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Unfortunately the health ravages of the herbicide do not respect geographic limitations. Mar 18, 2016 – 5 Senators Urging VA to Expand Presumptive Dates for Korea

Your email address will not be published. “The island, however, was not nearly so strongly fortified as had been feared [MacArthur had been right in this assessment] and its guns were quickly silenced by the naval bombardment. Could the contention of many veterans be true that the VA is trying to wait them out until they all die off? There was also the hated 36th Battalion, 111th Security Regiment, plus an antiaircraft defense force unit armed with Russian 85mm guns, 37mm automatic cannon, and 12.7mm machine guns, and air force personnel numbering in the thousands.

Through the haze it looked as if the whole city was burning.… The strange sunset, combined with the crimson haze of the flaming docks, was so spectacular that a movie audience would have considered it overdone.” Cemetery Hill was taken, and Miss Higgins came in with the fifth wave onto Red Beach. Photo Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at his Redding, CT home. civilians at Yonghung-do who had helped the mission The entire Army was The


The lights were not even turned off.” (Apparently, he never learned of Lieutenant Clark’s daring mission.) And what of the man whose military genius had foreseen all this from the start? ill-prepared psychologically, and ill-deployed Continues Ridgway: “In places, the Marines used ladders to scale the wall, which stood four feet above the prows of the Landing Ship Tanks (LSTs). I have documentation pertinent to Korea AO and I am willing to share via email. I am very much interested in this.

Youn and Ke used the aliases of "Yong Chi That group has been seeking assistance via Congressional legislation for years to no avail. Led by Navy Lieutenant Eugene Clark, this team provided intelligence to UN forces and restarted the lighthouse at Palmi-do. succeed. large numbers of Chinese were crossing the Yalu into It was the best airfield in Korea, serving the two million inhabitants of Seoul as well as the port of Inchon. But the worst of the terrible storm narrowly missed the invasion fleet. Kimpo Airfield, too, was an extremely worthwhile military objective. McKinley on the 12th. The Cav discounted firm According to one source, “Precisely at 0630, the U.S. Marines swept in from the Yellow Sea to face 40,000 North Korean troops.”. [email protected] He has been trying for five years to get disability benefits for himself and other veterans who served in Korea in 1967. Elsewhere the LSTs simply rammed holes in the wall, or Marines opened holes with dynamite, through which the assault troops poured.… By dark the advance elements … were securely dug in on their beachhead ready to repel counterattacks,” which never came, so complete and total was the surprise victory. Clark later took about 150 South Korean And what of the defenders? © Copyright 2020 Center for the National Interest All Rights Reserved. Indeed, President Truman’s personal observer throughout the battle, National Guard Maj. Gen. Frank E. Lowe, also admired the men his boss had derisively called “The Navy’s police force,” leading the amphibious commander General Oliver P. Smith later to write, “As to personal danger, his claim was that the safest place in Korea was with a platoon of Marines.”, Back on the Mt. I have helped many Korea DMZ vets and even a few VN vets. Required fields are marked *. Photographers were busily engaged in taking pictures of the General, while he continued to watch the naval gunfire—paying no attention to his admirers.”, “More People Than That Get Killed In Traffic Every Day!”, As the Marines had stormed ashore, elderly Korean civilians had gathered to watch them in awe, admiration, and relief at being liberated from their northern oppressors.

Bob Haynes Brothers, it can be done so don’t give up the fight. Located to the north of the Inchon-Seoul axis, it lay a mile inland along the left bank of the Han River, downstream—or northwest—of Seoul. Distinguished Service Cross Recipients, Korean War, 1950-1953 Last Updated: January 05, 2016 LAST

My time on the DMZ is outside the VA presumptive dates but still approved.

In Seoul there was the 10,000-man 18th Rifle Division, reinforced by the Seoul City Regiment, an infantry unit 3,600 strong.

National Secretary/Treasurer 2 ID Association

history. The U.S. Army honors the service and sacrifice of Korean War Veterans.

During the early days of the Korean War, Douglas MacArthur attempted a daring amphibious Inchon Invasion to retake Seoul.

