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[45]:51 Moderate flooding along the Chipola River near Altha damaged homes downstream and inflicted significant damage to fish camps. [85], While Michael's storm surge flooded downtown Apalachicola, the city's buildings weathered the storm with generally minor damage. [23][24], Mandatory evacuation orders were issued on 9 October along Florida's Panhandle, including areas of Panama City, as Hurricane Michael edged northwards toward the coast. [1]:8 Maximum inundation depths were further enhanced by St. Joseph Peninsula, which kept the storm surge elevated by preventing surge water from receding into the open gulf. [1]:10 Strong winds in the heavily forested regions in and around Tallahassee resulted in the widespread downing of trees, forcing the closure of over 125 roads in the city as well as an 80 mi (130 km) segment of Interstate 10 between Tallahassee and Lake Seminole. This aided Michael in intensifying from a 35 mph tropical depression to a 145 mph hurricane in only 72 hours. [94] Owing to the concave geometry of Apalachicola Bay, the 10 ft (3.0 m) storm surge produced by Michael along the coast Wakulla County was particularly damaging. [50]:15 Mexico Beach was the community most heavily impacted by Hurricane Michael and experienced both the hurricane's maximum winds and surge;[51][52]:15 Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Brock Long described the city as "probably ground zero. [80] Severe roof and siding damage was prevalent in Panama City Beach, where gusts reached 87 mph (140 km/h). The good news is that a fast-moving storm like Michael shows up and moves on without sticking around to continue pounding a particular area with rains and devastation. People living in mobile homes and weak structures were included in the order. And keep in mind that these are the observations that were isolated by instruments in the area. [45]:50 Minor saltwater flooding occurred along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of South Florida due to high tides enhanced by storm surge. More than 600 hectares (1,500 acres) of rice were also damaged by Michael's rainfall. Deep bursts of convection are noted within the eyewall and the powerful storm passes through the Yucatan Peninsula into the Gulf of Mexico clipping the western edge of Cuba and dumping massive amounts of rainfall onto the island. [26] Atlanta Motor Speedway opened their campgrounds free of charge to evacuees of Hurricane Michael. Scott declared a state of emergency for the Panhandle and Big Bend regions along Florida's Gulf Coast. In the span of only 6 hours, the central pressure within the eye had dropped rapidly to 20mb. Making Michael’s strength to peak by the end of the day. These prompted flash flood warnings from the National Weather Service across areas already still soaked previously from Hurricane Florence. [100] Storm surge inundation of 2–2.5 ft (0.61–0.76 m) in the Pensacola area occurred ahead of the hurricane due to strong easterly winds, producing minor flooding. [99] Gusts in the Pensacola area topped out at 44 mph (71 km/h) and reached 60 mph (97 km/h) in Destin. Heavy rains from Hurricane Michael forced hundreds of people from their homes in Honduras over the weekend as the intensifying storm continued its push towards the Gulf Coast. One example was that the Florida Coastal Monitoring Program (FCMP) that Complete is involved with deployed three towers prior to Hurricane Michael making landfall. Although located farther from the storm than St. George Island, homes in Carrabelle sustained more severe damage due to their older and less-elevated construction, resulting in significant flood damage. By 9:00 pm due to rapid intensification Michael had become a major hurricane. By October 6, the disturbance had developed well-organized deep convection, although it still lacked a well-defined circulation. [60] Due to the base's location on the left side of Michael's eye, damage there was primarily due to the force of the winds rather than storm surge. Although it was in a weakened state, Michael continued to batter Georgia and the Carolinas with rain, tornadoes, and tropical storm-level winds (Fig. Most of the county's electricity customers lost power during Michael's passage. A 102 mph (164 km/h) gust was documented in Marianna, Florida. The eye crossed into Seminole County, GA, around 6:00 pm EDT as a Category 3 hurricane, traveling forward at 13 mph with maximum sustained wind speeds of 115 mph. Two homes and two businesses experienced stormwater inundation, in addition to another four homes in nearby Yankeetown; each building sustained minor damage amounting to roughly $10,000 per building. The storm forced the closure of schools nationwide on October 8. Rick Scott said that residents of the whole state should "take this very seriously," and that "every family must be prepared. [86][84] The Port St. Joe marina was severely damaged, contributing to the 400 vessels lost in Gulf and Bay