salt water engine patent


All rights reserved. 38. The density of the submarine changes as the mass is altered at constant volume. Fluids can be processed whether or not they contain any of the useful salts or ions (either cations or anions) herein described. A hair-thin stream of the mixture is injected between two high voltage electrodes … 24. The mainstream has picked up on this multiple times, and here’s an example from The New York Times. Exemplary systems and methods may use RF energy to combust salt water, produce hydrogen from salt water or solutions containing salt water, to volatilize a secondary fuel present in solutions containing salt water, to produce and combust hydrogen obtained from salt water or solutions containing salt water, to volatilize and combust secondary fuel sources present in solutions containing salt water, to desalinate seawater, and to carry out the electrolysis of water are presented. It is contemplated that, optionally, the condenser tank could be externally cooled in order to facilitate the rate of condensation of the steam. We could present our diode with any number of images, yet regardless of the picture, the diode conforms to one of only two possible states. At block 1916 the receiver head is arranged. The method of any of claims 48-49 wherein the step of providing a salt water solution is performed by spraying a mist of salt water solution between the RF transmission head and the RF receiver. The method of combusting a liquid according to any of claims 1-5 wherein the step of igniting the ignitable gas comprises spontaneous ignition of the ignitable gas. In addition, the power take off unit 42 drives an oxygen compressor unit 49 which supplys oxygen to the reactor 32 via line 23 to thereby control the reaction of the hydrogen and chlorine within the reactor in a known manner. One or more of a variety of different shapes and sizes of transmission and reception heads may be provided. The Newcomen machine was the first steam engine to make use of a piston fitting in a cylinder, and even the crude version it … A similar concept was also recently illustrated by Mathematician James Hill and Barry Cox at the University of Adelaide. Membrane 20 allows transport of water and small cations such as Na+across membrane 20. A, Ref document number: Researchers say that this approach could be commercially viable within the next seven to ten years. Koch, C. (2012). The valve in the system of the present invention further has a unique configuration having union ends that allows the valve to be lifted straight out by simply unscrewing the union rings, sliding them away from the valve and lifting the valve out for service. 3 shows another embodiment of the buoyancy engine 10″. The transmission head and reception heads are insulated from direct contact with the reaction chamber. In addition to selecting the desired RF frequency(s) at block 1718, the transmission time or duration may also be selected. In this case (saltwater) the liquid passes through a membrane in between the two tanks, creating an electric charge. 1 O 300 0 Just about any electrical or chemical process puts out some kind of energy, for example, in the form of heat. These fittings include a barbed hose end for installation with rubber hoses, a garden hose adapter for introducing fresh water into the system and a standard pipe adapter to attach to sea strainers or various types of hose such as braided steel hose.

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