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“Hi there, boss. She shoved him in the chest and … And about time-it was close to midnight. And about time—it was close to midnight. And then he opens his gorgeous mouth, and she can’t decide whether to kiss him or kill him. Kim cracked open the door an inch. Beams of red light crisscrossed the room, separating her from the goal: the safe hidden inside the cabinet behind the desk. It had never been real anyway, but he’d come to realize that Nadia didn’t quite see it that way. The problem was, Jake knew her too well. Shit. Author: Nina Croft. She’d been different at the party, and it hadn’t only been her appearance. He strolled across the room and came to a halt a foot away, hands thrust in his pockets, that lazy smile still curving his lips. The CEO of Knight Securities had left for the evening. “I’d like to see you try.”, She tipped her chin up. List chapters # Chapter Update; 1: Losing Control … A sexy category romance from Entangled’s Brazen imprint…. “Flirting,” she repeated as though she couldn’t quite believe what he’d accused her of doing. She leaned in close as she manipulated the tools. The CEO of Knight Securities had left for the evening. The white powder clung to four numbers. But first, he had to make her see him as a man. Kim would just have to accept that he had her best interests at heart. Via, A Tangled Truth (Stonewall Investigations #3), Taking What’s Naughty (Forced Submission #6), Hold You Close Melanie Harlow, Corinne Michaels, At the Stroke of Midnight (Naughty Princess Club #1). Without giving herself a chance to think this was a really bad idea, she whirled around and kicked out, but Jake caught her boot before she could connect with an ease that made her curse, leaving her balancing on one foot. He sensed it. Plus, he was twice as broad at the shoulder. Because for one surreal moment there, she’d been convinced Jake was about to kiss her. A weekend in bed with him and she wouldn’t be shy anymore. Five years ago, at twenty-six, Jake had left the army to take over the family business, a multinational company involving everything from property development to gold mining in South America. She whirled to face Dave, who’d joined them. Her intel was correct. The one thing he hadn’t done, she reflected wryly, was seduce her. “I could kick your ass.”. Then she pushed the goggles from her eyes and sat up. Losing Control (Babysitting a Billionaire #1) by Nina Croft-bilion. “So,” Jake said. He knew a load of people—many of them friends—who’d left the army and found it hard to adjust to civilian life. And about time—it was close to midnight. The first beam was a mere foot above the ground and she easily stepped over it, then ducked under the second. Then she’d met Michael. Finally, Nadia tugged his arm. She waggled her fingers at him. The outer office was in darkness. She was good, but she was also only five foot nine and Jake had six inches on her. Bullshit. Losing Control (Babysitting a Billionaire #1) by Nina Croft-bilion.

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