counties. [85] The failure of 15 pumping stations hamstrung the city's ability to eliminate wastewater. Fortunately for Panhandle residents, the area was at low tide when the storm came ashore. There, the hurricane was considered most damaging in recent memory. [108] The total cost of damage in central North Carolina reached $7.15 million. [45]:52 Only 5-10% of the cotton crop had been harvested at the time of Michael's landfall, resulting in total losses of cotton where Category 3–4 hurricane winds were felt. Track the latest weather stories and share your comments with the CNN Weather team on Facebook and Twitter. [78] Downed studio transmitter link towers and power outages resulted in the loss of nearly all television and radio stations in the Panama City region. As the system pushes northward it begins a tighter and more organized formation. Initially expected to be a record harvest, a large portion of the cotton crop—worth an estimated $300–800 million—was wiped out. Later that day, Michael began to show signs of becoming an extratropical cyclone, as it accelerated east-northeastward toward the Mid-Atlantic coastline, with cooler air beginning to wrap into the elongating circulation, due to an encroaching frontal zone;[17] it became extratropical at 00:00 UTC October 12. [96] One person died in Quincy and another in Alford to felled trees. We can rebuild your homes, but we cannot rebuild your lives." Michael caused an estimated $25.1 billion (2018 USD) in damages,[2] including $100 million in economic losses in Central America,[3] damage to U.S. fighter jets with a replacement cost of approximately $6 billion at Tyndall Air Force Base,[4] and at least $6.23 billion in insurance claims in the U.S.[5][6] Losses to agriculture alone exceeded $3.87 billion. [41][82] The onrush of water flattened the 30 ft (9.1 m) dunes that once filled the park and left the boardwalk dilapidated. [84][85] Storefronts were covered in sand piled up by the hurricane and homes and condos were displaced from their foundations. This proved to be dead on with 14 foot above MSL in Mexico Beach. Even so, according to the Storm Surge Unit at the National Hurricane Center’s tweet below they predicted 9 – 13ft of inundation from Michael’s surge. [62][64] The damage toll inflicted to installations at the base reached $3 billion. All of it was attributed to Michael. [36] High winds left more than 200,000 people without power in the province of Pinar del Río,[37] accounting for 90% of the province. It weakened to a Category 2 hurricane by 7:00 pm EDT as it traveled across southern Georgia, with maximum sustained wind speeds of 100 mph. The figure below shows some of the wildest and strongest gusts following Michael’s immediate landfall and progression inland. [74] Nine people were rescued by a helicopter after their house's roof collapsed. Ranking by pressure makes Hurricane Michael the third most intense Atlantic hurricane to ever make landfall in the United States. An emphasis was made on those living on St. George Island, Dog Island, Alligator Point, Bald Point and anyone else living along the coastline and low-lying areas by the Franklin County Emergency Management. [50]:14 Sensor data and high water marks surveyed by the United States Geological Survey indicated that water inundation at Mexico Beach reached a depth of 14 ft (4.3 m) above ground level,[1]:8 classifying Michael's surge at Mexico Beach as a 1-in-280 year event. The solid white area depicts the track forecast uncertainty for days 1-3 of the forecast, while the stippled area … Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. [86] Power lines and crumpled amalgamations of cars lay strewn across roads. [45]:52, Storm surge was responsible for most of the $100,000 damage toll along the coasts of west-central and southwestern Florida. [41] The stone façades of buildings in the courthouse square were reduced to rubble. SC #101184 Building, Certified Flood Plain Manager CFM [38] Officials sent 500 power workers to the area to restore electricity. In conclusion, Michael was a fast storm escalating from tropical storm to Category 4 hurricane and back to a tropical storm in just three days. As Michael pushed inland away from the coast a surge warning for over 400 miles of coastline still remained in effect. Published on Oct 13, 2018 Hurricane Michael was the strongest and one of the most destructive hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean in 2018 to date. Farmers were still recovering from damage incurred by Hurricane Irma during the preceding year. [54] Three drownings occurred in or near Mexico Beach. [1]:11 Numerous trees and power lines were downed county-wide. Soon afterward, Michael's extratropical remnant absorbed the remnants of Hurricane Leslie to the east, following a brief Fujiwhara interaction. Gillium said that "There's nothing between us and this storm but warm water and I think that's what terrifies us about the potential impacts."

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