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It’s hard to get the balance right. Plot. *Viewer Discretion Advised - A Home for Horror, Sci-Fi, Cult, and Exploitation Films. NO TIME TO DIE Countdown: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY Revisited, A Beginner’s Guide to National Cinema Theory, Beginner’s Guide: George Miller, Writer & Director, The Beginner’s Guide: Josh & Benny Safdie, Writers & Directors, The Joker’s Smile, Part 3: The Final Joke (For Now…), The Joker’s Smile, Part 1: The 20th Century’s Most Adaptable Character, Louis Le Prince: The Unsolved Disappearance Of The Father Of Cinema, Critiquing The Critic: The Evolution & Function Of Film Criticism, Anarchic Cinema: Jean Vigo’s ZERO FOR CONDUCT, Anarchic Cinema: V-Cinema & Takashi Miike, The History of Hong Kong Action Cinema Pt. All Rights Reserved. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . Sign up to get our cinematic goodness delivered to your inbox every weekend. Before long, an odd car breakdown will set the stage for Renee's violent abduction, where a group of anything but good Samaritans will take her to a state-of-the-art hidden laboratory to conduct a string of horrifying psychosomatic experiments on her. The neon-tinge to events in the bunker is clearly going for ‘edgy’ but instead it makes the film look cheap. Paddington 2 is … In Conclusion Don’t let Rupture 2 become a thing. Unlock access to all of Film Inquiry`s great articles. card classic compact. But this is a film that Steven Shainberg has no interest in making, and so, unfortunately, we are left with the mess that is Rupture. These opening scenes, where she’s just living out a normal existence, are far more compelling then any of the rubbish that follows. © 2020 Film Inquiry. r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers: A dedicated community for discussion around leaks, spoilers, and news relating to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) … test. Here Are 9 Horror Alternatives, The Fan Who Cried CGI: An Analysis of the Visual FX in 2017's "IT", I Smell a Rant: Why I Do Not Celebrate Women in Horror Month, What's New on Netflix? This is part 2 of 2.

If it reveals its secrets too early, there’s the risk of losing the audience’s interest. If that sounds a bit familiar, you are probably thinking of last year's Deadpool wherein scientists torture Wade Wilson to unlock his powers. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community!

Rupture is a 2016 American science fiction horror thriller film directed by Steven Shainberg and starring Noomi Rapace. Shainberg seems a lot more interested in how long he can ‘hold the audience’ with gimmickry and go-nowhere clues then he is at giving them anything worthy of their attention. The one thing that is unusual about her life are the hidden cameras that are watching every mundane minute of it. It’s not an accident; it’s the mysterious group that have been watching her through the cameras. Join. Log in sign up. At one point, Renee's hospital room is wallpaper'ed with the carpet pattern from. There’s so very much wrong with Rupture. Noomi Rapace is a really interesting, watchable actress. My Campy Slumber Party: Xanadu, Muses, and Disco, Oh My! This is a movie that’s in love with foreshadowing. The final scene is an enraging set-up for a hopefully never-to-exist sequel. 5 – 1980: New Wave, Cinema City, Jackie Chan & John Woo, The History of Hong Kong Action Cinema Pt. TV Shows . We meet Renee (Noomi Rapace) on just another one of the normal mornings in her normal life. A single mom tries to break free from a mysterious organization that has abducted her. Until this “ending”, Rupture is just your regular schlockily bad B-movie, but the “ending” shows such disregard for the audience, it made me angry. Join a community of like-minded readers who are passionate about cinema - get access to our private members Network, give back to independent filmmakers, and more. 6 – 1980-2000: Handover & Second Wave, The History of Hong Kong Action Pt. edited 2 years ago. Avoid this film at all costs. new. If it were possible to make you care about the increasing ridiculousness of what unravels in front of you, then she would be the one to do it.

hot new top rising. She can hear the screams of her fellow captives through the roomy vents. Not in a cool, gritty way; it looks ugly and sickly. Her relationship with his father (Paul Popowich) is strained, but not to any unusual degree (remember, she is normal). |

Part 2 - SCI-FI (7/2/13).

Plot Keywords This day of love is hated by single folks everywhere, so I d... By: Heather Seebach We are deep into Oscar season now, and with the ceremony just days away, I think we are all sick of hearing abou... By: Heather Seebach   **Warning: The following contains spoilers about episode 1.6** I knew right from the infancy of HBO's... By: Heather Seebach ***Warning: The following contains spoilers about 2017's IT *** The modern era of horror films has br... By: Heather Seebach I t's Feb ruary, and that me ans Women in H orror Month is here. level 2. Despite a couple of good performances from Noomi Rapace and Percy Hynes White, the longer this film lumbers on, the more it becomes apparent that no answer to the mystery can be worth the stultifying journey. r/movies: News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures. Movies. Parents Guide. rising. Anyway, back to the film.

top. Movie News and Discussion r/ movies. It took me a while to discover the wonderful world of cinema, but once I did, everything just fell into place. After dropping off her son Evan with her ex-husband Cliff, Renee Morgan is abducted during a staged roadside tire repair by a five-person team overseen by Dr. Nyman. After Renee drops her son off at his dad’s, her tire blows out in the middle of the highway. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight.


