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Hisoka was born into a traditional Japanese family called Kurosaki that was famous and respected in the village. With this bond, it seems to help build a semi-co-depended relationship between the two.

More often than not, the young boy ends up getting irritated or frustrated at Tsuzuki for his childish and compassionate demeanor, chiding him for making promises he probably couldn't keep. In the battle, he primarily engaged against Bekka and Stiles Stilinski, eventually being defeated and being thrown back into custody, where he continues to remain now. A Togruta female, Tano was discovered on her homeworld of Shili by Jedi Master Plo Koon, who brought her to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to receive Jedi training. The memories of that time and the curse haunt him, giving him a boiling anger toward the man. Before they could interact for very long, however, the two of them would find themselves suddenly transported into a strange carnival, alongside other people. He wishes to become stronger to obtain his revenge against Muraki and to protect the people he cares for, especially Tsuzuki, since Muraki is after him for his own nefarious plots. The manga and anime series follows Gon Freecss, an 11-year-old kid who thinks his father left him. He is the son of Nagare Kurosaki, the newest employee of the Summons Division and the current partner of Asato Tsuzuki. No matter whether the anime or the manga, this remained the same: Hisoka was locked up and they called him a freak, a monster and an abombination. Nagare Kurosaki and Rui Kurosaki (Father and Mother (Manga Only)).

Though he does don a tuxedo for the ride aboard the Camellia, he seems to be very particular about wearing more modern things. Now, he tends to have a blind obsession and hatred for the cruel Doctor, at times interfering with their work in pursuit of Muraki. The only time Hisoka wears traditional clothes( both in the anime and manga) is during his flashbacks to his life before he became a Shinigami, a tournament of the classic arts (manga only), or for his fight against Oriya Mibu (Anime only. ". In the beginning of the first chapter, when Ilona's explosion had rocked the entire Coalition HQ, the force of it disabled the security system of the Holding Cells, seeming to allow Hisoka to escape. He then not only has an overload of her fearful emotions, but also seems to see an old memory of a Tsubaki and Eileen (Irene in the manga) meeting. An enigma of a person with a lust for murder, Hisoka is an accomplished "hunter," a person with an occupation that comprises of hunting, whether it be criminals, treasures, or the like. Hisoka couldn't remember it at all, but Muraki released the block on his memories to torment the boy. Motivated solely by the thought of encountering an opponent strong enough to face him at full power, Hisoka flip-flops between acting as an antagonist and ally to the protagonists, wishing to fight them to see how strong they have become one moment, and then aiding them in whatever daunting task they might face the next if it also serves his self-interest. The last thing they wanted to do was to let the secret that the only heir and young son was an oddity and a psychic. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the manga, Hisoka was offered a better position in a different district, but chose to work in Kyushuu with Asato Tsuzuki because of his immense power. Quote More History; …

So, instead, he raped Hisoka and placed a curse on him. Though it is unclear, it still points to one answer - Nagare was not a kind or loving or even considerate parent. Hisoka's birth date and death date are shown below: He was born in October 18,1980 at Kanagawa, Japan. Hisoka also began creating their own puppet of small size, who carved with the features of a woman, blindfolded and with long blond hair, her favorite, who finished but never managed to perfect; she became Jonin at the age of 19. Tsuzuki manages to comfort Hisoka when guilt washes over him for Tsubaki's death. During the climactic battle of the event, all of the participants of the carnival were freed from their confines, and coerced into helping the other Survivors do battle with the masterminds; Bill Cipher and the Reverse Twins. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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