Lucky Fishing – Game Play


LUCKY FISHING is using a full 3D production, with beautiful deep sea as the background for the game. Lifelike panoramic view of marine life, such as fantastic real scenes, to give people the visual enjoyment, free fish swim in the sea, allowing you to experience the happiness of real fishing!


Li Kui (Historical Figures of The Water Margin: Outlaws of the Marsh) chop fish operation is very simple:

  • Press the keyboard up and down keys for Fun switch;
  • Left and right keys can be up and down coins;
  • F4 key can set the sound setting;
  • S key lock (press again S button to switch, Q key to unlock);
  • Space bar or left mouse button to launch.

In the mysterious seabed, a variety of colorful fish, is so natural and beautiful, shells against the effect of particles is also very gorgeous, very strong sense of combat. Here the scene is very beautiful, absolutely experience the cool feeling.

Game rules

Use fishing nets to catch these sea animals, to obtain the relevant fishery reward. Fishing net is the launched by fishing nets guns, fishing net guns encountered sea animals will automatically become a fishing nets; if not encountered will never fall, infinite rebound until the end of the sea animals encountered.


Game skill

Techniques for launching fishing nets:

Move the mouse to control the firing direction of the shell; you can press the left mouse button or space bar to launch shells, swim to the seabed to the submarine animal sprinkler fishing nets. Catch the small fish, the player and get the appropriate reward; catch big fish or special weapons, will burst out of a large light ball effect or flash effect, and get the corresponding reward fishery.


Description of fish scores



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