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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Steppenwolf from the DC Extended Universe.

When the Justice Society and the Justice League teamed together, their enemies banded together to oppose them, using a device that the Fiddler had discovered to travel between worlds. Despite having appeared in an origin story, this is the first contemporary Justice League story in the New 52. The first group of the League's enemies to come together against them that has returned repeatedly, in the most recent incarnations led by Lex Luthor.

Since then, the roster constantly changes, usually including Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, and they are always faced by …

He would later help the Justice League in their fight against Perpetua. Madame Xanadu discovers that a forgotten Justice League villain has been hiding out in Gotham City for years, but all is not as it seems.

Ocean deities from other galaxies with an ancient grudge against Poseidon and Arion; composed of Captain Gall, Commander Drogue and Fleet Admiral Tyyde. Mercenaries led and organized by Deathstroke the Terminator. When his sociopathic parents were gunned down at the end of a car chase before his eyes, the man who became Prometheus dedicated his life to crime, not unlike Bruce Wayne to law in the wake of a similar tragedy. The weapon's mind proved too much in time and began to take over Stewart and transform him into a cybernetic host. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. David Graves is brought to Belle Reve, where Amanda Waller asks him to write a book on taking down the Justice League. Seeking to defeat the League and conquer Earth, he maintained three realities of himself to give him good odds, with a fourth dubbed Fallback should all others fail. Upon its theatrical release in 2017, Justice League was criticized from a number of different angles, with the principal antagonist Steppenwolf being singled-out as a weak villain.However, as with countless aspects of the film, his role was vastly different from what Zack Snyder had planned for the film.

The Lord of Misrule, Saturna aligns with Simon Magus to conquer Magic-Land. The cards tell me something is hidden." it did introduce Green Arrow to the mix and added to the Pandora story which needed to be done shes a tie in to so many books we need as much time on her as we can get. Revealing the presence of a White Martian living in Gotham City for all these years is quite a shock.

A cosmic entity who was being made inert by the efforts of the Justice League. The original members of the Justice League have been a part of the DC universe for some time now, but it wasn't until 1960 that they formed the team. A group of individuals empowered by Professor Amos Fortune with similar powers to the Justice League that siphon the heroes' powers. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness.

Under the guise of Mister Memory, Fortune brought together Batman, Hector Hammond, the Pied Piper, the, A reality-warping imp of the 5th dimension like. In the hospital, Steve Trevor tells Wonder Woman not to talk to him; she announces that they'll be requesting a new liaison. While trying to get away from Madame Xanadu, the White Martian injures Man-Bat and stops to make sure he is all right.

Later, thinking himself dying of cancer, the Joker plunged the world into anarchy by enslaving Earth's villains with his Joker venom in the crossover storyline, A caveman that was exposed to a meteorite that gave him immortality, and who has manipulated history, such as being a Pharaoh in, A super-strong undead monster risen from a swamp where Cyrus Gold had died many years earlier, who battles Green Lantern and is resistant to his ring due to the wood in his body.

Also known as the Four Brothers on Colu and the Four Mothers on Mars; they are eons-old entities believed to have created life in the Prime Universe, only to consume it at the end of the Universe, to determine which of their nature had had the most impact on the Universe: their names are Mystery, Entropy, Wisdom and Wonder. When the Martian Manhunter overcame his fear of fire, it set free the Fernus persona present in every one of his race's DNA. He's a Hawkman's villain, but he's also famous like justice League's villains.

Led by the. After assassinating the Atom (Ryan Choi) on behalf of Dwarfstar, the group is targeted by Ray Palmer and the Justice League.

A race of malevolent beings that enslave and openly feed on the energy of the Zarolatts. Gaining mental powers from the transition, Bates falls under the thrall of the Wizard where he defeats the Justice Society, makes them appear as the Injustice Society, and has the heroes die at the hands of the Justice League. Several incarnations of a group based on a playing card theme that have faced the League many times.

Comment. A conqueror able to turn humans into aliens under his thrall. An alien from the planet Kraanal, Kraad followed three Sfarlians across the universe destroying planets that they visited. You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. Alexander Luthor (DC Animated Movie Universe), Alexander Luthor (Harley Quinn TV Series), Angelique (Crisis on Two Earths: Crime Syndicate Earth), Archer (Crisis on Two Earths: Crime Syndicate Earth), Aurora (Crisis on Two Earths: Crime Syndicate Earth), Barbara Minerva (DC Animated Movie Universe), Black Power (Crisis on Two Earths: Crime Syndicate Earth), Breakdance (Crisis on Two Earths: Crime Syndicate Earth), Bruce Wayne (Dark Multiverse: Batmanasaurus Rex), Bruce Wayne (Dark Multiverse: King of Pain), Bruce Wayne (Dark Multiverse: Road Warrior), Bruce Wayne (Dark Multiverse: This Man. The next evolutionary step in Amazo, Ivo created a new model of the android that combined his best-known creation with the DNA of his daughter Sara.

Using his Gamma Gong to enslave the League, Ro as the despot of Dhor sought to conquer neighboring planets that he was consistently at war with, threatening to leave all of Earth in a paralyzed state. Share Share Tweet Email.

This is a list of fictional characters from DC Comics who are or have been enemies of the Justice League.

A time traveler from the year 3786 that consistently comes to our time to menace the League hoping to invade their century, now going by the name Epoch.

He cared very much about protecting the league, but was also very troubled due to his love for Wonder Woman. The series establishes their continuity in the [. Good but suffers the same problems as volume 1, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 18, 2013.

Please try again. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. Energy representing entropy, Imperiex controls an army of drones and seeks to destroy the universe and recreate it in its image. Synthetic humans made from plastalloy that were essentially immortal and indestructible that menaced the League.

A con man, Flashman managed to take control of the Secret Society of Super Villains as the Wizard's puppet and has returned numerous times as a thorn in the side of Earth's heroes. 0.

A vast, ancient criminal organization that crossed swords with Earth's heroes, targeting the League when they captured their headquarters on one occasion and shuffled their minds between their bodies on another. This page was last edited on 13 October 2020, at 16:26. Without delving too far into spoilers (though it is revealed in the first couple of issues), this volume focuses in particular on the collateral cost of having superhuman defenders, and the kind of unexpected fallout their work can have. To this end, he targeted Young Justice. Following the hearing, he reveals an unrequited love for Wonder Woman to Etta Candy. Beatriz took over her sister's rule of Bialya and used the robotic Extremists that crossed swords with. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 5, 2015.

Even though Tu'emic seems harmless, Madame Xanadu still contacted Doctor Fate to wipe Tu'emic's mind, "just to be sure." Leader of the Mars II settlement; upon learning the Earth vessel Viking II had landed on Mars (which he observed as trying to steal Martian resources), the Marshal declared war on Earth. The act proved shocking to Jadeth, seeing evil power used in such an opposing manner, and she returned to her sleep. Eventually Trevor offers him a position on another team. While the League tried to stop him, inevitably it was the intervention from the Lords of Chaos and Order and the.

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