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Meanwhile the Congo's national anthem asks: "And if we have to die does it really matter? In 2002, the Giant was given a condom by the Family Planning Association. Two local bishops supported him, and while the Home Office considered the idea, nothing was done. Back up to: QI XL. They aren't switching to anything live afterwards. Byron kept a pet bear at university. - Tangent: In the film Mrs Miniver there is a scene where an actor jumps into bed in his pyjamas just after he's got back from helping the rescue at D-Day, and as he jumps into the bed his penis falls out of his pyjamas. Sandi Toksvig and Alan Davies are joined by John Barrowman, Aisling Bea and Phill Jupitus for a rather rude edition of the quite interesting panel show. This leads to Phill impersonating Formby, singing: "Oh, I'm absolutely riddled with chlamydia." Originally his penis was just 16ft long, which when taking things into scale is about average for a man. However, the only thing he really got into trouble for was blasphemy. Sandi however says that this thought was actually first given to her by Dr. Deborah Swallow. We don't know why it was created, but it is possibly a parody of Oliver Cromwell and dates to the Civil War. Bottom of crack, no." He held it. For this joke, Miller was banned by the BBC for five years. Instead of showing a QI XL at 9PM its a repeat of a normal QI from the "P" series. Something else that must be avoided was vulgar use of the word, "basket" and suggestive references to ladies underwear. XL Tangent: Alan starts humming the theme to the film Chariots of Fire. Phill says leaving them in the bowl, which Sandi states is rude but there's something ruder. One second is defined as the time it takes for a cesium atom to vibrate 9,192,631,770 times. As usual, the questions are so difficult points are instead awarded for the answers the host finds most interesting as opposed to correct, Sandi Toksvig finds herself stuck in a 'Quagmire', as she invites Sindhu Vee, Sally Phillips and Aisling Bea to join regular panellist Alan Davies to face her fiendish posers. In Japan, the word for chopsticks is "hashi", which becomes "bashi" when it is part of a compound word. When the male finds a likely mate, they land on a branch, swivel their body face-on, bray into the female's face, and if the female likes it they will mate. It helps babies learn how to manoeuvre their jaw, lips, tongue etc. 4/11 Sandi invites you to the QI restaurant, with Phill Jupitus, Sara Pascoe and Mark Watson. The answer is a drawing of the face vomiting. You can say "fuck", but only it is cleared by BBC management first.

Read about our approach to external linking. Phill jokingly adds that he'll start the letter now. Byron kept a pet bear at university. - The panel are drawings of five faces, each time the faces becoming more anxious looking, and are asked what comes next. She asked why a man would need to know that 28 days have passed, when a woman would need to know for medical reasons. In the late 1940s, the BBC Variety Programmes Policy Guide for Writers and Producers, more commonly known as the Green Book, listed what was acceptable to broadcast. The best additions to Netflix in September 2020. BARF is based on a similar scale called the Wong-Baker Scale, which is used for pain. Sandi explains that in the 40's, the BBC introduced the "Variety Programmes Policy Guide for Writers and Producers" or the "Green Book" that stated what was acceptable for broadcasting. In, BCG Pro business users can see additional crew credits. 3/11 Sandi gets railroaded with Alan Davies, Aisling Bea, Cally Beaton and Holly Walsh. Thus in the summer an hour could be 75 minutes long and in the winter just 45 minutes. In 1921, a campaign from a Mr. Long in Gillingham tried to cover the giant's genitals with a huge fig leaf. Sandi asks the panellists to take out bowls of jelly babies and chopsticks from under their desks before asking them the question. Adam Mickiewicz wrote the poem and the opening verse begins: "O Lithuania, my country, thou / Art like good health I never knew till now / How precious, till I lost thee." Also rude is sticking chopsticks vertically up in the food, which is very rude in China and Japan as it reminds people of joss sticks, which are also used at funerals.

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