, staff, and any contractors needed foroperation into the building during class. Cleaning the mats and all commonly touched surfaces before every class. Asking students to leave promptly when class is finished, with everythingthey brought into the building. Recommend, but not require, the use of a face covering during class. Requiring employees to self-quarantine if they develop symptoms, have apositive test, or have been in contact with someone they know has had apositive test.However, please note that LBJJC employees have had contact with one anotherduring the closure. 2) We will clean the gym between each class, and unlock the door 5-10 minutes before each class. Because of the extra cleaning, we will operate with our Phase 3 schedule, which you may see below. We have a program for everyone regardless of skill level, gender, or age. Whether you want to train 2x a week, 3x a week, or every day - we've got a membership package for you. People come here to train, blow off steam, joke and learn. is awesome- the classes will teach you the basics in addition to advanced level moves and combos. We will help you increase your confidence, focus, and fitness, as well as your ability for self-defense. At the end of class we will bow out (no handshake), and students will need to leave promptly so that cleaning for the next class can begin. Above all, Kurt believes you should have fun along the way — just don’t expect any shortcuts. Well they offer a great membership all inclusive, from fitness to BJJ classes. See all Carley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy reviews, “Yukito has a ton of experience, and it's immediately obvious because of how much bjj knowledge he has!” Jake takes that title to heart, helping anyone and everyone refine their game. Alliance Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) San Francisco is a premier space located in the SoMa district of SF. [email protected], Copyright © 2020 - We believe in a one team, one family philosophy, where we help each other get better and reach new goals, one training session at a time. “Romulo is a great teacher and he has created an academy where everyone feels welcome regardless of skill level.” See all Bushido Fight Team reviews, “This Academy has everything from Kids, Women's only, Competition classes for Gi and No-Gi, and fundamentals.” The student should leave their shoes at the edge of the mat, and bring their water and gear bag to their spot. Martial Arts See all Magalit Brazilian Jiu Jitsu reviews, “I've been training BJJ here for about 6 months and I really appreciate Jimmy as a teacher of the martial art!”

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