Posts Wiki Full Rules & Wiki. After dropping off her son Evan with her ex-husband Cliff, Renee Morgan is abducted during a staged roadside tire repair by a five-person team overseen by Dr. Nyman. The exchanges she has with Percy Hynes White (one of the best child actors I have ever seen), have the feel of honesty to them, even if the dialogue isn’t quite up there with the actors who are speaking it. But if the secrets are withheld for too long, it puts potentially insurmountable pressure on their eventual reveal to be something spectacular. 4 – 1960-1980: New Wave, How to Analyse Movies #8: Putting It Into Practice, How to Analyse Movies #7: Iconography & Realisticness, How to Analyse Movies #5: Lighting, Sound & Score, MPAA, Studios Fund 12-Step Programs For Women Directors (PARODY), Weinstein Scandal Should Affect The Outcome Of The EEOC Hollywood Probe (THR Guest Column), The EEOC Gender Probe: I Don’t Regret Starting the Fight, Women Directors & The Farce of Networking Programs, FARGO Season 4: Thematically Ambitious But So All Over The Place, THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR: A Spooky & Heart-Aching Gothic Romance, WE ARE WHO WE ARE Season 1: An Immersive Gen. Z Coming Of Age Drama, BILLIONS (S5E7) “The Limitless Sh*t”: This Is Scarface Drug, Not Limitless, BILLIONS (S5E6) “The Nordic Model”: An Old School Pissing Contest, BILLIONS (S5E5) “Contract”: The Sins Of The Fathers, KILLING EVE (S3E8) “Are You Leading Or Am I?”: Dancing To The Same Old Tune, London Film Festival 2020: ROSE: A LOVE STORY, NYFF 2020: SWIMMING OUT TILL THE SEA TURNS BLUE: Birthplace And Bloodland. She’s the single mum to a teenage son, Evan (Percy Hynes White), with whom she gets on well, despite her fears about his problems at school. hot. For the first fifteen minutes, instead of some pseudo-mysterious sci-fi guff, we are tantalised with an actually involving domestic drama. It’s hard to know where to start. On a basic level, the film looks grim. You can sense this experimentation, and it’s frustrating. Was wondering how they did that, thanks! I would be quite happy to watch a film about their relationship; Evan dealing with his problems at school and Renee finding her confidence again. But what makes it worse is that it starts with a tiny flicker of hope. Reddit is a network of communities based on people's interests. "Do you want the whole story. Until this “ending”, Rupture is just your regular schlockily bad B-movie, but the “ending” shows such disregard for the audience, it made me angry.

But who is the one behind the hidden cameras, collecting all this information about this unaware family? Have you seen Rupture?

But to get it as wrong as Rupture takes quite some skill.

As I replied in a reddit post. There have been worse revelations. As part of my continu... By: Heather Seebach ** The following contains major spoilers and is intended only for those who have seen the film **  To view my... Cabin in the Woods: References & Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed, "Fresh Meat" Horror Hottie of the Month: Thom Mathews, Sick of the Oscars? To read the first part, HORROR films added to Netflix today (7/2/13), click here . While in route to meet up with a friend, she is violently abducted by a group of strangers. If Rupture 2 ever shuffles it’s way into existence, it’s as big an indictment of the state of the film industry today as anything that has come before. card. 7 – 2000-Present: Life After the Handover, The History of Hong Kong Action Cinema Pt. They soon bundle her into the back of a van. Menu. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows … No beating around the bush; this is a bad film. Synopsis Early in the film we are treated to a klaxon-blaringly portentous shot, as Renee slips the X-ACTO knife she’s been using to sort out a lighting problem into her back pocket. An array of mysterious baddies (Lesley Manville, Peter Stormare, Kerry Bishé and Michael Chiklis) ask her an array of mysteriously mundane questions, but it’s not until she whips out our old friend the X-ACTO Knife that she works out what on earth is going on. Aside from being one of the most blatant attempts at foreshadowing in living memory, it’s also excellent product placement for X-ACTO knives (or as I like to call them, Chekhov’s X-ACTO Knives.). Rewatched 2x and notes and ahem more* LETS START . However, this pales in comparison to the very worst thing – the ending. This is a response to the two people who asked me for the spoilers of the whole movie. She ends up strapped to a gurney in a room in an anonymous industrial bunker. 137. pinned by moderators.

While the reveal of the central mystery is disappointing, it isn’t catastrophically so. If Rupture 2 ever shuffles it’s way into existence, it’s as big an indictment of the state of the film industry today as anything that has come before. Without even knowing it, Renee, a divorced single mother, and her rebellious teen son, Evan, are being under surveillance in their own home. Ultimate Guide to 'The Worlds End' PART 1 - Easter Eggs, Themes, and Symbolism! What did you think?

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