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This post contains spoilers for the first season of Euphoria.

And what might the show look like in Season 2 if its main character has really died? Courtesy of HBO. And I oop. Is she watching her own funeral from beyond the grave? It's possible that this interpretation is reading too much into the sequence, and that it was merely representative of Rue's relapse and that she'll return in Season 2, still misusing drugs, but very much alive. But if this is the show killing off Rue, it's got to be the most esoteric way a television series has ever killed off its main protagonist. This explains why Maddy and Nate aren't together at Winter formal. If you’re not into spoilers, please refrain from reading further because these Euphoria endings, spoilers and theories are a lot to take in. They fight and Maddy leaves. The ending of Euphoria season 1 left us with lots of questions about Rue and the rest of the characters in the main cast. They then fight but Nate starts to have a breakdown and Cal leaves him alone in his room crying, bashing his head against the floor and screaming.

Rue's hospital honeymoon period can't last forever though. Euphoria soundtrack: What songs were played in the HBO series. #euphoriafinal, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO FEZ HOW TF ARE THEY JUST GONNA LEAVE IT LIKE THAT #EuphoriaFinale This is fine and all but the editing is confusing af. This all adds a layer of grim anticipation to that last sequence of the season: It's thrilling, affecting, and I know the comedown is going to be exceedingly bleak.

I recommended creating multiples save files for … Since it first debuted in June, I've grown obsessed with Euphoria. The Euphoria season 1 finale aired last night and the ending was a LOT to process. If I could spend the rest of my life in a hospital, I would. From the stellar cast (the acting from Zendaya , Hunter Schafer and Jacob Elord i this season is sublime) to the stunning aesthetic (every still in the Drake executive produced series is music video worthy), Euphoria is mesmerising. Aug. 5, 2019. And yet, I still feel like I can't let Euphoria off the hook. He takes the money and runs home. Would a show really kill off its lead without making sure the audience knew that's what it was doing? sees her though and dances with her. Me calling HBO to get some answers after that #Euphoria season finale, Soooooo Rue relapsed, Jules ran away, Nate had a mental breakdown, Cassie got an abortion, Kat and Evan are finally together and Maddy is not a dumb bitch anymore.

It seems likely that the doctor was supplying Mouse with drugs. Jules tells Rue about hooking up with Anna in the previous episode but Rue seems okay with it, even with Jules praising Anna: "You would die for Anna, she’s just next level". Fez then beats up the doctor and we see the doctor's son watching. 2020 Bustle Digital Group.

However, it's hard not to imagine that Levinson at least wants his viewers to think that Rue is dead, and give us something to agonize over for the next year or so while we wait for answers. They then essentially have a dance off to 'Mi Gente'. The last image of the season was a bright light shining into the empty space where Rue had been moments before. Rue and Jules (Image: YOUTUBE/HBO) Rue is in hospital after bladder issues as a result of retaining her urine due to a bipolar episode. #EuphoriaHBO #EuphoriaFinale, me finally realizing why Rue wore that sweater the WHOLE SEASON #EUPHORIA, rue was really wearing her dad’s hoodie the entire time And Salt the Earth Behind You opens with Rue in hospital. Nate is still blackmailing Jules; Kat still doesn't know the identity of the mysterious person who pursued her online, hidden behind a voice modulator and a webcam. The empathy it has for its characters only goes until they do something that it thinks deserves a tsk, tsk and couches it all in its dreamlike, glittering palette. Thankfully, Kat and Ethan sweeten things up a bit. And it looks like we won't know until season 2. That's when they get uncool." From the stellar cast (the acting from Zendaya, Hunter Schafer and Jacob Elordi this season is sublime) to the stunning aesthetic (every still in the Drake executive produced series is music video worthy), Euphoria is mesmerising. Where is this love you speak of? Spoilers ahead for the Euphoria Season 1 finale. The scene is wild and toxic but what a banger. Nancy Rue knows what's good. It's unclear if Rue was just hallucinating after taking drugs, if it was just symbolism or if she overdosed and died. I'm still not sure if Euphoria isn't too enamored with what's even briefly "cool," but I can't wait to keep watching. She adds: "They are cool until before they wreck your skin, and your life, and your family. However, they just spend all of the formal trying to make each other jealous.

A distraught Rue returned home, seemingly relapsed… and broke out into song and dance alongside a gospel choir and marching band? Jules says yes. It's gorgeous, but also uncomfortably glamorous given the context. At home, Cal berates Nate for losing control of the game. Her dad (!) We have no idea if Fez leaves him dead or alive. He reveals he's always liked her and says he'll ensure he's the one who gets hurt if things go sour. Teenage lust is stressful. (For what it's worth, I don't think she does -- it's just a representation of her falling back into old habits.). This quiz is the ultimate test of your knowl……, Will there be a Grand Army season 2? Moments later we see that Jules and Rue are actually leaving town together. Zendaya is almost certainly returning for the drama's sophomore season, but will she merely be a haunting presence who continues to narrate her friends' lives from her incorporeal realm? AND THIS WAS ONLY SEASON 1??!!! This post contains spoilers for the first season of Euphoria. In its first season, HBO's Euphoria has oscillated between exploitative and tender, fantastical and truthful. Euphoria has always tried to mimic what its characters are feeling with its camerawork and visuals, and this could be creator Sam Levinson's way of giving shape to an experience as unknowable as dying.

