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A police station. The woman decides that the girl put the evil eye on her. It was very funny in places, and I felt a little guilty for laughing as the subject content was a little disturbing. She kicks it upstairs, where local appointed fat cat Mr. Banda (Henry B.J. A young homeless girl, Shula, accused of being a witch by a small Zambian village looking for a scapegoat for their troubles, is brought to a government-sponsored witch rehabilitation camp. They’re not just for the tourists. Funny, touching and tragic film about the oppression of women in an archaic patriarchal society. Colorless “BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky,” and don’t have much to say, Action/Adventure Film & Screenplay Festival. As she recently made clear to the Guardian, Rungano Nyoni set out to excoriate not belief in witchcraft as such but its social consequences:  ‘It’s not the belief that I’m against, or that I question, because spooky things happen all the time in Zambia. But the story and energy flag at about the time Shula and Banda do the chat show. This is the bit I find absurd.’  Nyoni’s agnosticism enriches the film’s final sequence, in which rain suddenly starts to fall over the gathering of witches in mourning. Phiri) grabs it, and little Shula, and runs with it. Credits: Written and directed by Rungano Nyoni. That’s the tone Nyoni seems most comfortable with, sort of a wry, patronizing poke at superstition with a female exploitation/oppression subtext. A husband and wife in a loveless marriage struggle to remain ignorant to their failed relationship. Those white ribbons are versatile in their texture and movement – lovely as they quiver in the wind, frightening as they’re pulled tight to thwart an attempted escape and the fugitive witch is dragged along the ground. Shula is standing nearby. “I Am Not a Witch” isn’t a line that we ever hear in the subtitled English patois of the people here. "American Pie Presents: 'Girls' Rules", Movie Review: Kathie Lee and Craig, together again, "Then Came You", Netflixable? The police officer (Nellie Munamonga) who investigates the incident is properly sceptical but Shula’s refusal either to confirm or deny the accusation poses a problem. Title: I Am Not A Witch Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. ", Netflixable? Movies from Zambia, especially one with a Welsh connection, are an exotic and rare thing. Movies, Reviews,Trailers,Interviews and News, A monthly event... LAFeedbackFilmFestival.com, "Find what you love and let it kill you." That last word reminds me that I doubt I’d have realised the setting was specifically Zambia, rather than ‘a sub-Saharan African country’, if I hadn’t read about the film beforehand. Either way, it makes for a beautiful closing image. Since the chicken died, she was taken to meet the elder witches and learn about their duties. Yet, it seems the translator is not willing to report what she is telling. A white ribbon is attached to her clothing and she is given a choice:  either cut the ribbon and risk being transformed into a goat or leave the ribbon intact and join the witch farm. We observe them playing with life as she dies. He’s a vain buffoon but an influential one. In an interview in Sight & Sound (November 2017), the writer-director Rungano Nyoni expresses her great admiration for Michael Haneke:  it’s apt that white ribbons are such an important image in Nyoni’s first feature I Am Not a Witch. Filipino teen parents are "Ordinary People (Pamilya Ordinaryo)" on the streets of Manila, Movie Review: Schizophrenic and "I Met a Girl", Movie Review: A clever Canadian whodunit with a burnout who used to be “The Kid Detective”, Movie Review: Honestly, Liam wastes our time and his with “Honest Thief”, Sunday at the Cinema? After calling a government employee about this accusation, he called a witch doctor to determine if she was one. Around her gather her unfaithful husband, her son, who is like his father, and her daughter-in-law. Mr. Banda is the protector/exploiter of a local tourist attraction, the Witches’ Camp. A study of a group of young working class people in a French village, who are embarking upon adult life. Yes, they buy outrageous wigs to cover their own tattoos, not that villagers or even city slickers are fooled by this. Keeping an eye on all the latest mainstream films and television. Get your screenplay showcased at the Writing Festival. The hairpieces are named for the celebrities who inspired them – the daughter refers to them the Beyoncé or the Rihanna