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Seasons and episodes. Turk and Elliot Reid are good friends and Turk is usually one of the first people to inform Elliot if she is acting crazy. They met as roommates and decided to choose Sacred Heart together. After interning, Turk became a resident, and by his fifth year at Sacred Heart he was an a… Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Carla appeared in 165 of Scrubs' first 168 episodes of the first eight seasons, where she was a main character. After recognizing the common signs, Turk is diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Turk and Elliot talk about a patient. Turk's voice is always higher when he's nude. J.D. She spends most of the following episode in denial about the condition, but finally gets help after a frank discussion with Jordan Sullivan, who had also suffered from the condition. 's girl names • Janitor's pranks and lies. 2009-03-15 15:08:10 2009-03-15 15:08:10. Later, in the cafeteria, Sam tells J.D. Christopher Duncan Turk, M.D., commonly referred to by his last name "Turk"[1][2] is a fictional character in the American comedy-drama Scrubs, played by Donald Faison. In his eighth year at the Californian hospital, Turk was promoted by Dr. Cox to the position of Chief of Surgery when most of the workers at Sacred Heart praised his abilities ("My Cuz"). The two are also both professors at Winston U and can hang out at the bar over beer and sports. 's father asks J.D. Early in the series, Carla doesn't feel particularly close to Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke) but they later become best friends. 's baby's mama. to blow up at Carla. The two didn't get along when Elliot first arrived at Sacred Heart, but the more they got to know each other, the more they became friends. "My Blind Date" When his father Sam Dorian arrives, J.D. Carla speaks fluent Spanish. references an incident at the Turk household on Thanksgiving, which Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate. Though the two realize that their relationship will never be the same, they still remain best friends. ("My First Day") He met his future wife Carla Espinosa on his first day ("My First Day"). and Turk met on their first day of college, when they were paired to be roommates. They currently live in the apartment that J.D. 3. Occupation [14] Carla is godmother to Dr. Cox and Jordan's daughter, Jennifer Dylan. "My Two Dads" Appearances The situation gets worse when she and J.D. My Old Lady i can't hear Dracula from Houston here? "[24], When J.D. Elliot is a bridesmaid at Carla and Turk's wedding. "My Own Personal Jesus" Although he's a surgeon, Turk doesn't fully embrace the "jock-like" status typically displayed by people such as The Todd. On that day, he met his eventual wife Carla Espinosa, with whom he has Isabella "Izzy" Turk and a second unnamed daughter. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "My Mentor" All her family is from the Dominican Republic, despite Turk's frequent and incorrect assertions that she is Mexican or Puerto Rican.It is revealed in Season 5 that she is 36 years old. Employer The two enjoy frequent sex, which has since resulted in two children, Isabella, ("My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby") and another daughter. Turk pulled out his hair when J.D. They hit a snag in their relationship, but soon overcame it. [2], Judy Reyes describes her character as "sassy, no nonsense". attended the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. 1 Season 1 Oct. 02, 2001. ation for Best Comedy Series, Scrubs' fifth season is sillier than Meanwhile, Turk is finding out just how unsexy baby making can be. Todd asking for a high five. "My Way or the Highway" and Turk moved into at the start of their first year at Sacred Heart. Also, J.D. Married to Christopher Turk Elizabeth Banks (The 40-Year-Old Virgin) guest stars as Dr. Kim Briggs, J.D. Elliot's parents are very snobbish and expect too much of her. After paying no attention to karma and joking with Turk about his mother coming, he accidentally invites his father to come visit. In season 1, he begins dating Carla Espinosa (Judy Reyes), the Head Nurse; at the end of season 3, they get married. Children "My First Day" Perry gave Turk the promotion to Chief of Surgery, further cementing his assessment of Turk's abilities. Carla starts dating Christopher Turk (Donald Faison) in the show's second episode, "My Mentor". "My Drug Buddy" "My Old Lady" is the fourth episode of Scrubs' first season. [26] Along with the other interns, he becomes a resident and eventually, an attending physician. They have even vocally pronounced their love inside Sacred Heart (Guy Love)  ("My Musical"). Carla also has two sisters, Maria and Gabriella, the latter of whom accidentally had her eyebrow completely waxed off by Elliot on the day of Carla and Turk's wedding. Elliot learns Spanish from Carla so she can talk to her patient, Mrs. Guerrero. "My Finale". J.D. Turk family Turk has lived with J.D. 10. While witnessing their ecstatic reunion after she and Turk return from their honeymoon, for example, she wistfully remarks, "Maybe one day he'll love me like that". Before being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Turk can be seen "drinking" sugar. "My Sacrificial Clam" J.D is around 35 years old in season 9. It even gets to the point that at Carla and Turk's reception, Dr. Kelso drunkenly stated that he thinks Turk's name is Turk Turkleton. All her family is from the Dominican Republic, despite Turk's frequent and incorrect assertions that she is Mexican or Puerto Rican. Espinosa family My Gram-Gram taught me that". as Turk's "boyfriend",[23] and introduces him to the newborn Izzy as "the man you'll be competing with for your father's love. Donald Faison, Actor: Scrubs. Denise Mahoney is Turk's new work best friend. "Bambi" in season 1, and the nickname sticks. He feels lost, but his faith is restored after he finds a runaway patient giving birth and helps deliver the child.[6]. Because Carla is often with Turk, J.D. Portrayed by 14. 12. ("My Tormented Mentor"). Elliot struggles with the pressure from her judgmental parents, who don't approve of Sacred Heart. leaves Sacred Heart in the eighth season finale, Turk makes a large banner outside the hospital that says "Goodbye J.D.". One Ailment Janitor's dad visits him at the hospital and immediately takes a disliking to J.D. Children Follow. Turk is only known by last name Turk , but is sometimes called by his first name, Christopher, by Carla, Dan, and JD. He and Carla have an infant daughter, Isabella ("Izzy"), as well as another daughter mentioned in season 8 and 9. J.D. Cox claims that Carla is the only one who 'gets him' and is often very protective of her. Carla is amazed at how the Janitor was able to score such an attractive girlfriend, You are using an older browser version. [7] Dr. Kelso also refers to Carla as "Nurse Turkleton". Hughley), who paid for Turk's college and medical school;[8] and Jabbari (formerly Bob), who is described as "militant". [11], Carla catches Turk's eye immediately, although she is reluctant to go out with him at first because of his arrogance, purely physical attraction to her, and his god complex. Dr. Perry Cox and Turk are usually tense around each other, most likely due to the fact that Dr. Cox went out on a horrible date with Carla (before Turk was an intern) but still had feelings for her. Turk is able to tell when two people are having sex by watching how they interact. 's son Sam.[25]. In the scene where J.D. the description says its played.. Scrubs season 1 episode guide on Turk has a tendency to go off into emotional rants whenever he feels he has been slighted in some way. Turk notes that while his family is dysfunctional, it is very close. and Elliot (now married), as well as Dr. Cox's family. Turk wears blue scrubs in this episode rather than green because his mother says he looks better in blue scrubs, even though surgeons wear green and medical doctors blue. As an intern, he showed talent from Day One. becomes the godfather of the child. ("My Nickname"), Carla and J.D. I reckon he's around late 20's, mid 30's? At one point in their friendship, Carla and J.D.

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