gwent card checklist


She doesn't play Gwent though? In this case, a lot of gwent cards have had their names changed so the list on Prima is a little different than what you'll find in-game. Gwent Cards Checklist - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. In case some people missed it, I have all FOUR factions printed. You'd really need two sets though (assuming the people you want to play against don't have their own set). Gwent Card Collector Trophy Info.

They look great. With Patch 1.08, these cards can be found at locations, typically near where the character resided. I also made 5 instructional cards based off of the original ones designed by /u/dargaliin. The Witcher 3 Gwent Cards Checklist 0. relevant for many years now).

Thank you.

Patch Notes from 1.08 and earlier has been moved to the Archived Notes page (this information has not been

There are four decks in the main game and a fifth you can unlock if you get the Blood and Wine DLC. Welp, now i know where my first salary ever's money are going.

By Head_Fish on October 5, 2017 Miscellaneous, Quests, Witcher 3. They look fantastic btw. I'm in the process of getting pictures from each card of the game on PC so will fix the names tonight but location is harder, if anyone sees any mistakes do e-mail me [email protected]

Sadly no one has uploaded the DLC cards saved from 4k screen shots, so the only ones I can access are not 300 PPI and are very blurry. There are so many cards that one can get from a random win. I need this. Playing against actual people could be a lot of fun. Can anyone enlighten me as I have never used google docs like this before. This is awesome! That's so cool. These are the little things that make the game, thanks TastelessBuild, Ill get on it! Thread starter SolidChamp; Start date Jul 24, 2015; 59 Forums. Any chance of you uploading the InDesign (or whatever you used) file you worked from as well?

Not sure if they are counted as 'seperate' cards though for the check list. Then cut and enjoy! So yes 73 per deck. It also seems that some of the location names have changed. Nice job by that printing shop. Check your GWENT career stats and share them with others! would've been a better CE item than the messed up statue. UPDATE 2: Full sheets of card backs for each faction are uploaded.

For the Neutral Faction I made a custom back for those 29 cards (Geralt, Ciri, etc.). Includes all cards from all factions as well as duplicate pages with faction specific backs to the 29 Special Cards.

"Fire Elemental", I was going a little crazy yesterday with so many files, I'm uploading the missing monster cards now. There are five factions technically because there are cards in the game that are neutral, that is they do not fall under any of the pre-mentioned four factions. We are compulsive gamers. Ah I see thanks for the headsup, sounds like a weekend thing to sort out. Is the 300 card collection a single copy of each card or did you get also get multiples of the non-unique cards? I just have one question... Are these regular sized cards or tarot sized? A full list of current gwent cards.

One of them is one of the nekker cards which I am supposed to win from Lambert at the end of the quest "Following The Thread". Go. CDPR is burning money every second they don't sell their own cards. I became very addicted to Gwent. These are fantastic. Important Note: The dashboard filters will reset on page refresh but the checkbox state will be saved between sessions. I want my own deck now.

The Gwent Card Game.

Interactive dashboard that allows you to browse through the list of all Gwent cards available in the game with card details and locations. All things related to The Witcher... Books, games, TV-series... You name it. During the Prologue you are introduced to a card game called Gwent.

Thanks /u/TastelessBuild for pointing this out! A mobile app game instead that damn Witcher MOBA, physical cards they can sell. To help other compulsive gamers we created this site. For help finding them I have been using the Prima guides page at but I have also just stumbled across which looks very useful. I found it useful for my own game and hope its useful for others too.

In this case, a lot of gwent cards have had their names changed so the list on Prima is a little different than what you'll find in-game. Gwent Cards Checklist Question: How do I actually use this?

Your friends need a shot at winning too! Load more.

Printable Gwent Card Collection. Use the dynamic filters to select the card(s) you want to see. † This denotes players that can die or disappear from the game. I'll so have to get these printed off eventually. GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Steam Launch Trailer Gwent.

Mmmm... looks tempting. Your saved checkbox settings will work on both main page and this one. Thanks for posting this OP, these look amazing.  . I can't recall specific examples, but I have found several cards in shops in different towns than what's listed in the guide. Excel Sheet download, a link to Card Deck printable sheet and link to Armor/Weapons Dashboard can also be found there. Also, for everyone wanting to actually play with those cards, my advice is to print the same back for all factions. I already know of one case where a card becomes obtainable through alternate means in certain conditions (not gonna elaborate because spoilers).

I assume they are the same card with a different name. The game is huge so I haven't had time to verify all the information, as other posters suggested its sourced from several places and some information may be wrong. Throughout The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, there are a number of gwent players.

