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Quebec is the closest thing to a European outpost you’ll find on North American soil, so it’s not too surprising that Gino Soccio, an Italian-Canadian musician from Montreal, so skillfully fused the soulful qualities of American R&B with the sleekness of Eurodisco. Joni Mitchell even scats during the interludes—seriously, what can’t she do? Born in Oskaloosa, Iowa, downtown Manhattan-based cellist Arthur Russell routinely chose paths that had the most left turns. It's also the group's best album, lacking the cartoonishness that would come to characterize some of their later work. Coming off the largely forgettable Wavelength, Morrison made a lively leap back into critics’ good graces with the album, which acquired praise from outlets across the board. “Soul Makossa” was arguably the first disco hit — reaching No.

MICHAELANGELO MATOS, Hear It In: Lindstrøm, Sally Shapiro, the 100% Silk label. Tasteless for referencing the 1974 disaster movie "The Towering Inferno?" Post-punk and New Wave were in full blossom with boundary-pushing albums from Talking Heads, B-52’s, Joy Division and Gang of Four. Their third album, the breakthrough Damn the Torpedos, was an inventive mash-up of garage rock, post-punk and roots music, jumbling conventional chord patterns and pop melodies but leaning all the way on Mike Campbell’s bluesy guitar leads and Bentmont Tench’s home-cooked keyboards. moniker is quite sarcastic. Ironically, the followup "The Best Disco In Town," a straight-up unapologetic medley of disco favorites, didn't sell quite as well. For songs that peaked in December and January, I decided on what year to put them in by when they dropped from their peak position. It was almost certainly inspired by Giorgio Moroder’s From Here to Eternity from the previous year, but Black Devil’s clammy dungeon atmospheres and ghostly whoops have even more in keeping with Giallo schlock jocks like Goblin — a perfect forebear to the retrofuture pulse of Lindstrøm and a direct heir to groups like Gatekeeper and Zombi. The legendary songwriter, already solidified as one of the greats thanks to early career-makers Astral Weeks and Veedon Fleece, emerged in 1979 from a slew of lackluster releases with the terrific Into the Music, one of the more spritely albums of his expansive and ever-evolving career. —Ross Bonaime, Neil Young likes to cut loose with Crazy Horse, and it’s almost always a good time when he does. Alexander Robotnick, “Problemes d’Amour” (Fuzz Dance, 1983), Hear It In: Metro Area, Space Dimension Controller, Miss Kittin, Translated from its original French, “Problemes d’Amour” is like what Blade Runner’s Roy Batty would cut loose to in a Rimini discotheque: “Oh! That's right, of the Moonglows. The silvery synths and deliberate pacing echoes in much of the largely Scandinavian wing of vista-ridden neo-disco as well. By the time they released their self-titled debut, they were a quartet of women, playing dissonant, non-commercial songs with odd harmonies and mesmerizing critics.

It's forgotten now, but the Bee Gees had begun their march towards disco three full years before Saturday Night Fever with "Jive Talkin'" and this super hot number. 35 on Billboard’s Hot 100, broken by a nightclub rather than a radio DJ (Frankie Crocker began playing it on WBLS-FM in New York after Mancuso).

Some saw the album as an attempt to establish herself as Waits’ alter-ego, but it clearly eclipses the comparisons bestowed on her at the time.

And Rhino, for its part, has excavated the soundtrack via this 1979 edition of its Billboard Top Hits series. It certainly served her well, resulting in sales of some 2 million copies, near unanimous critical kudos and the launch of a career that made her an enduring chanteuse for the decades that followed.

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