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And it's never more apparent than on Twisted Fantasy, a blast of surreal pop excess that few artists are capable of creating, or even willing to attempt. With his music and persona both marked by a flawed honesty, Kanye's man-myth dichotomy is at once modern and truly classic. West has created one of the greatest albums of all time and will forever keep the name Kanye West in the music world as someone who simply knows and makes good music. That may be true, but he's more willing than anyone else to try. The haunted, Aphex Twin-sampling "Blame Game" bottoms out with a verse in which Kanye's voice is sped up, slowed down and stretched out. There is no question that this album is a game changer. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 's gargantuan … When Kanye West sings about “jerk-offs that’ll never take work off,” you’d best believe he means himself. And when West's recent interview with Matt Lauer on the "Today" show went awry, he took to Twitter, writing, "I wish Michael Jackson had twitter!!!!!! he wrote earlier this month. It’s his best album, but it’s more than that — it’s also a rock-star manifesto for a downsizing world. At times they even out do the man whose name is on the cover the album. The effect is almost psychotic, suggesting three or four inner monologues fighting over smashed emotions. Yeezy goes for the grandeur of stadium rock, the all-devouring sonics of hip-hop, the erotic gloss of disco, and he goes for all of it, all the time. Juiced on the direct connection, he began releasing weekly songs for free online, the generosity of which would be moot if the songs didn't deliver. A West Wing Special to Benefit When We All Vote. ‘Lovecraft Country’ Finale Recap: Spells and Prayers and Potions, Oh My! © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Any user who writes a negative review clearly hasn't understood that he's apologizing. "Every superhero needs his theme music," he says on "POWER", and though he's far from the virtuous paragons of comic book lore, he's no less complex. At a time when we all get hectored about lowering our expectations, surrendering our attention spans, settling for less, West wants us to demand more. Extra bright, I want y'all to see this So while Kanye can't sing or dance like Michael, he's making meaningful connections in a fresh, oftentimes (ahem) naked way. Maybe it's not surprising that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is so seamlessly his personal best. this the sound of the future, the sound of real hip-hop and rap music, the sound of the music...this is Kanye West!!! Don't expect another victory for Kanye West or The Social Network; Metacritic users had something else in mind. By the time Chris Rock shows up to provide comic relief during one of the album's bleakest moments, it begins to feel as if Kanye is stage-managing his own award show with enough starpower, shock, and dynamism to flatten the Grammys, the VMAs, and the rest all at once. great lyrics, crazy and awesome! West's discography contains innumerable references and allusions to Jackson. (lights, lights) And while the royal horns and martial drums of "All of the Lights" make it sound like the ideal outlet for the most over-the-top boasts imaginable, West instead inhabits the role of an abusive deadbeat desperate to make good on a million blown promises. )", sampled the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back". Videos of West standing on a table in tailored GQ duds while gesticulating through new rhymes (sans musical accompaniment) quickly made the rounds. Breaking traditional mainstream hip-hop guidelines, Kanye West's latest release features epic raps and long instrumental variations for his most innovative album to date. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is his most maniacally inspired music yet, coasting on heroic levels of dementia, pimping on top of Mount Olympus. I'm not sure which song he's talking about. Kanye's last album, 2008's 808s and Heartbreak, was heavy on the Auto-Tune and stark synths, but relatively light on grandiose ideas. What takes real talent and what makes you a great artist is when you know what real talent … And that means pretty much everybody. It's one of many moments on the record where West manipulates his vocals. The end result is a body of work that pushes hip-hop in a bold new direction and puts Mr,. Such exclusions speak to the album's sharp focus-- to move everything forward while constantly tipping on the brink of frantic instability. After exiling himself for months following last year's infamous Taylor Swift stage bomb, the rapper made some of his first comeback appearances at the headquarters of Facebook and Twitter in late July. Rather than trying to put out another crappy, Autotune infested album like 808s. On Twisted Fantasy, Kanye is crazy enough to truly believe he's the greatest out there. His first hit as a producer, Jay-Z's "Izzo (H.O.V.A. "I can't be everybody's hero and villain, savior and sinner, Christian and anti Christ!" © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Because without his exploding self-worth-- itself a cyclical reaction to the self-doubt so much of his music explores-- there would be no Twisted Fantasy. Fireworks flash while red hoods march through a field. He's got a lot on his mind, too. This album not only proves that West is genius but it also proves why rap is a true art form and is something that can truly mean something. It's Kanye West's greatest work. The best album of the far!!!!! This is probably the best album Kanye West has ever put out. There’s no way it should work, but it keeps rolling for three more minutes without breaking the spell. Yeezy goes for the grandeur of stadium rock… It's all a fucking set up!!!!" Watch Miley Cyrus Cover Cranberries' 'Zombie' for Save Our Stages Festival, ‘Lovecraft Country’ Creator Misha Green on Bold Storytelling and the Season Finale, Watch Miley Cyrus Cover Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’ for Save Our Stages Festival. Tellingly, though, he doesn't get the last word on the album. he wrote on November 11. Maybe Mike could have explained how the media tried to set him up!!! Turn up the lights in. As a woofer-mulching synth line lurks, Kanye justifies his dreams of not sleeping with but marrying a porn star, peaking with the combative taunt, "How can you say they live they life wrong/ When you never fuck with the lights on."

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