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[80] He did so, but was worried that he had not been given costuming. [102], One critical scene in The Awful Truth occurs in a nightclub, during which both Dunne and Grant dance. The Awful Truth is always a pleasure to watch because I have so much fun doing so. She raises those eyebrows of hers so innocently, or flutters her eyelids, even though she knows what she's up to. "[87], Nearly every day during principal photography, Leo McCarey would arrive in the morning with ideas for the film written down on scraps of paper. [26], During pre-production, McCarey knew that he needed two songs for important scenes in the picture. I have to say, I also love Asta. "[15], McCarey did not like the narrative structure of the play, the previous film versions,[9] or the unproduced Pathé script. Instead, he asked an African American youth working on the Columbia lot to teach Dunne and Grant how to dance. Jerry has a line in which he slyly criticizes Lucy's date by telling Dan "It's a book." Music: Song & Dance, Scenes: The snobbish Vances are appalled. When a cat was found that would stay still, the animal refused to move when Cary Grant attempted to open the door. Usually, the production would hire a choreographer for these scenes, but McCarey declined to do so. With Lucy, Dunne shows that she can play the sophisticated girl that Jerry wants, but with a twist that keeps things interesting. [100] Both were finished by the time principal photography began. [105] Irene Dunne choreographed the burlesque dance which her character performs at the Vance mansion to embarrass Jerry. Cohn, an avid fan of musicals, decided that anyone who liked that kind of music had to be talented—and he agreed to pay McCarey's fee. [54], Improvisation could sometimes be a risky choice for the production in other ways as well. [9] During face-to-face negotiations with Cohn, McCarey demanded $100,000 ($3,400,000 in 2019 dollars) to direct. [82] The bowler hat sequence in Lucy's apartment was based on a standard bit McCarey had frequently used in Laurel and Hardy films (as well as in the Marx Brothers' comedy Duck Soup (1933), which McCarey had also directed). In director Leo McCarey's great screwball comedy - [24] He was paid $50,000 ($900,000 in 2019 dollars) to appear in The Awful Truth. Each time, the censors disapproved of his work. Media found in this blog, unless indicated, are not owned by me and are here only for the purpose of education and discussion. [24] Cohn decided instead to write the entire picture off as a loss, since he was obligated to pay Dunne's salary whether the film was made or not and he could not fire McCarey since only McCarey knew where the film was headed. [79] "The Cary Grant Persona"[121] was fully established by this film, and Grant not only became an able improviser but often demanded improvisation in his films thereafter. The other, a star with an impressive career of his own, is Skippy. [41][f] Dunne later said her decision to work on the film was "just an accident". McCarey appeared to hold a grudge against Grant for the rest of his life. Delmar's script called for the film to be set in Connecticut. [103] Ralph Bellamy was required to do the fictional "Balboa Stomp" in the nightclub scene while Irene Dunne largely stands by, feebly trying to imitate him. [97], Columbia Pictures head Harry Cohn was not happy with McCarey's directorial methods, either. [30] She appeared in Theodora Goes Wild (1936) for Columbia, and despite her misgivings about doing comedy her performance had garnered her an Academy Award nomination as Best Actress. Film Titles I - R. Jerry demands visitation rights and then shows up while Lucy entertains Dan. He would then have the script girl write down his ideas or dialogue, and give the actors their instructions. With the Great Depression in its seventh year, he felt audiences would enjoy seeing a picture about rich people having troubles. [27] Grant biographer Graham McCann says it would be an "overstatement" to say that McCarey gave Grant an on-screen personality. The actor said he knew the words to the song, but could not sing. McCarey demanded in turn that Cohn apologize personally to everyone on the set, and send his apology to Lloyd. [117] Audiences were unused to seeing the three stars in a comedy, and were unsure whether they should laugh.

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