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Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Loose Women star Janet Street-Porter has revealed she cooks and eats roadkill, Janet says she serves up the roadkill for long-term partner Peter Spanton to eat, The TV personality also spoke out against a vegan diet, Springwatch presenter Chris Packham revealed last year that he collects roadkill to feed to foxes, Janet Street Porter reveals that she once had a backstreet abortion for £25, collects roadkill and stores it in a freezer before feeding it to foxes, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Thanks to Peter Whitney 7th Dan for his invaluable assistance. It’s good to see you and remind the new generations of who you are. The TV personality, 72, says she collects dead deer and skins and butchers it for long-term partner Peter Spanton … PS  I think it’s a shame that some don’t stick to their original style. Maybe it was because I was tall and a good target! Peter Spanton 16 Cream Soda is a reimagining of the classic cream soda, originally patented as a temperance drink in Vienna, New Jersey in the 1850s. Other interests: Computers, nature, science and languages, especially Spanish & Portuguese. PS  That’s right and it’s still going! in 1966. Nothing wrong with learning material from other styles, I practised other Katas from Kyokushinkai, Shito Ryu and Shotokan though not in depth, but I don’t teach them because I’m not qualified to. I left when I was 18 and started lagging boilers with my Father. Both the BKF’s and EKGB’s where we topped the medal table winning both male and female team kumite. The two are very similar. PS  After I left school at 16 I started working in a Grocers shop as an apprentice, I intended to make it my career but eventually changed my mind as I didn’t fancy being stuck in a shop for the rest of my life. Janet told the ITV show: “I eat roadkill. One of the first students of Tatsuo Suzuki at the Honbu Dojo in Clapham in 1965 and one of the first Wado Ryu Black Belts graded by him in England. PS  It was quite hard and one might say occasionally boring because it was repetitive. PETER SPANTON DRINKS LTD - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual return, officers, charges, business activity. Suzuki Sensei would often spar with me and hammer my shins with kicks and drive that front kick right in to the body, but I loved it! After then I retired from active competition and went on to be Chief Referee for England, a European and World Kata Judge, World Kumite Judge and European Kumite Referee. PS  He was right. SR  Many people know of you in the Martial Arts is through computers, can you tell the readers how that came about? SR  I was talking to Dave Hazard last month and he was saying that Kata tournament has improved since the introduction of Bunkai – what do you think. He has sat on the various Technical and Executive Committees belonging to the … SR  Do you think that “styles” have faded into the background? PS  I’d heard people talk about this new art from Japan and read a little about it. PS  That’s right, at the Eagle pub…  then when we formed the English Karate Governing Body, Higashi came in as founder members. Last year Springwatch presenter Chris Packham, 58, revealed he collects roadkill and stores it in a freezer before feeding it to foxes. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. If you took a whack, you just got on with it and we had no mitts, shin guards or groin protectors. PS  I fear this may be the case. SR  How did you get to know about Karate? LOOSE Women star Janet Street-Porter finds roadkill and takes it home to cook. When we watched the Japanese Instructors who were so strong we figured that these repetitive basics had to be the method of getting that level of skill, so we persevered and didn’t really question anything. We’ve got around 50 clubs with groups in Wales and Ireland and  I’m especially proud of our technical standards. If we were lucky we might get to do some beginner Kata like Pinan Nidan  but it was mainly basics, basics and…..  basics! “I don’t think it’s any better for the environment than a diet that’s balanced that has less meat and more grains. I’ll show what I know of them to my students if asked, but I’ll not teach them. Peter Spanton was there from the start. Bearing in mind in those days you stayed a white belt right through to 6th kyu and then it changed straight to green belt. I think I know my body’s limitations and try not to exceed them. PS  I was born in Bow in the East End of London in 1943. Ticky Donovan started at the Honbu about 6 months after me and we used to travel together and train there about 3 times a week. PS  I’m a staunch supporter of bunkai – we do it for all our kata with the attackers around and the performers have to make it work for “real”, sticking to what I’ve learned and developed. We supplied many countries with that program including Japan. PS  Thank you, Steve.. It’s nice to be remembered. PS  I’m 60yrs old now and still manage a training routine to suit where I am at the time. Companies House Companies House does not verify the accuracy of the information filed (link opens a new window) Sign in / Register . SP            What is your proudest moment? To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. PS  In ’72 we were a group of clubs, Forest Gate, Swindon, Cheltenham, Cardiff and Bristol who used to get together on a regular basis, to train and have friendly matches. I started at the Honbu in Clapham with Tatsuo Suzuki in February 1965. “Venison is a free range meat that lives on grains and it is very healthy, better than most chickens. I do what I can when I can without overdoing it. SR  Then the Wado split came, what did you do? As well as working very well on its own, it mixes superbly with American Whiskey. I teach on a regular basis around the group, and most of my weekends this year are taken up with teaching commitments. SR  What did you do before you started Karate? It’s still used by the Welsh Karate Federation and various other groups, both large and small. Skip to main content. They told me that he was bringing a Japanese Karate Instructor over. SR  Well I must say Peter that you’re in good shape for age 60 and I hope that you’ll still be teaching and training for many years to come. Then there’s Chris Thompson, Mick Billman and so on. I soon got fed up with that after about 6 months and wanting to see a bit of the world, joined the Merchant Navy. So, here it is for you as a world exclusive! Certain people do jump to mind though such as my old mate Ticky, who has done so much for English karate. View our online Press Pack. “It has a really sensual mouth feel and rich flavour, capturing the spirit of sultry summers,” said Spanton. SR            Who do you admire most in English Karate? SR            Do you have any intentions with regard to retiring from karate? PS            I admire all genuine Karate-ka who take their training seriously. I’ve just completed a course in the mountains of Snowdonia training and teaching a large class outside for 6 hrs a day and had no problem with that. There was Ticky, John Smith and myself basically running the British Karate Association, with the help of Len Palmer of course. PS  (Laughs) The times I’ve been asked this! “What’s happened with vegetables is that a large number of the vegetables we grow are raised in green houses or poly tunnels and are raised using all sorts of chemicals, or are flown in.”. Former newspaper editor Janet blasted a vegan diet claiming it isn’t as healthy as reports. Our membership’s doing quite well too, so we don’t really need to advertise. SR  Were you the first of Suzuki Sensei’s Black Belts in the UK? PS  I suppose so but I’m not so sure I like that idea! PS  I have always been fascinated by computers, right back to the days of the Sinclair ZX 80. "I eat game, I eat fish, we had a fish last week that we caught, put a line in the river, caught a sea bass, nothing wrong with that.”. It was a tattoo I had on my arm that gave me the idea, I had a drawing made of it and everyone liked it. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. PS  Higashi means “East” and my first club was in East London. I also think that if in the future I become unable to train physically or teach, I would still be of use to the Martial Arts world through my computing skills, even if it’s just keeping a database running or working the draw at a tournament. I am married to Sue, whom I've been with for over 30 years. SR  How do you see the future of the technical side of Karate with everyone cross training and so on? For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. Higashi Karate Kai Homepage - Chief Instructor Peter Spanton 9th dan COURSE REPORTS The West Wales Course went very well. It’s no coincidence that they are all members of one Governing Body, properly named The English Karate Governing Body. Month by month in this column I’ve been building up a picture of the people who were there at the birth of Karate in England. SR  You actually became quite involved in the politics of the day didn’t you? PS  Tournament-wise we did very well last year. You need a good logical brain for computers and that helps you to teach and understand Karate, especially kata. I trained 7 days a week with Sensei Suzuki and other high-ranking Japanese, who came to the UK to teach. We started with 27 clubs, we had already named our group Higashi Karate Kai before the split to give our group a name and already had a badge so we carried the name and logo on. I recently had the chance to talk to Peter Spanton, 7th Dan. BY DEREK RIDGWAY. PS            Obviously the day I received my first Dan grade, and perhaps when I got a bronze medal at a European championships in Paris. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. When I was on the Technical Committee we used to have our meetings here. All of the Japanese Instructors that followed seemed to enjoy the sparring as well, especially with me! Most Karateka will be able to trace their roots back to this handful of people. Peter Spanton - HKK Chief Instructor Forest Higashi Grade: Born: Started Karate: 9th dan 1943 1965 I began training in February 1965 in Clapham, South London, under Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki in the British Karate Association.

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