This isn't the sword going through Ned Stark's neck; this is much more vague in its intent and execution. #EUPHORIA, maddy watching THAT dvd she stole from nate is the personification of this picture #euphoria It would be quite a shock to fans who didn't pick up on this if, when Season 2 returns, it's confirmed Zendaya's character is dead. At the same time, we find out that Fez was trailing Mouse. Here's a meme recap of exactly what happened.

The number is sort of quintessential Euphoria. Everybody when Rue imagined Nate getting killed #EuphoriaFinale, Jules and Rue watching Nate like#EuphoriaFinale #EuphoriaHBO She asks him to leave Fez alone or she'll make his Dad's illegal sex secrets public. Back to Rue and Jules. Rue then suggests to Jules that they run away to another city and they kiss. READ MORE: Euphoria soundtrack: What songs were played in the HBO series? Rue has forgotten her medication though and is unsure if it's a good idea.

As she's leaving, she bumps into Cal, who encourages her to 'let go' of the relationship. Indeed, there's something disturbingly triumphant about Rue's return to drug use. Rue finds her and Jules asks Rue to kiss her (!!).

The Euphoria season 1 finale aired last night and the ending was a LOT to process. Meanwhile, Fez is shown kissing his grandma, telling her he loves her and leaving his house with a gun. There are, of course, benefits to these dangling stories: the already-announced Season 2 will have a lot to cover, and Euphoria is in no rush to speed through high school, avoiding the curse of many a teen drama. If so, that would be a major bummer; Zendaya has turned in Emmy-worthy work in Season 1, and it's hard to imagine the actor's talents being well-served by being relegated to ghostly tour guide. Because when you’re in a hospital, you have zero responsibilities.” To be fair, she made several points. “I love hospitals. nate and maddy trying to make each other jealous at prom #euphoria #feelEUPHORIA, nate grabbing bare flat ass cheeks on the dance floor in front of his ex girlfriend? I'm tired. We also learn that Cassie recently went to hospital for an abortion! All rights reserved. Jules apologises for not being completely honest about what happened with Nate and the two of them seem to be on much better terms. Could viewers have just seen the event that ends Rue's life, revealing that yes, she's been omnisciently narrating the whole show from the afterlife? To many, the symbolism of the ending will undoubtedly confirm this theory: the dreamlike sequence, the jump off the cliff, the white light. Nate also tells Rue she looks beautiful... #EUPHORIA nate to rue: you look beautiful tonight me:, fez and rue saying the same thing to nate sksksk #EuphoriaFinale Jacob Elordi's acting in this scene is extraordinary. A choir of people in red robes then carry Rue outside of her house. There's a long pause and we're not shown what happens next.

They also form a pile which Rue climbs and falls off. How did the Euphoria season 1 finale end though? it makes people realize that it isnt a terrible thing at all and that is SO important #feelEUPHORIA, mf McKay got Cassie pregnant, told her he cant have a kid rn AND had the audacity to not even come w her for her abortion??? do you know how important it is to show the process of getting an abortion on national television?

How did I miss that??? Rue asks Jules if she loves Anna. Rude. We also find out that the red hoodie Rue always wears was her dad's. Euphoria has transfixed audiences since debuted on HBO this past June. Spoilers. In these final moments, the show itself seems to think they're pretty cool, too. Rue's maturity and growth here is incredible. Here we find out that Rue loves hospitals... of course she does. rue at the hospital was just literally just a meme #EuphoriaFinale, Rue in the hospital is the happiest I’ve seen her all season, gurl I— #EuphoriaFinale #EuphoriaHBO I know she doesn't want to hurt Rue but she is being reckless and it's horrible. It's too often guided by a weirdly moralistic streak that punishes its characters for the same behaviors it encourages. We then see Jules texting Anna right in front of Rue's face. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved.

As viewers became consumed by the dramas involving Kat's (Barbie Ferreira) burgeoning business as a fin-dom (look it up) and Nate's (Jacob Elordi) abusive psychopathy, Rue, our entry into this world, was the most static character on screen, just trying to keep to a space where she stays healthy. Nate then tries to get under Rue's skin by telling her that Jules will leave her and won't even remember who she is in 10 years time. Sign up here for our daily Thrillist email, get Streamail for more entertainment, and subscribe here for our YouTube channel to get your fix of the best in food/drink/fun. i hate the boys in the stupid show #EuphoriaFinale Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2; 3; Next; Page 1 of 3 .

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