One PDF for double sided printing and another file for single sided printing (using glue to attach the backs together). Those look really nice. Guess what I'm trying to say is be careful and don't take that Prima guide as completely accurate. Thanks for the reference to I just put up that site a few days ago. This is everything I was looking for!

Haven't played Witcher III yet but I want this! That way the people looking to 100% their Gwent deck can just go down a checklist. I like those than the original version.

Can't wait until the fixed upload tomorrow. Holy shit, these looks amazing! But for instance, the cards that you can win at the masquerade ball, what happens if you don't do that? They should seriously capitalize on the idea. On top of the decks there are also some neutral cards that can be added to any deck you choose to play with. JavaScript is disabled. Someone should put together a list of the merchants/NPCs that distribute a random win.

, I don't think these are all the cards in game. This checklist page will remain as people have bookmarked it.

This is a fanmade website with no affiliation with CD Projekt Red® GWENT® and all associated assets are property of CD Projekt Red® CD Projekt Red® GWENT® and all associated assets are property of CD Projekt Red® You can now buy that card (A northern leader) From the trader on the road in White Orchard. Would it be possible to upload the version of the neutral cards with the DLC look? All of that.

because they are not required for Achievement/Trophy. Upcoming Events.

All these cards will have to be obtained via one playthrough to unlock the achievement. Cheers! I didn't see a thread on this, and given the results of my own attempt to create a collection of Gwent cards for playing irl, I think this was worth bringing to everyone's attention. Or to print the neutral deck 4 times, with one back/faction. Anyone up for designing a (paper foldable) box. Use the dynamic filters to select the card(s) you want to see. Thank you all for the support over the last 5 years! Albrich (2 of 2), Clear Weather (3 of 3), Torrential Rain (3 of 3), Ballista (2 of 2) (White Orchard) Beat the Innkeeperess? If you can look over that, it's pretty good! that printing looks quality, nice deck op.

Any ideas on how to house them? A complete guide for the Gwent Card Collector Achievement! All of the cards are 300 DPI or higher and these files include all 195 cards available in the game. S. SolidChamp Banned. Anyone got a favored service for this? This list has been working for >5years and may have helped hundrends of thousands of achievement

Can't believe I didn't notice that, I'll re-upload the corrections tomorrow! All things related to The Witcher... Books, games, TV-series... You name it.

Those cards get bonus' is placed next to another of the same type.

1 of 2 Go to page. UPDATE 3: Added PDF with all cards + duplicates so you only have to download it then hit print once!

CDProjekt really struck gold with Gwent.

I'm going to do this. When is CD Projekt going to just make this an official thing?

Use the Checkboxes to tick off the Cards that you have already collected.

Wow, that site is fantastic! UPDATE 4: Printable vectored Gwent Board available for download above.

Holy moly that's excellent! 38. :D I want to export it, or at least save it on my own google drive, but I cannot :(, Good question, I had presumed you would be able to select the cells or save it.
A complete guide for the Gwent Card Collector Achievement! To play Gwent you will need to collect cards to build up your deck, but you have more than one deck you can choose to play with. 35. :D, 44 unique cards for each deck then 4 sets of 29 neutral cards that have faction specific backs. Since Prima guides are written using early info from the game developers, very often the finished product is different from the guide.

I would like to know this too. UPDATE 1: One full Monster page was missing, yes I was driving myself crazy yesterday with all of the file saving, and the Imgur album is now up to date!

Dec 2020. Login now. What is the default size for these? The advanced civilization known as Canada, Note: The filters will reset on page refresh but the checkbox options will persist. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The White Flame Dancing on the Grave of His Foes, Lego Harry Potter Years 5 – 7 Character Guide. So I just take it to some paper printing store right? I've got a few printers near me that might be able to do it. I spent many hours producing these files in the highest quality possible with 4k screenshots from /u/roar_lord. (Note: refreshing the dashboard will clear curent dashboard filters). I might have to try this.

I would suggest you post it as a separate thread if someone hasn't already.

You can have four decks in the game, one for each of the four factions. CDPR need to create an official set and sell it. Great work by that print shop. Feb 13, 2013 6,747 2 0 Taiwan. Probably have to tighten up the rules/cards and all, but I would totally buy in to a real online Gwent game. Special thanks to all who have e-mailed in with kind words and to provide feedback on the availability of these cards. I assume it's because you can have several of some, but I can't see any system to it. I have done a lot of printing in my life and I can see a shop messing that up very easily. Either print 22 double-sided or all 44 then spray glue them together (which is what I personally did). This guide contains a complete walkthrough of how to obtain every card required for the Card Collector achievement in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game. Use the Checkboxes to tick off the Cards that you have already collected.

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