559 – VA offers scant help to Agent Orange victims,,, Episode 1874 – Vietnam War doc, Jim Story always served, Episode 1873 – Vietnam Vet Gerry Wright aims to create Agent Orange monument in Connecticut, Episode 1872 – “Angel of Death” -The C-130 gunship borne out of the Vietnam War, 1871 – Marine Vietnam Vet Gene McCandless served well then and now, 1870 – AC-47 Gunships poured it on the enemy in Vietnam, 1766 – A Conversation with Vietnam Vet John Shoemaker – Unplugged, 562 – Vietnam Ia Drang veterans hold reunion at Port Lavaca, 1726 – Dr. Bob Rodrigues – The Nixon Years, Part 3 – Lam Son 719 and the Pentagon Papers, 036 VVN – Leo Black – US Coast Guard in Vietnam. The first task was to neutralize Wolmi-Do, the little island that sat right athwart the channel, with all channel traffic within point-blank range of its guns. The situation with the Korean Veterans is similar to the stone wall Blue Water Navy Veterans of Vietnam are facing in their quest for VA benefits for Agent Orange diseases. Espionage played a significant part in the planning stages from the Navy side. Korean War POW/MIA List Accounted-For: This report includes the U.S. personnel who have been accounted for (including POW returnees and POW escapees) and all personnel whose remains have been recovered and identified since the end of the war. Areeda Jr. George R. U. S. Navy 1966-1968 Vietnam AR (E1) 9/24/1947 10/27/2005USS Independence (CVA-62) Arentz Chester W U. S. Army Cold War … staff. The story follows the experience of Eugene Clark, 69, of Redding, CT a U.S. Army veteran who served in Korea. We need to be covered for exposure to AO. The National Archives has an online searchable database, entitled " Records of American Prisoners of War During the Korean War …

McKinley, two NKPA MiG fighters were seen at 5:40 am beginning an attack on a cruiser to the front, leading General Courtney Whitney to alert MacArthur in his cabin of the danger.

“All I fear is nature,” asserted Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Inchon invasion, too, was threatened by the sea and wind in the form of Typhoon Kezia, a 125-mile-an-hour storm that seemed destined to arrive precisely on time with Chromite’s Joint Task Force 7 invasion fleet in the Korean Strait.

Guerillas, including Youn, on island-hopping forays all In October, Clark was able to brought Youn and Ke out to the McKinley with him, but In-Ju.

There were plans to mine the harbor, but the work had not begun. attack them at Unsan. Your email address will not be published.

This group consists of veterans who served from 1966 through 1969, the duration of the “Second Korean War.” Their plight is featured in a story from The Connecticut Post titled: Vets of ‘Second Korean War’ seek coverage by Peggy McCarthy, Conn. Health I-Team Writer.

Thanks! The Agent Orange situation has been a topic of great interest to many veterans. At 5:24 pm the Marines went in, and Herald-Tribune reporter Marguerite Higgins described the scene: “A rocket hit a round oil tower and big, ugly smoke rings billowed up. Aboard the Mt.

In the words of one Marine company commander, Captain Frank I. Fenton, “It really looked dangerous.… There was a finger pier and causeway that extended out from Red Beach which reminded us of Tarawa, and, if machineguns were on the finger pier and causeway, we were going to have a tough time making the last 200 yards to the beach.”. Surviving this, they would have to cross the wide and swift Han River before they could reach Seoul, the coveted prize.

“Wake me up again, Court, if they attack this ship,” rolled over and went to sleep. Many aircraft are bombing Wolmi-Do. Intel that large columns of infantry were advancing to The NKPAs also admired the Leathernecks, calling them “yellow legs” because of their distinctive leggings. raids on land and sea, gathered vital information on

Later, Marine General Shepherd would recall, “His staff was grouped around him. Stated Ridgway, “The action opened at dawn with a heavy bombardment by American destroyers, whose skippers gallantly steamed up the channel under the very muzzles of enemy cannons, and by British and American cruisers.

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