crow in a sentence


I was eating crow on that one within a few days. Thus, the direct distance, as the crow flies, between Brig and the hospice of the Simplon amounts to 4.42 geogr. Tobacco ages skin prematurely and is characterized in particular by early facial wrinkles, crow's feet and lines. Sheryl Crow has a song with a great line: It's not having what you want--- It's wanting what you've got. There are deer (at least five species), boars, bears, antelopes, beavers, otters, badgers, tiger-cats, marten, an inferior sable, striped squirrels, &c. The yoga Crow Pose is a great one for strengthening the abdomen and arm muscles, as well as relieving tension in the back muscles. Extreme Lift Eye fills in and smoothes crow's feet and wrinkles under the brow bone to lift and tighten. A little armadillo, the mulita, is the living representative of the antediluvian giants Mylodon, Megatherium, &c. The ostrich-Rhea americana-roams everywhere in the plains; and there are a few specimens of the vulture tribe, a native crow (lean, tall and ruffed), partridges and quails. He stoically directed stringing and knotting from his crow's nest - and withstood the storm of advice and chatter from below. Many of the top celebrity websites will have legitimate news and gossip on Sheryl Crow. All three products are formulated to stimulate the skin's renewal process, smooth lines on the face and neck, reduce crow's feet and signs of photo aging, prevent premature aging on younger skins and firm the skin. Besides her musical endeavors, Sheryl Crow is also a political activist focusing her energy on global warming and international relations. Some of the gossip mills state that Crow was testing Armstrong and thought the breakup would be brief. Much as she enjoyed watching them eat crow for desert, she knew their shame would be forgotten by suppertime. (CM) The rooster crows at sunrise. Used properly, they can prevent crow's feets and other signs of aging; they also help prevent certain vision problems. Sheryl Crow made her move to Los Angeles, California, in the late 1980s, where she landed a job singing commercial jingles for McDonalds and Toyota. After college, Crow settled into life as a music teacher. Before Crow's arrival, the band was essentially a loose collective of people collaborating together, and the increasing tension Crow was receiving turned it into her "backing band.". Who Dated Who lists all of individuals who dated Sheryl Crow. To make the shrill sound characteristic of a rooster; to make a sound in this manner, either in joy, gaiety, or defiance. I sure hope you like crow, 'cause you're going to be eating a bunch of it before Alex leaves. 250, give no prayer for consecration of fonts, but enact that "at cock crow the baptismal party shall take their stand near waving water, pure, prepared, sacred, of the sea.". incubus album, a Crow Left of the Murder, comes with a limited edition DVD. The discovery of large deposits of nickel at Sudbury; of extremely rich gold mines on the head-waters of the Yukon, in a region previously considered well-nigh worthless for human habitation; of extensive areas of gold, copper and silver ores in the mountain regions of British Columbia; of immense coal deposits in the Crow's Nest Pass of the same province and on the prairies; of veins of silver and cobalt of extraordinary richness in northern Ontario - all deeply affected the industrial condition of the country and illustrated the vastness of its undeveloped resources. Rooster: There's a lot to crow about this year. This... [Read More] Welcome to charlie crow - costumes for kids. Can I use low level laser light on the Crow's Feet around my eyes? The boy crowed with delight. Ecorazzi has all of the gossip and news surrounding Sheryl Crow's commitment to going green. After surgery and treatment, Crow has been declared cancer-free. (CK) A crow is as black as coal. crow's nest The turbine blade can be seen at the end of the walkway. She had a lot of crow to eat and she wasn't feeling the least bit hungry. canaryy Crow put Norwich ahead at the end of a first-half which saw the Canaries rewarded for their hard work. As the crow flies, about seven miles, but as the old saying goes, a crow can't fly through rock. 2. verb When a cock crows, it makes a loud sound, often early in the morning. ==Crow== The crow is the chief deity of the Thlinkit Indians of N. The wild "crow garlic" and "field garlic" of Britain are the species Allium vineale and A. The Sanskrit name for Yoga Crow position, Bakasana, is sometimes translated as Crow, and sometimes as Crane. In his school's symbological system, the crow represented change, something new and good. Tensions aside, Tuesday Night Music Club became a smash hit for Crow and earned her three Grammy Awards. During this same time, Crow scored a record deal and began work on a self titled debut album in 1992. (CK) The crow spread his wings. Corvus cornix) was so common in the district that it became known as the Royston Crow. So will the tricolore be flying high or will there be something for the French cockerel to crow about? Are your crow's feet so copious they could pass for a map of California's freeway system? Treaties and military operations were at first of no avail, but in 1876 the United States government took steps to reduce them to submission, and Generals George Crook (1828-1890), Alfred Howe Terry (1827-1890) and John Gibbon (1827-1896), with 2700 troops (besides the Crow scouts) were sent against the Sioux under Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and others. A hill fort occupies the summit of Arthur's Seat and the subsidiary hill, From 1969 to 1971, state legislators under Governor Mills Godwin rewrote the constitution, after goals such as the repeal of Jim, And Mrs. rusk sat down and laughed heartily, ending with a, That he may increase beyond the prolificness of the white-necked, Near relative to them are the turkey buzzard and carrion, Hale thought that the scientist looked like a huge, starved, In the same district the autumnal passage of the hooded, But the Boy, though in his heart troubled and surprised, kept an undiscouraged face, and advised the hunters not to, Greta, I told myself, you need a miltown before the, The larger birds are the wood-pigeon, moorhen, dabchick, and to these the carrion, Then he of Clusium would flutter and say, how-do-you-do, in squeaky, She is not so infallible a markswoman, but that she might shoot at a.

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