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Lol. Fairy doors can be found along the way, for example at the first overview. Length: 1.7km one way - Steep Uphill! Trail a little wet on the way down. Fantastic trail and lookout at the top. Start your hike on the Jack Fisher Trail (aka “The Mount Erskine Assault Route”) and immediately begin climbing. The latest hike in assessment rates would rake in RM54m per year for the council while burdening ratepayers. 0 have signed. From the turn around at the end of Trustees' Trail (follow Juniper all the way up) look out for the trail head sign and the magical path heading off between the trees! DESCRIPTION It is most an uphill trail to the top of Penang Hill. Thanks to a wrong turn, we ended up first climbing Mount Maxwell and then crossing to Mount Erskine before descending along the 'fairy door' route. The end of Juniper Road (Trustees Trail) From Toynbee Road (details coming soon) BE ADVISED: Some of the trails ascends very steeply and there can be loose rocks. This is a country of breathtaking beauty and extreme wilderness where each peak is accompanied by a sweeping valley. A short drive from Hastings House, Mount Erskine offers a moderate climb through rocky forest before stunning you with better and better viewpoints over the Salish Sea to Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Bear left again at a junction and resume climbing on … Special Features: The viewpoint at the peak of Mount Erskine (436 meters) is one of the island’s most spectacular. Let’s get to 500! fullscreen. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mount Erskine is a residential neighbourhood within the city of George Town in Penang, Malaysia. I loved this hike! explore everything that Salt Spring Island has on offer. Hike Mount Erskine. Great views, super clear trail with maps along the way, and the perfect 1-1.5 hour hike for a family. This Erskine Falls Circuit hike takes in the well-known Erskine Falls in addition to a few other falls in the area. Save Mount Erskine - STOP the Underpass Tunnel Project & NO to the Assessment Hike! Spotted 3 fairy doors up climb 1 and would say they the first two were on the trail but the last one (about 2 minutes from the summit) was a little tucked in but easy to see with the bright coloured key chains - just look right! Easy after that. It’s a bit steep in places, but a bottle of water and a snack should sustain you. Fairly easy hike. Erskine Summit which is well worth the hike. Few if any trail signs can be found beyond this short PARC trail. Only found two fairy doors. 750 sq. There are some more Faerie homes on the way down including a couple that are well hidden. Very clearly marked. We did accidentally get off trail and ended up on a really steep trail along the side. Things to do near Mt Erskine Provincial Park. At the top of the mountain, we stopped to enjoy the spectacular view across the water towards Vancouver Island. Hike 7: Mount Erskine Posted by Very Inspired Vancouver Island on February 16, 2018 February 16, 2018 If you are looking for a fabulous hike on one of the Gulf Islands, I recommend heading over to Mount Erskine on Saltspring Island. We took the Assault Route also known as the Jack Fisher Trail (south). Make sure you take one of the two left turns, otherwise you will end up at the Collin's Road Trail head, and a long way from your car! Reads:93 . Clouds blocked the view when I arrived at the summit around 10:30am but cleared within an hour. Lovely!! I had no idea what the children were talking about as we set off for an afternoon hike up Mount Erskine on Salt Spring Island. This access is located in the Rainbow Grove Subdivision at the end of Trustees Trail. You need to ensure that you coordinate very well with the ferry schedule to make the most of your time as a day trip. It's a very enjoyable hike with a few branching paths, and it was quite scenic throughout, with some lookout points on the farthestmost path. Everyone enjoyed the hike, spotted 3 fairy doors, and enjoyed the view at the top, which was absolutely breathtaking! This hilly neighbourhood, 4 km (2.5 mi) northwest of the city centre, is situated between the Tanjung Tokong and Pulau Tikus suburbs to the north and to the south respectively. Mount Erskine Provincial Park Management Plan July 2012 6 permit any motorized vehicles, including all‐terrain vehicles, except in cases of emergency; permit any hunting, fishing, gathering or grazing of domestic animals but for the exercise of Drive to one of the Mount Erskine trailheads for a 2ish hour hike with some of the best views on the island. Stay left at a junction and head up a rocky knoll sporting arbutus (madrona) and manzanita. “The addition of this land to Mount Erskine Provincial Park will secure public access to one of the longest public trails on Salt Spring Island. Steep climb. We do not recommend this trail with young children. Trails are well marked and in good condition. We have modified the route to include your information. Highlights. At moderate pace, with lunch stop at top, took 2.5 hours. Did the trail with my husband and five year old. Trailhead: Take Juniper from Rainbow Road and follow it to the top. Great hike! The climb to the top of Penang Hill is on tarmac.

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