kent state shooting interview


[Ohio National Guardsman]: Yeah.

Cette bande magnétique audio provient d'un étudiant en communication de l'université qui avait déposé un microphone sur la fenêtre de son dortoir.

And I was scared, you know. All Rights Reserved. Whether it be Akron, Pittsburgh, I don't care where, that's what's the National Guard. I've had threats of guns in my professional life. Have you ever met any of the people -- any of the townspeople?

It was sort of open. That weekend will always stick out in my life -- is that I was a college student -- college is supposed to be fun -- I was getting married that summer, I was engaged.

There was -- they took us to the Akron Rubber Bowl armory, and we were assembled there and we had a meal there, and we were put in trucks. Wfhd Tv, There were a lot of things happening then. from Cleveland. out drinking at And the 'C' company was to go up around the other side of Taylor -- to the left, if you will -- Taylor Hall. We put some gas back, and if I recall, that group somewhat dispersed. Interview with Mark Maedeker about the Kent State Shooting by Constance Rambo, November 2006 . Stories about police beatings were We were anonymous [Pause, softer] at that point in time. They weren't brought here to wound and maim, to take life away. I fire people. And I'm a good shot. If you will, about ten nails. [Interviewer]: Oh, so she knew that. I didn't think

We walked in en mass [indescernible] and weapons, and she didn't know what to do. "in thing" or popular thing to think. [Interviewer]: So at that point you were assuming even though you were gonna be here that things were winding down. [Ohio National Guardsman]: The spring semester. We were never told not to do it. we should go in to help and And I must -- again, you know, I -- the name in the book is Carl Caldwell, if you read the book. This type of thing. We had done that Sunday night, too. At that point in time I was about 210 [pounds], worked out a little bit, and I simply stood up to leave the room, and he leaned back and said, "God, don't hit me, please!" thing." I [Ohio National Guardsman]: No, we had very few career people.

People were having their houses --. The following interview And they had set up a bank of phones -- Ohio Bell had brought in several trailers with phones on them -- and we were told, if we wished, they'd let us go by platoon to call our families or whatever relatives to let them know we might be there a couple more days; that things were winding down, [very softly] and things were just fine. At best they were horrible conditions because the lights were on and we constantly had troops coming and going, and we got little, if any sleep. Yeah, we had fired, of course, at basic training, and at home in Pittsburgh where I was from, we had hunted and did all those type of things. groups. look. I have concerns. Evans This campus should have been closed Friday. It was dark, but the light -- a lot of lights -- but things were flying out of the air. [Interviewer]: When you came around the corner of Rockwell? After

I'm gonna get you. Take those uniforms off and get rid of those guns and we can show you a good time.". Used Lexus For Sale In Uae, L'invasion du Cambodge par l'armée américaine, annoncée en 1970, est perçue par ceux qui avaient espoir que la guerre du Vietnam prenne fin rapidement à la fois comme un échec et comme une exacerbation du conflit. But I would probably have fired. This is an interview with Richard Gusky, an eyewitness of the Kent State Shootings and active protester during the Vietnam War. I had a good record, I never recieved any Article 15s. We came in through town on 43. We set up, I can't think of the name of the school -- I've lived in this town for 25 years, and I can't think of the name of the school. I don't see that now. But, I do thank you for the opportunity. He [Ohio National Guardsman]: If I can give you an aside, some personal notes. It follows bone tracks. You know, why aren't they there? [Interviewer]: Prevention. And, there were about 20 of us, obviously outnumbered. That’s why I think their movement has tremendous potential to far surpass the movement of the Sixties.”. [Interviewer]: Around the perimeter - right. We had dinner. But there were some homes around there, and he laid a tear gas canister ... We had an M79 grenade launcher which would launch a -- looked like a pregnant .45 shell -- tear gas. I was down over the hill and I heard the shots going off, and I turned around, and it was a matter of a heartbeat, and the shooting was over. -- very curt. [Interviewer]: Good metaphor. It was an unprepared National Guard, untrained for riot duty. We were in jeeps and we did foot patrol. And I had missed the mid-term in several of my classes because we were called out to the truck strike the week before -- mid-term, if you will, or whatever exam. It just got quiet. And then I re-enrolled in school. La rumeur selon laquelle des révolutionnaires radicaux étaient en ville pour détériorer l'université et la ville se répand. I had fired -- in fact I did very well at firing -- I enjoyed that type of thing. I don’t know the students today, so I can’t really say for sure. I went back to see him in the fall, I remember him removing the fail grade, putting in a pass grade, and he made it possible for me to graduate for another course I had also. I would have assumed--. I would prefer it that way. The people from Reader's Digest know it is. We got down on campus -- hastily again -- brought back over to the campus where we were around the ROTC building --. I'd like to relate just for a moment Mr. Michener. L'agent de sécurité du campus s'en charge. And I wanna say that I feel equally sorry for the families of those students that were shot, and equally sorry for the Guardsmen that shot them. Dropped out of school. I don't know if you call it intimidation, but you're given an order and you do it, and at that point in time -- again, this is a group of civilians that went into the military. Um, I think the man urinated himself right there on the spot. [Interviewer]: He was just a National Guard, or was a career --. Saturday, when the ROTC building was burned, there were helicopters The M1 has a viscious kick to it. I was scared. the out-of-state rate was lower than universities in some other states. style like you’d see in WWII. But the campus has been good to us. And we were put up in the gymnasium.

Except you'd have another problem, you'd be in jail because you shoot me, that will put someone else in this chair." about 8,000 - 10,000 students on campus They signed contracts for six years. [Ohio National Guardsman]: Yeah. They were firing -- yes, they were much more violent, too. And then they were posting, if I recall, off campus, different places where you could call or get a hold of people, your professors, this type of thing. An officer came and pushed our rifles up in the air -- pushed mine up in the air. Motorola Tv Supported Games, --Ah, to finish up, that type of thing. [Interviewer]: That was something that had come from the experience of being here during those two days? Life was a ball. He said, "Stop! That was brought in. To me, I was doing anything I could to get money to go through school. I'm just pleased that I could do this. And it first hit the news back in my family in Pittsburgh. © 2019 Digital Agency Nordic. [Interviewer]: Well, I think a good thing for this particular tape would be is that we will allow Nancy to use her discretion in using it in the archives -- since your name is not until the end of this -- we can use that. They were very quietly massed there. Santino Marella Wife, At that point in time, we got around the library, we came around the other side, and the people literally ran -- they literally ran. I don't know. The person was done, that was his last semester on campus, and if I would come back in the summer and see him, he could so something in the fall. [Interviewer]: At Lincoln and Main street, kind of -- at that corner, that crossroads. [Interviewer]: You didn't know -- did not want the dialogue, obviously. That's a story out of a war story, you realize. We were -- sergeant put me in a building -- another fella in a building.

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