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Interesting Culture in Japan! Kohgen is a incense specialty store in Ginza, Tokyo. Even if you can't take back the ramen you ate in Japan to your home country, you can always take home the dried instant ramen. Are you buying a souvenir for someone who loves cats? In Tokyo, there’s certainly no lack of souvenirs to choose from, with the omiyage (or souvenir) giving well-embedded in Japanese culture. Cat socks. Cat lingerie. There are ones with corresponding voltage for usage overseas and some also come included with instructions in English and Chinese. Homeware Souvenirs from Japan Ceramics. These are especially nice for kids, and the kids' sets are cheaper. Chopsticks or Hashi is one of the most popular Japanese souvenirs! Another characteristically Japanese aspect of the art is the continuing popularity of unglazed high-fired stoneware even after porcelain became popular. for a wide variety of cameras and their price. s.async = true; These include images of mountains and seascapes, like the world-famous Hokusai’s great wave, or portraits of actors from traditional performing arts like Kabuki. Often, senjafuda can be personalised to include the name of a loved one or specific wish. You might think there are only traditional items, but there are also many goods made using traditional techniques meant for daily use. Of course you can always go for the nicer, more traditional accessories--which can probably be found in the same stores as the nice quality fans mentioned above. Here's a list of 30 Japanese things, including food, traditional crafts, practical everyday items, and fun stuff! There are lots of fun and unique products to buy for yourself or bring them home as gifts to friends and family. Often coming in ornate packaging, inkan and hanko are becoming increasingly popular as small, personal gifts. 15 Best Japanese Souvenirs You Should Buy in Tokyo, 10 Best Selling Consumer Products in Japan, 15 best Japanese souvenirs you should buy in Tokyo, Cool things to buy in Japan that you can't buy elsewhere. The small and refined wagashi displays the seasons and the natural scenery of Japan. Your email address will not be published. Famously, Kit Kats in Japan come in hundreds of different varieties; from the standard wafer bars you can buy back home to sake flavoured and those designed to be baked in the oven! Furoshiki is a piece of cloth traditionally used to wrap bento lunch boxes and gifts. google_ad_slot = "7762035143"; A word of caution, wagashi is not for everyone. Because of their size, the best option for getting a tatami mat home would be to have it delivered especially. Recommended Japanese Souvenirs Find your favorite Japanese snacks "Dagashi" RECOMMENDED. Have you seen this before? It’s a type of Japanese sweet that is typically made of mochi (a sort of rice paste) and red bean paste. Yukata sets are very common in tourist areas like Asakusa and Akihabara. A great way to prepare your trip to to Japan! In the 20th century, a ceramics industry (e.g., (charms, talismans) commonly sold at religious sites and dedicated to particular. Most commonly known as a condiment for sushi and sashimi, this horseradish-like root is made into a paste that can be used in many ways. A train plushie? If you want to buy something that is really popular in this lovely country, then check out the list of best selling consumer products in Japan to learn what people can’t do without in this country. Get one of these lucky charms when you visit a shrine or temple in Japan for a few hundred yen. This exists. How about picking up high quality Japanese washi origami paper with beautiful Japanese colors and patterns? In Japan, it is easy to find a wide variety of souvenirs; but the difficultly is selecting exact gifts which friends and family will like. It goes well with rice and you can enjoy the flavor and the texture that works as an accent to your main meal. Kabuki theatre is one of Japan’s most famous cultural products; a performance art with a rich history stretching back over 400 years. Pick up a calligraphy set or prewritten scroll to take home and cherish (even if you can’t understand exactly what it says). Rest assured, whatever you’re after, you can probably pick it up from a vending machine somewhere in Japan. Check out the supermarket and the department store for these matcha sweets! A kendama is a ball-and-string toy that came to Japan in the 1700s and is popular with children. Unsurprisingly, Japan has a keychain to suit all purposes and trying to list them would be a Herculean task, though some of our favourites include the plastic sushi keychains you’ll see all over and those shaped like all the main tourist attractions. Known as ’everything stores,’ they contain everything you may possibly need. For the lover of indulgence in your life, head home with some Bulgari chocolate. Although advertisements on the web pages may degrade your experience, our business certainly depends on them and we can only keep providing you high-quality research based articles as long as we can display ads on our pages. You can find them at stationery stores, LOFT, Tokyu Hands, etc. For example, Miyazaki prefecture is known for its delicious red bean and fruit rice cakes, nanjakorya daifuku, and Osaka for its Kuidaore Taro Pudding. It matches well with both green tea and black tea. How about taking it back home to make summer in your country more comfortable? Good old Kappabashi-dori is the best place to find this stuff, though be warned, it can be a little more pricey than you might expect. Coats with cat patterns. Are you looking for Japanese souvenirs? Available in a huge array of different designs and styles, they make for a perfect souvenir of traditional Japan.

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