i love my hair book lesson plan


I would use this book with students to talk about courage and fear which are both things that Miles faces in this story. I Love My Hair! This song sets up an opportunity to make artworks with body parts made of food. The ritual that is established between a dad and son warms my heart. She is the winner of the 1999 Black Board Children’s Book of the Year, amongst other awards. They deserve more books like this. Grade. Miles wakes up eagerly one morning because he knows today is the day he gets his first hair cut at the barbershop. In this video a Sesame Street character sings about loving her hair. Our Melody and Harmony Instrument song Five Little Peas is also good for fine muscle control activity. Students explore strategies to help focus on writing a personal narrative. This book only shows one perspective from a little African American boy. This book is so realistic and relatable. This characters in the book also speak in a way that expresses their culture. This fictional book is about this little boy named Miles going to get his first haircut with his father. Have fun! This fits my topic perfectly because almost every african american boy has experienced their first trip to the babershop and what that was like. We loved the Hair Wig craft and the pizza making activity we did from Lesson 12 (Our only note this activity is we found our stickers for the activity on page 46, instead of page 44 as directed). His dad and the other guys in the barbershop convince him that if he is able to be brave he will see the barbershop isn’t a scary place at all. Children's Books About Hair, Hair Cuts, Hair Salons, Etc, Meet the Epic and Awesome Authors of Fall's Big Fantasy Novels. The story captures the rite of passage that comes with joining the fold of the neighborhood barbershop. I like how the book makes the reader aware in the very first page that the boy also has a mother and sister so that assumptions aren't made about him being a son of a single father. Kait got really into the whole clippers/ear injury thing. The Illustrations done by E.B. These activities involve a combination of writing and drawing.Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and follow my store All around this book is realistic, interesting, helpful, and relatable to black boys.

First he is nervous and unsure of how to get his hair cut, but ends up getting it cut just like his father. I like that the book at a lot of repetitiveness in the text. He finally gets called to the barber chair and hears the clippers and gets scared. He wakes up excited and gets ready dressing just like his father. Furthermore, the characters in book show the a diverse representation of individuals you would see in this culture and typical individuals you would see in a barbershop. In this personal narrative writing lesson plan, students read a book and discuss how the author lets readers know how they feel. This book would be a great read aloud and it appropriate for elementary students. My body has different parts – hands, thumbs and fingers, head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hair, feet and lips. Ways to incorporate music when preparing the topic “My Body”. ISBN: 978-0-316-52375-2. Also, it is a great book to introduce bravery. Though the book is 20 years old, the illustrations don't feel dated. Lewis looked really good. Read aloud the diverse picture book then use the printables or go paperless with Google or Seesaw to practice standards-based skills.

With the support of his dad, the barber, and the other men in the barbershop, Miles bravely sits through his first haircut. Students explore strategies to help focus on writing a personal narrative. Be the first to ask a question about Bippity Bop Barbershop. In this personal narrative writing lesson, students read a book and discuss how the author lets readers know how they feel. The course continues for 52 weeks. A boy's first haircut is special and this book convey's all those special moments nicely. What an awesome story about a first hair cut.

I LOVE THIS BOOK! Start by marking “Bippity Bop Barbershop” as Want to Read: Error rating book. This was a cute book about a boy and his dad, and it also gave some cultural insight into the black community and barbershops and how they have become community gathering places. Where is the library? Such a cute book. That gives plenty of opportunity to talk about the hands and fingers as clever parts of “my body”. When Miles gets to the barbershop everyone keeps telling him to be brave, but he isn’t sure how. He wakes up excited and gets ready dressing just like his father. The illustrations make the book come alive and I love how detailed each character is. It’s fervent call to action “Way! Play is so important and music is all about playing, right? When reading to the younger. Where possible I cut open a “golden pear” and share it. I also love the positive representation of a black father in the book, as well, because so many black children's books only show the mother, which can be very stereotypical. Anna: Marsha, these are letters to my family and friends back home … four letters! (Many of my students will write entries about vacation or what they did over the weekend and just list events. Going to the barbershop for black boys, is therapeutic, just like going to the salon as a bla. I would use this book with students to talk about courage and fear wh. Anna: Marsha, I can return the books here. This would be a good book to use in the classroom to show students that similar cultural experiences can be scary at first, but after trying, you may find that they are not that scary at all. This narrative is told from the perspective of a young boy getting his first hair cut. Really great details and a lot of understanding that this can be a scary event! Marsha: It is on this street on the corner.

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