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This act makes it clearer that he helps Victor with his endless problems out of the goodness of his heart. Prior to the official Love, Victor release, many fans theorized the titular character was bisexual when in fact, at the end of Season 1, he came out as gay to his family. Despite the news, Victor comes out to his parents. While at a drag party, Simon's friends accidentally let slip to Victor that they are all aware of Victor's situation at school and with Benji. Their friendship may have taken a bit of time to develop, but these tweets about Felix in Love, Victor prove fans fell in love with the sweet oddball right away.

It shows how important Felix became Victor. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from throughout Season 1 of Love, Victor. Moments after Felix meets Victor, he proclaims that they’re best friends.

Felix isn’t really a guy to hold a grudge.

The show's co-creator, Elizabeth Berger, hinted viewers only got a glimpse at Mia's family life, meaning there's a lot more to unpack.

Screw this.

Love, Victor is an American teen drama web television series created by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, inspired by and set in the same world as the 2018 film Love, Simon.The series premiered on June 17, 2020, on Hulu.It is produced by 20th Television, with Aptaker and Berger serving as showrunners. In August 2020, the series was renewed for a second season. Felix is dressed and ready at Victor's door when most people would still be hitting the snooze button. The recast was made in order to take the character in a new creative direction.

RELATED: Our Biggest Questions After Watching Hulu's Love, Victor. He endures maltreatment from his classmates, his best friend, and his crush with a smile. No matter what, I don’t think anyone doubts that Felix is going to accept Victor for who he is. Simpson Called Kris Jenner From Jail After Wife Nicole's Murder: They Got ‘Into It’, Ashley Graham Celebrates Baby Isaac's '9 Months Out' With 2 Nude Selfies, 7 Fall Mask Trends To Complement Your Autumn Wardrobe, Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Divided We Fall — Plus, Victor Gets 'Stranded', John Oliver on Trump’s Withdrawal from World Health Organization: ‘Worst Decision at the Worst Time’, Ivanka Trump Turns a $2,260 Checkered Coat Into a Dress With Classic Pumps For Fall. A second parent could support them both, but Felix never mentions the presence of one. He has to feel more at home there than he's felt anywhere else for a long time. Benji isn’t treated with the same sense of understanding. Victor is shocked to discover that he styles his hair this way intentionally. 1 Biography 2 Personality 3 Appearances 3.1 Season 1 4 Gallery 5 References He lives inShady Creek, attendsCreekwood High School. Victor and Isabel stand up for Benji. I feel like there’s a side of Andrew we haven’t really seen.Anthony Turpel: I completely agree.

It was a really important scene for the whole series. Between breakups, makeups, and some Love, Simon cameos, here's what viewers expect to happen in the lives of Victor, Lake, Felix, Mia, and Andrew.

Victor learns about Simon Spier's coming out story at Creekwood and messages him via social media, who replies that he is there for Victor if he ever needs to talk.

Viewers are hoping a recurring bi character will be added to the series, and it sounds like at least one cast member agrees: “I hope we keep incorporating LGBTQ+ community in as many different facets as we can and continue to lay the foundation for different groups getting brought to the forefront and having their voices be heard,” Gooding told ET. Benji shares that if he can do it, anyone can. Victor’s constant anxiety is combatted by Felix's upbeat optimism. According to Deadline, a writer's room has already been assembled for Season 2, which means the chances of a next installment look pretty good. If that’s the case, Felix must be lower-income than his classmates, too. Mia and Pilar bond over their respective family struggles. [16], "Meet the Cast of 'Love, Victor' and Their Characters", "Sophia Bush Joins 'Love, Simon' Disney+ Series In Recurring Role", "Love, Simon TV Show Spinoff Trailer Confirms Another Movie Actor Returns", "Hulu Shifts 'Love, Victor' & 'Taste the Nation' Premieres In Observance Of Juneteenth", "Disney Rolls Out 'Love, Victor' EP Featuring Isaac Dunbar",,_Victor&oldid=984038975, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. He is incredibly progressive and loving.

Embarrassed, Lake upsets Felix by saying she wants to keep their relationship quiet. In April 2019, Disney+ gave the 20th Century Fox Television–produced show – based on the film Love, Simon – a straight-to-series order, with the writers of the original movie, Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, attached as showrunners. Everyone brushes it off when Felix tells his friend group that he feels like part of the Salazar family. *Major spoilers for season 1 of Love, Victor below!*.

Whether you hate them or love them, the entire main cast of the Love, Simon spin-off series is full of complex people who have done some good things, and some bad. The way Felix handled it was the most Felix way to go.