or the Kim Kardashian. (2017). Looking for some great streaming picks? In a remote Zambian community a girl is denounced as a witch and sent on a trajectory of exploitation, as a tethered member of a witches' camp, a witch for hire and a tourist exhibit. I Am Not a Witch soon becomes the story of eight-year-old Shula (Maggie Mulubwa), who is sent to join this company. Everything after that is deflated, relying on a script that feels unfinished, ill-conceived and vaporous. Monique is dying. He brings in a witch doctor to dance over her, kill a chicken and use its point of death to interpret whether Shula is “guilty” as charged. Mwansa goes on a journey to finally prove that he is Mwansa the Great. In “I Am Not a Witch,” the debut feature of Zambian-native/Welsh-raised filmmaker Rungano Nyoni, Officer Josephine does what bureaucrats the world over do when confronted with an official dilemma. When love blossoms between them, the two girls will be forced to choose between happiness and safety. Aaron Sorkin teaches the history of "The Chicago 7", Netflixable? A film maker has to raise a child by himself whilst looking for an inspiration for his new film. Use the HTML below. In a remote Zambian community a girl is denounced as a witch and sent on a trajectory of exploitation, as a tethered member of a witches' camp, a witch for hire and a tourist exhibit. Maggie Mulubwa completely satisfies what Nyoni surely wanted from the child playing Shula:  she’s engagingly individual yet, partly because she has so little say, eloquently representative. In the opening scene, a group of tourists visits a ‘witch farm’, where they observe a huddle of middle-aged and elderly women, their faces painted white, their bodies attached by white ribbons to a huge, single spool. With Maggie Mulubwa, Henry B.J. The closing scene – in which the witches change from their usual blue-grey garb into red robes, to conduct a funeral service – has great visual impact. She makes a show of hearing out assorted “witnesses” that come forward. Welcome to the drinking blog with a film problem. Officer Josephine (Nellie Munamonga) may smirk. Informed film criticism, against the grain –since 1984. (as Nellie Mamweemba Munanonga), TV Talk Show Presenter Nyoni loses no time in suggesting the … Phiri, Nancy Murilo, Margaret Spinella. Nyoni’s mostly amateur cast only have to be interesting and convincing enough to carry a scene or two as the movie progresses. The English subtitles suggest, by misspelling these famous names, her idiosyncratic pronunciation of them.) Among them is Souleiman, the lover of Ada, promised to another. It practically sprints out of the gate. 7 of 14 people found this review helpful. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. A goat, says Shula, can move about freely – though her older companions remind her it can be eaten too. Shula spends time in Banda’s swanky home. In a largely deserted rural landscape, a woman carrying a pitcher of water trips, falls and spills her cargo. Nyoni’s debut, set in present-day Zambia, also features a white-beribboned child but the material is a tie that binds in a more literal sense. Phiri, Nellie Munamonga,  Innocent Kalakula. While odd isn't bad, it just meant it was harder to work out. Was this review helpful to you? Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? I Am Not a Witch is lifted too by the sheer, controlled confidence of the filmmaking. From The Virgin Suicides to On the Rocks, IMDb dives into the cinematic stylings of Oscar-winning director Sofia Coppola. She opts for the latter. “Kid Detective,” maybe “Honest Thief”, Movie Preview: Paul Bettany plays a gay Southerner ahead of his time,”Uncle Frank”, Netflixable? At the center of “I Am Not A Witch” is Maggie Mulubwa, who says very little yet manages to convey multitudes with her face and her eyes. The choice of European classical music on the soundtrack – a very deliberate choice, according to the S&S interview – supplies another cultural dichotomy. A guide explains that, if not restrained in this way, the women – they are witches after all – might fly away. His wife Charity (Nancy Murilo), who lives and dresses in high style, explains that she herself once faced accusations of being a witch. Bleecker Street acquires Colin Firth, Stanley Tucci drama ‘Supernova’, ‘Supernova’ Trailer: Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci Are a Married Couple Driven Apart by Dementia (Video), Colin Firth, Stanley Tucci Romantic Drama ‘Supernova’ Unveils Trailer (Exclusive).

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