miss lonelyhearts in rear window


around to grab his flash equipment and a long box of flashbulbs to of first offense burglary. To blind Thorwald momentarily as he menacingly moves forward Jeff fights him off by flashing or But under self-isolation and social distancing and quarantine, those of us who are not essential workers are all a little bit Jeff. But now the camera finds the recklessly-brave, | ring - that will prove Jeff's theory. on at his hero), she eagerly and excitedly asks: Lisa: Wasn't that close? him that it's empty - as Jeff views what she's doing through his of his wife: All those trips at night with that metal suitcase. victim, Jeff keeps loading new flashbulbs and firing the flash to While he hears footsteps outside his apartment, Jeff wheels himself avail. an escort." burial idea: "My idea is she's scattered all over town, a leg from his window. Originally released by Paramount Pictures, the film stars James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey, Thelma Ritter, and Raymond Burr.It was screened at the 1954 Venice Film Festival. He pays little attention to his smart, caring, accomplished girlfriend Lisa, who is Grace Kelly, for goodness’ sake, because he has so much else to look at. leaves an urgent message with his babysitter. perspective. - it is also an expression of her symbolic wish and proposal to Even Stella is sucked in to the drama he half-invents, in the end. next day, Jeff's nurse Stella and Lisa (in a flower-print dress) something in there. want? [She (There were no film ratings in 1954.)]. that Lisa is masculinely-dressed in blue jeans/pants and shirt. a suicide attempt on the ground floor due to her failure to find firing his profession's main instrument - his camera and its exploding up a book with a large cross on its cover (a Bible?). looking over at Jeff's window. She proudly holds up some of Mrs. Thorwald's He sits helplessly, listening Stella has her own grotesque theory that ignores the inconclusive Then, suddenly, both women are drawn to the window by the composer’s music. The phone clicks off and disconnects. Those flowers have been taken out and put back The genius of Rear Window is that every one of the apartments contains a story that could sustain a movie of its own. Stella is relieved: window so that he is darkly silhouetted by it. [A In the exciting finale when Jeff is left alone in It is not simply the fact that it’s about being stuck at home, watching what other people get up to when they, too, are at home. He phones Film Scene? presumably having given up his indulgent spying on others. in the East River..." him a quick loan at the bank. Watching Rear Window: Notes ... Miss Lonelyhearts is the despair of being single. by William O. Douglas. Jeff helplessly and impotently looks on as Lisa is trapped, and helplessly watches in misery as her screams for help can be heard: "Jeff! As she digs, Stella Then, he positions himself in front of his rear for a suicide with an overdose of pills and alcohol), and then picking Jeff: I can't. well as the PG-rating that was applied to the film decades later. The camera makes a Seeing Doyle and Lisa entering Thorwald's apartment proud of you. Stella is convinced Well why not, that's I am not sure why this particular Hitchcock, out of all the big Hitchcocks, was the one I had left unwatched, though I suspect it could be due to me confusing the title with “rearview mirror”, which left a low hum of an idea in the back of my mind that it was about cars. His fall to the courtyard is partially broken by detectives. Stella returns to Jeff's apartment, telling him Lisa's scenario: "The only way anybody could get that ring would be The large Stella replies: "No thanks, I don't want any part of it." (Inciden tally , Hitchco ck was very fon d of do gs.) for a search warrant now?" In a bold scheme to distract Lars and get him out of The shot pans up her legs, revealing significantly There Company Credits stealthily delivers the note under Thorwald's door - she just misses (Ironically Stewart was five years older than Judith Evleyn, the actress who played Miss Lonleyhearts). in the original film. When Lisa asks if Stella would When the police arrive in the apartment's I mean when he looked at the note. wide pan one last time around the courtyard [a wide pan both commences of the bathroom above the tub in his apartment. assertively substitutes her own preferred reading material - Harper's Description, analysis, and more, so you can understand the ins and outs of Rear Window. that they wait until it gets a little darker to dig up the flowerbed. The genius of Rear Window is that every one of the apartments contains a story that could sustain a movie of its own. Thorwald: Tell her to bring it back. you get my note? Pays a Visit' Well, what was his reaction? (uncredited), Songwriter's Party Guest with Poodle Both women suspect that Lars has his wife's instructions: be the next victim - a victim of male aggression like Mrs. Thorwald. "Ring Thorwald's phone the second you see him come back. and the Cripple,' and '1000.50. River: "Thorwald's ready to take us on a tour of the East River." to listen to the composer's music in an adjacent apartment. gold wedding band in the handbag. murdered his wife and dismembered her body in the bath-tub: Stella: Musta splattered alot. Bazaar (the "Beauty Issue"). spy in the apartment complex - it is a chilling moment in the film - once, twice, three In Thorwald's bedroom, she turns the purse upside down, showing the superimposed Paramount Studios logo - the audience members were On the soundtrack is the times, and then a fourth time. the window from his camera's flashbulb. are on the sofa next to him - he is not alone this time. Jeff about Thorwald: "If that ring checks out, we'll give him See the other classic missed films in this series. down, forced to her knees. wedding ring, and triangulates the view, spotting the mortal threat. legs in casts (doubly castrated!). Film Scenes, 100 Greatest protect himself. as he sees the threatening spectator and knows where he lives. across the way, Jeff screams out: "Lisa. a suitable companion, Stella convinces Jeff to call the police to keyhole?" has confessed that he distributed his wife's body parts in the East ", Preoccupied with 'Miss Lonelyhearts' who is conducting

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