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Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi, PG-13

The movie grossed in 1994 more at the domestic box office than all other movies but one.

Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef are great value as Blondie and Angel Eyes, but it's Eli Wallach's Tuco who steals this Wild West show: "When you have to shoot, shoot. Lists of recent good movies and award winners. Andrews had already won an Academy Award for Best Actress in "Mary Poppins." This record would later be topped by "Shrek the Third. The Godfather (1972)

Read the full list below, and head this way to subscribe to Empire. It's all part of the deliciously dark and stylishly executed journey.Read Empire's review of OldboyBuy the film here, 1995It may have kicked off the whole CG-animation revolution (for better or worse), but it's not the once-novel visual medium which makes Pixar's first feature one of cinema's greatest treasures.

The musical romance about a 1950s greaser and a goody-two-shoes outgrossed all movies in 1978, including "National Lampoon's Animal House" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." Works.Read Empire's review of MementoBuy the film here, 1983In this post-Phantom Menace world, the Ewoks don't seem quite so egregious, do they? 181 min You might say the shark looks fakey in Jaws. > Domestic gross in 2019 dollars: $398,953,591 > Worldwide gross: $1,052,233,107 > Production budget: $82,377,953 > Starring: Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Benjamin Bratt.

| The film's world premiere was held at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California on June 28, 2003. Animation, Adventure, Family, PG-13

| And it manages to wring a fantastic supernatural adventure out of that concept, while never neglecting the opportunity to deliver a great laugh; or, on the flipside, ever allowing the zaniness to swallow up plot coherence. In a few cases, movies have had more than one theatrical release, which contributed to their total gross. > Domestic gross in 2019 dollars: $970,636,246 > Worldwide gross: $3,250,658,649 > Production budget: $294,415,931 > Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane.

"Read Empire's review of GoodfellasBuy the film here, 1994If Reservoir Dogs was a blood-spattered calling card, Pulp Fiction saw Quentin Tarantino kick our front door off its hinges — and then get applauded for doing it with such goddamn panache.

When Steven Spielberg brought them back on Isla Nublar, we felt for the first time they could be real, breathing animals (as opposed to monsters). The first, and as of right now, only Star Wars film from director Rian Johnson was a hit, outgrossing all but five Star Wars films after adjusting for inflation. Bustin' did indeed make us feel good.Read Empire's review of GhostbustersBuy the film here, 2000Christopher Nolan made the world sit up and pay attention to him by crafting (with his brother Jonah) a revenge-fuelled crime thriller that dared to demand that its audience sit up and pay attention to its every last detail. The comedy classic about a mischievous Faber College fraternity brought in slightly more than a quarter million dollars on its opening weekend in domestic theaters. Mel Gibson directed and co-wrote this film about the hours leading up to Jesus Christ's crucifixion. “The Sound of Music” won five Oscars, including Best Picture. Everyone here's at the top of their game: Scorsese, Schrader, De Niro, 14-year-old Jodie Foster and composer Bernard Herrmann. It wore its numerous influences on its sleeve and yet felt utterly, invigoratingly fresh and new. ", > Domestic gross in 2019 dollars: $688,925,059 > Worldwide gross: $2,078,865,911 > Production budget: $325,780,643 > Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo. > Domestic gross in 2019 dollars: $434,038,008 > Worldwide gross: $1,073,394,593 > Production budget: $200,000,000 > Starring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts. > Domestic gross in 2019 dollars: $489,332,158 > Worldwide gross: $1,495,488,557 > Production budget: $266,517,376 > Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo. Or just because it's genuinely unsurpassable.Read Empire's review of JawsBuy the film here, 1981In '81, it must have sounded like the ultimate pitch: the creator of Star Wars teams up with the director of Jaws to make a rip-roaring, Bond-style adventure starring the guy who played Han Solo, in which the bad guys are the evillest ever (the Nazis) and the MacGuffin is a big, gold box which unleashes the power of God. 24/7 Tempo has identified the top 100 grossing movies of all time based on domestic box office data provided by box office reporting service Box Office Mojo.

The Best Movies of 2020, Ranked by Tomatometer. Animation, Adventure, Fantasy, Approved

The movie grossed over $200 million in 1983, about $100 million more than that year's second-biggest earner, "Tootsie. Live octopus-eating? Critics on Rotten Tomatoes did not think "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. > Domestic gross in 2019 dollars: $630,972,435 > Worldwide gross: $1,656,427,469 > Production budget: $100,455,975 > Starring: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum. > Domestic gross in 2019 dollars: $695,365,822 > Worldwide gross: $1,780,763,180 > Production budget: $159,910,426 > Starring: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, "Jurassic World" was released 14 years after the previous film in the franchise, "Jurassic Park III." > Domestic gross in 2019 dollars: $477,373,578 > Worldwide gross: $1,450,026,933 > Production budget: $150,000,000 > Starring: Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad. Brie Larson plays Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, who is caught in the middle of a conflict between two worlds.