He was a guy that was able to get pushed around, and the further the series went on, the more he stood up for himself. He got one, because he stayed himself. AT: I was not expecting it, but Felix really needed a win. Anthony Turpel: The declaration of love was definitely enough. Victor asks Mia out and plans to take her to a Battle of the Bands being hosted at Brasstown. At the same time, Felix realizes that if he's not himself, and he's making friends off of a false identity. Felix is not joking. So I definitely wasn’t surprised, and I thought it was done beautifully. Mia tells Andrew she wishes he would be a nicer person, but she still cares for him. I thought to myself, whatever direction they [the writers] took with it, I thought it would be a good direction. Only time will tell if Simon will make another cameo, should Hulu choose to renew the series. As the seasons (hopefully) continue, fans should expect to get a deeper look at life with Mia's father's girlfriend (Sophia Bush) and her future half-sibling. After Victor Salazar moved to his building, they became very close friends. I was super happy to be a part of that scene. Benji plans a nice evening for Derek, but he isn't happy with it. I think they fit together super well by them being so opposite. Filming began in August 2019 in Los Angeles. Warning: Spoilers for Love, Victor Season 1 ahead. [10], On June 10, 2020, the premiere date was moved up to June 17, 2020, to avoid it conflicting with Juneteenth. The Best Roles The Always Sunny Cast Had Outside Of The Show (According To IMDb), Love, Victor: 10 Things You Missed About Felix, 10 Shows To Watch After Finishing Hulu's Love, Victor, Our Biggest Questions After Watching Hulu's Love, Victor, Love, Victor: 10 Things We Want To See In Season 2, Love, Victor: 10 Things You Missed About Victor, 10 DC TV Actors Who Have Done Multiple Shows. Striped, long sleeve shirts are his first choice. [7] The show would focus on brand new characters and would be set in the same world as the movie. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Anthony Turpel about taking on the character of Felix in Love, Victor, which is now streaming on Hulu. I think the most pivotal scene of the season is when Victor comes out to Felix. Victor is invited to join the basketball team but clashes with another member of the team, Andrew, who ridicules Victor for being seemingly poor. In The Breakfast Club episode, we saw the beginnings of what could be a surprising friendship between Andrew and Felix. Felix is really mature in that aspect. The things people say about him hurt him far more than he lets on. He talks about his mom and her struggle with depression. Unlike other television shows where the best friend character is usually stuck into a role that only helps the main character, fans got the chance to learn more about Felix as time went on, even finding out what's next in season two with Felix and his relationship with Lake. Felix & Lake start hooking up, but it takes several turns before the last episode where they kiss in front of the whole school at the dance. RELATED: Love, Victor: 10 Things We Want To See In Season 2. That checks out since Felix is so meticulous about every other part of his life. He showed up more than 20 minutes earlier than the time that they decided on. It was also announced that Nick Robinson, who starred in the film, would produce and narrate the series. From Felix's struggle to get his crush Lake to go out with him, to the emotional revelation that his mom lives with depression, viewers got to see so many sides to Felix, all leading up to his loving acceptance of Victor, as the first person his best friend came out as gay to. I think in season 2 there’s definitely a friendship that can form there. [13], According to Hulu, the series was the most-watched drama on the service during its premiere week between June 17 and 23, 2020.

At the Winter Carnival, Victor sees both Mia and Benji but, wanting to fit in, decides to ask Mia to ride the Ferris Wheel with him. He's pining for her in the beginning and she's not giving him any mind at all.

Then she's like, 'I'm too embarrassed to be around you.' Horrified, Victor texts Simon who reassures him about who he is. Love, Victor (2020– ) Full Cast & Crew. Felix was the first person Victor met when he moved to Atlanta, and their friendship became one of the focal points of the series. Felix inspired so many appreciation posts and fancams on Twitter, and one of the most resounding reactions was that he proved to be a much more accepting friend to Victor than Simon's friends were to him in Love, Simon. Andrew pines over Mia at the fundraiser. We may earn commission from the links on this page. At the party, Victor's grandparents accidentally see Benji and Derek kissing, which angers them. Felix and Lake go to the dance with separate partners, but end up reconciling and kissing in front of the whole school, their relationship now public.

It was clear Mia (Rachel Hilson) and Andrew (Mason Gooding) had major chemistry throughout Season 1, thanks in part due to their secret hookup that happened prior to the show.

It's better to have one friend and have them love you for who you truly are then to have 1,000 friends and you're putting on this fake facade.

That was definitely a turning point for Felix of going, 'You know what?

They obviously enjoy each other’s company. Later that night, Victor kisses Benji who pushes him away as he is still with Derek.

While the series is called Love, Victor, it might as well be called Love, Felix because fans could not get enough of the quirky best friend character. Love, Victor is an American teen drama web television series created by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, inspired by and set in the same world as the 2018 film Love, Simon. Although Felix definitely came on a bit strong (OK, more than a bit), it's easy to see why viewers found him so instantly charming. I’m really happy with everything they’ve done.

I think the best scene with that relationship was the fish scene when we're sitting down and Felix is explaining to her how those fishes interact.

That was a huge letdown to Felix. At the party, Victor struggles to fit in. I really do think season two will allow us to push the envelope.". Victor and Benjie finally admitted their feelings for each other, and then Mia saw then kissing.

You find out the reason why he's always with the Salazar's. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. He can't be the only geek at Creekwood but no one is willing to risk talking to him. He said it was a “real honor” to film Victor’s coming out scene.

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