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It tows a massive automated refinery between Thedus and Earth, processing the cargo of mineral ore on its long journey through deep space. Browse Genres
The Nostromo was made of three decks, the A Deck was the Hypersleep, central eating area, the medical and science lab, and the cockpit of the Nostromo. Several crew members commented that the confines of the intricate set meant filming was more akin to shooting on location than in a studio, and that the interior's enclosed nature helped to create a feeling of claustrophobia appropriate to the film.

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The width on our size chart is measured from armpit to armpit across the front only, the length is measured from neck seam to bottom hem. Payment Plans [1] The ore refinery it towed was 1,927 metres (6,322 feet) long, 1,257 metres (4,124 feet) high, and 1,131 metres (3,712 feet) high, processing raw material on the long trip to Earth. The Nostromo set down on LV-426 on June 3, 2122. Length To help ensure the recovery of the creature, the Nostromo's science officer was replaced two days before the ship left Thedus with Ash, a Synthetic sleeper agent who, under Special Order 937, was to assist in the recovery of a Xenomorph through any means necessary, even at the expense of the rest of the crew. Products by Type Heather colors are a poly-cotton blend and so tend to not shrink much if at all. Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard is a 1904 novel by Joseph Conrad, set in the fictitious South American republic of "Costaguana". A must have addition to any Alien collection! [22] The ship's bridge was originally designed as a large, open space with several "floating" consoles and crew seats that projected into a vast glass window at its front. Destroyed[4] as of June, 2122. Track an Order It also carried (or rather pulled) a massive refinery behind it for processing ore on the long trip to Earth. In the film Alien, the Nostromo is a spacecraft on a return trip from Thedus to Earth, with crew Captain Dallas, Executive Officer Kane, Navigator Lambert, Warrant Officer Ripley, Science Officer Ash, and Engineers Brett and Parker aboard. [12] The loss of the Nostromo was relegated to the pages of history where it went down as lost without a trace.
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The ship also had a self-destruct system, whereby the cooling unit for the ship's nuclear reactor would be turned off and the nuclear core would overheat in a delayed explosion, after 10 minutes. Most of the fine surface details were added from model kits of battleships, tanks and World War II bombers, while the miniature of the attached refinery contained parts from several Star Wars model kits in its construction — the release mechanism that secures the Nostromo to the refinery featured the legs of R2-D2 as decorations on its upper surface,[18] while the refinery's underside incorporated panels from Darth Vader's TIE fighter.[19]. The interior of the Nostromo was designed by conceptual artist Ron Cobb. Browse MOCs; MOCs by Mihe Stonee; MOC-9803 × USCSS NOSTROMO. Learn more, Shopping Links Cost During 2122, she was hauling a payload of oil in a mobile refinery from Thedus to Earth when she vanished without trace en route. Following its destruction, the Nostromo incident was subject to large amounts of news coverage, with speculation as to the cause of its destruction ranging from stray debris to an "uncatalogued asteroid". The ship was equipped with a MU-TH-UR 182 model 2.1 terabyte AI mainframe (called "Mother" by the crew), available to command officers through a special interface room. As the Narcissus bore its own flight recorder synced to the Nostromo's, we must presume that the Nostromo somehow jettisoned its own recorder immediately before the detonation of its engines and payload. The ship itself weighed more than 60,000 metric (66,138 US) tons, included three decks, four holds, stores, and engines and a shuttle named Narcissus. Visit our Help Desk or call 1.855.SIDESHOWIntl: 1.805.214.2157.

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