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Video: Recruiting Event. For this reason, it may be easier to enroll younger students in a local school while older students will benefit from an international institution. Is this schooling option even allowed in your new country? You need to know about the education system of your new country, decide between a local or international school, and weigh this all against the needs of your child. We personally contact every school in our database to get answers to those questions that can make Keep up to date with the latest from John Catt by visiting or following us on Twitter and Facebook. What kind of entrance exams does your child need to take in order to attend their new school? be over so that we can resume our normal routines. We have collected all of the important information about every international school in dozens of cities The number of international schools continues to grow apace. A school search service can also help coordinate classroom visits whenever allowed by the chosen school, so prospective students can sit in on a class before deciding if the school is for them. Our extensive country guides are great resources to help you answer some of these questions. When looking at overseas schools, there are several factors to consider. For example, a family who moves every few years may want to consider a British or American international school as these are available the world. Additional Services You Might Be Interested In. Once you have moved abroad, our settling-in services help you register with local authorities. Choosing an international school education allows children to continue with the curriculum of their home country, so that they can more easily adapt to their native land when they return. For example, school systems in Japan and the UAE only allow foreign children to enter the local school system if they can prove proficiency in the country’s native language. students from foreign countries). Find all the options in your new home with one quick search. Want to know if teachers are native? Our Essential Relocation Services Make It Easy. The decision comes down to the individual needs of your child, how long you plan to stay in a country, and what is the education system like in regard to curriculum and enrollment standards. Do they require small class sizes or are big ones okay? A school search service will also advise you through the other necessary steps such as gathering required transcripts and vaccination records, as well as setting up any school viewings or interviews. Are there any entrance exams they are required to pass? To be verified as an 'international school' requires at least one of the following: a) offering a curriculum not of the school's host nation. This website is a companion to our annual guidebook, John Catt's Guide to International Schools. If they have to leave mid-term, will they be forced to repeat a grade? Home-schooling is illegal in many countries such as South Korea, Germany, and Sweden.). Our aim is to help you choose the right international school for your child or, if you are an educator, to offer essential information on international schools (particularly if you are considering taking a job at an international school) and international education. Extra curricular activities? Find, research and compare the best international schools. In fact, your page is very easy to use and very intuitive. b) membership of, or accreditation by, an international school association, such as: Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA)British Schools in the Middle East (BSME)Central & Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA)Council of International Schools (CIS)Council of British International Schools (COBIS)ECISEast Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS)Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA)International Schools Association (ISA)New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). You can also read latest news and features from the international education sector and visit our country profiles section to read about national education systems. Before you make any decisions, you need to research the local school system. BIS is a selective, independent and co-educational day school in Vietnam providing a British style curriculum for an international student body. Expats relocating to major metropolises like Los Angeles, Bangkok, or Jakarta should think about commute time. Where should you begin? by George Walker, former Director General of the International Baccalaureate. I was able to find a lot of very valuable information and references in the International Schools Database. In this way, your child would be able to transfer schools easily from country to country. Do you want your child to eventually finish their schooling in their home country? But why can’t we try to resume life as we... Find, research, and compare the best international schools. These are questions you should consider as your child moves through primary school and into secondary education. What are the requirements to achieve these aims? your child’s passport and/or residency card; transcripts from your child’s previous school(s); When are you moving? 2020/21 GUIDEBOOK OUT NOW! It may be possible to get a discount on this fee, particularly if you are enrolling more than one child. The School Database website is an absolute delight to use. Weigh up your top choices of schools in one screen, comparing the criteria most important to you. Second, the information that is You also need to keep in mind the most important factor: the needs of your child. International schools allow children to continue studying a familiar curriculum in their own language. 110+ schools launched and managed. c) accepting international students (i.e. I needed to research international schools to find the right school for my children, as we are moving next year to Malaysia. With their answers in hand, you can now choose the lucky ones to go visit in person. At John Catt, we work with Ministries of Education; High Commissions, Embassies and Consulates; relocation agencies; and education consultants and agents to spread the word about the best international schools in this fast-growing sector. school recognised that families may be faced with individual challenges, amongst which,... After nearly two months of quarantining, traveling, and quarantining, many of us just want this turbulent period to Does your child require tutoring in a particular language? FOR E-BOOK, CLICK HERE. And now we want to make it easier for other expat parents out there.

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