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Also it was specifically stated that regular hunters fear them (like trash bottom of the barrel ones), (You must log in or sign up to reply here. I could see a royal guard flicking the bungie gum and it breaks, let alone the strings of machi. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Pouf won't be able to manipulate or read emotions? Here are the 5 strongest known Phantom Troupe members and 5 who are believed to be the weakest. NEXT: Hunter X Hunter: 5 Characters Who Can Defeat Godspeed Killua (& 5 Who Can't), Rei Penber is an avid fan of anime and manga. Uvo is weaker than Gon, not that it matters, he'd be easily overpowered by Youpi. Shalnark can stab his needle into Youpi or Pitou and then it's gg or transform a teammate, like Uvo, Phinks, or Nob, into a super saiyan. We've got 50+ great wallpaper images hand-picked by our users. It's like saying "well silva can keep up with chrollo so so should bill", it's unrelated, kite shits on everyone versus pitou and he fought a pre hatsu pitou (even though kite started the fight with one arm). 1) No, they aren't top tiers, not even Chrollo and Hisoka are top tiers, Kurapika beat Uvo who is one of the best combatants in the phantom troupe after Chrollo and Hisoka. The PT actually killed ants that went through nen training and gained hatsus. Discussion in 'Hunter x Hunter' started by snakeeater, Mar 3, 2018. Her skill with Nen is decent as well and she's known to be a Conjurer. Welcome to the forums! Uvogins nummeriertes Spider-Tattoo #11 Mitglieder der Phantom Troupe, mit der möglichen Ausnahme von Chrollo, tragen irgendwo auf ihrem Körper ein Tattoo mit einer zwölfbeinigen Spinne. I don't see how shizuku doesn't instantly die the moment she shows her face, nor can I see how shizuku would be fast enough to vacuum them up. Illumi Zoldyck joined the Phantom Troupe and took on the mark that formerly belonged to Uvogin, the number 11. In terms of strength, Illumi is up there with the best in the Troupe, such as Hisoka. Yeah basically, but I think only Paku is dead weight in a fight. Phinks is the second strongest Phantom Troupe member, so Gon and Killua are nowhere near him in physical strength. Feel free to send us your own wallpaper and we will consider adding it to appropriate Welcome to my quiz! She was a Specialization type Nen user and with her powers, she could extract memories from anyone who she was in contact with, and also by asking certain questions. And the reason why Kite had such a strong hatsu is because Ging, a top 5 nen user, was his teacher. He is the author of some of the articles here that you liked, and others that you didn't. Hisoka is a former member of the Troupe and also one of the strongest to belong to this group. You do realize that the Phantom Troupe is a top-tier criminal group, right? RELATED:10 Strongest Characters Hunter X Hunter Characters. I just love the Phantom Troupe so much, and I bet you do too. The PT stomps the RG. The gun shot normal bullets, so it would had been more efficient to carry around a normal rifle and use shu on the bullets. However, most of her showings have been fairly average which is why she's one of the weakest members of the Troupe. RELATED: From Attack On Titan To Hunter X Hunter: 5 Anime Better Than The Manga. weaker physically but with a similarly versatile hatsu. Kortopi and Paku are weaker than that. It's not an established rule that someone can't take control of a being that is already under control, that's never been said at all, not to mention that Pouf would easily be able to overpower the control and take control himself by sheer overwhelming nen capacity/strength/genius. Royal guards (even pouf and pitou) are physically well above the level of razor, they'd rip out of the bungee gum. During the Chimera Ant arc, she was able to deal with some of the Chimera Ant soldiers without too much trouble. Like Pakunoda, he's a Specialization type Nen user and his ability is quite fearsome as it allows him to steal the Nen of others once certain requirements are fulfilled. Led by Chrollo Lucilfer, this gang is also known as the Spider, with Chrollo himself acting as the head and the other members as the legs. Although she was a weak fighter, she was an incredible asset to the group, without a doubt. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Feitan is one of the most powerful Troupe members and also the one who carries a great deal of responsibility, as seen when he became the de facto leader of the group in Chrollo's absence. Now vs the PT, Youpi's up against a whole team of faster, deadlier, more experienced opponents. RELATED: Hunter X Hunter: Top 10 Strongest Transmuters. The Phantom Troupe (in Japanese: 幻影旅団, Genei Ryodan) is a world famous gang of thieves and a criminal organization in the anime/manga series Hunter X Hunter. The Phantom Troupe is a powerful group in the Hunter x Hunter world that is made by some of the strongest thieves. A one-stop shop for all things video games. That squadron leader was a manipulator, also it wasn't a weak rising sun lol, it was his strongest attack. I thought it was 20 seconds. Chrollo is incredibly powerful, capable of taking on both Zeno and Silva in battle, as seen during the Yorknew City arc of the series. But still Shoot was able to bypass Youpi's tentacles and touch him and that was 1v1 while Knuckle was invis. Bonolenov took extreme amounts of effort to defeat a soldier ant and Jupiter despite being used on a soldier ant didn't completely destroy the soldier ant, he was still physically the soldier ant, he just died a blood death, so I don't even give jupiter enough credit with it's long load up time to defeat even an officer even, let alone do shit to the strongest royal guard. Machi is arguably weaker. Youpi, the strongest rg, had varying degrees of trouble in his 1v1 fights against Knuckle, Shoot, and Killua. Franklin's Nen bullets are very powerful, so downplaying him is disingenuous. However, it was revealed that he was a fake member and that he had used his Nen ability to imitate the Phantom Troupe’s spider tattoo. Most of the members hail from Meteor City. Pakunoda was quite a useful member of the Phantom Troupe, however, she wasn't all that powerful and her physical strength ranked 11th in the group. His goal was to challenge and defeat Chrollo in a fight, and he ultimately got the chance to fight him but was defeated. Undoubtedly, Kalluto is one of the weakest in the Troupe right now. He was quite a skilled Manipulation type Nen user and his ability allowed him to set his body to autopilot and fight powerful opponents without much trouble. Nen He is a Transmutation type. He completely destroyed that one chimera ant. The Phantom Troupe is a powerful group in the Hunter x Hunter world that is made by some of the strongest thieves. With his excellent skills as a Manipulation type Nen user, Kalluto was able to fight off some Chimera Ant soldiers. Why? I forget how long Shoot lasted. Youpi would beat his group pretty easily actually. "Phinks is the second strongest phantom troupe member, so Gon and Killua are nowhere near him in physical strength", Uvo is one of the biggest humans we've seen, he's weak compared to razor and I'd say someone like Morel or Knuckle could out muscle him (along with outskilling and stuff him as well). Everything Oda Has Said About The End Of The Series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Cuz you say so? Led by Chrollo Lucilfer, this gang is also known as the Spider, with Chrollo himself acting as the head Give that vacuum to Nob and he'll go mr clean on the RG. He was a natural-born Conjurer and his skill with this type was good enough to earn praise from Kurapika. However, he was the first to admit that his skills were inferior to the rest and that he needed to get stronger. Chrollo isn't doing shit either even though he's BY FAR the only relevant character there. Pouf can take control of the people that chrollo tries to manipulate, his power is greatly higher so he'd gain dominance over ones chrollo tries to control. He was ultimately killed by Hisoka Morrow, and he didn't even put up a good fight against him, showing that he isn't all that strong after all. The scythe is good vs a group like Chrollo's or Illumi's puppets, but Kite would had to of gotten lucky to actually roll it. Thats already half the team that are rendered borderline useless. Uvogin is one of the physically strongest humans that we've seen in the series. The actual conjured weapons werent anything special. Shoot was avoiding him, Uvo would just kind of get grabbed and broke in half, also shoot didn't take several youpi attacks anyway, he avoided sveral blows. All members of the Troupe are skilled in combat and are therefore powerful. The Phantom Troupe is a powerful group in the Hunter x Hunter world but some members are more powerful than others. However, there are those who are exceptionally strong and then a bunch who are weaker in comparison. He was strong enough to massacre the Shadow Beasts during the Yorknew City arc which is quite a feat in itself. 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