The result couldn't have been more triumphant: the cinematic incarnation of 'Cool Britannia' came with a kick-ass soundtrack, and despite some dark subject matter, came with a punch-the-air uplifting pay-off.Read Empire's review of TrainspottingBuy the film here, 1991Not only the first horror to win a Best Picture Oscar, it's also only the third movie to score in all four main categories: Picture, Director (the late, great Jonathan Demme), Actress (Jodie Foster) and Actor (Anthony Hopkins) — the latter managing that despite technically being a supporting performer, with a mere 25-ish minutes of screen time. As star Don Lockwood, Gene Kelly brings a sense of exasperation at the film industry's diva-indulging daftness, making it a gentle piss-take, too.Read Empire's review of Singin' In The RainBuy the film here, 1984As high-concept comedies go, Ghostbusters is positively stratospheric — a story of demonic incursion… with gags! It's the film that brought Studio Ghibli – and anime at large – to mainstream Western audiences, an influence increasingly felt in the likes of Moana and Frozen II.Read the Empire review.Buy now on Amazon.

And let's not forget how goddamn funny it is, too.Read Empire's review of Donnie DarkoBuy the film here, 2016As much a technical marvel as it is an acting tour-de-force, Damien Chazelle's Los Angeles love letter proved a ridiculously easy movie to fall in love with, even for those who may have grumbled that they weren't really into musicals before sitting down to watch it. "Ghostbusters" dominated the domestic box office in 1984, besting such films as "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom," "Gremlins," and "The Karate Kid." You may wonder how Indy clung to the German sub in Raiders. Kristin Bell lends her voice to the lead character, Princess Anna, who is joined by a motley crew on an adventure to save her frozen kingdom from her older sister Elsa (Idina Menzel). Graceful, gorgeous, unwearied by time's passing. And it says a lot about the film's emotional heft that it managed to win an Oscar itself, when it was in competition with both Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption.Read Empire's review of Forrest GumpBuy the film here, 1999Sam Mendes made his movie career with his directorial debut, the story of Lester Burman: a man who turned his midlife crisis into a midlife resolution — even if his self-liberating antics would ultimately prove disastrous. Director Sam Raimi followed the blockbuster with two Spider-Man sequels that both did well at the box office.

1986Rob Reiner's adaptation of Stephen King's novella The Body is a stirring, touching adventure film which knows the real world is exciting and scary enough just as it is. Eligible movies are ranked based on their Adjusted Scores. With James Stewart's detective stalking Kim Novak's mysterious woman, witnessing her suicide, then becoming obsessed with her double, it's certainly disturbing and most definitely (as the title suggests) disorientating. Olivia de Havilland died in July at age 104 and had been the last surviving star of the film. Movies with 40 or more critic reviews vie for their place in history at In terms of scale and sheer, balls-out action spectacle, yes.Read Empire's review of Terminator 2: Judgment DayBuy the film here, 1999How two sibling indie film-makers with only a slick, sexy little crime film to their name (Bound) created their own blockbuster sci-fi franchise.
Yes, it's still talkin' to us.Read Empire's review of Taxi DriverBuy the film here, 1995Aka David Fincher's second debut movie. The movie about a mentally challenged, well-intentioned man whose life tracks significant moments in American history won six Oscars, including Best Picture. And. Tomatometer rankings of the top 100 best movies of 2020 and all time.

Incredible Blanket Puts Humans In A Deep Sleep, Melting Stress Away, © Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, © Courtesy of DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures, © Courtesy of Columbia Pictures Corporation, © Courtesy of Buena Vista Distribution Company. In addition to selling an estimated 53.7 million tickets in the U.S. and Canada since its release, the movie won five Oscars, including Best Picture. ), starred that schlubby fellah from Parks And Rec, and was directed by the guy who turned Michael Rooker into a giant slug-monster in Slither. The film, which follows a group of high school graduates in the 1960s, was reportedly made for under $1 million. Empire super-stardestroys thanks to the way it deepens the core relationships — none more effectively than Han and Leia's. > Domestic gross in 2019 dollars: $484,882,648 > Worldwide gross: $583,949,189 > Production budget: $73,578,377 > Starring: Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, William Holden, Faye Dunaway.

Christopher Orr from The Atlantic calls it "a movie nearly devoid of human beings, yet one bursting with humanity. Instead, he transplanted the Alien (and, significantly, Ripley) to a different genre, and created one of the greatest ever action movies. The movie had numerous theatrical re-releases -- in 1969, 1979, 1985, and 1991 -- each more lucrative than the previous one. But Sidney Lumet's film finds all its drama outside the courtroom itself and inside a jury deliberation room packed with fantastic character actors, who are forced to re-examine a seemingly straightforward case by lone-voice juror Henry Fonda. | Tomatometer rankings of the top 100 best movies of 2020 and all time.

From the effects of gravity to the emotional implication of time dilation, it mixes science and sentiment to great effect. Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” is the top grossing animated film of all time when adjusting for inflation. The final film in Peter Jackson's exceedingly popular Lord of the Rings trilogy was the most successful at the domestic box office, grossing more than $500 million adjusted for inflation.


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