Join Thor’s adventure! Dynamic odds & exciting bonuses in the action-filled game. Play now!


Arcade Game


Thor is an arcade game played using 12 character symbols and 3 side bets. To play, place bet on one or more of the 12 symbols. Each draw will result in a chosen symbol. Member wins if his bet matches the result.

Aside from winning on the selected symbol, members can also win bonuses on battle modes unlocked during the draw.

How to Play?

Place bet on any of the 12 bet types or on the side bet (Player, Banker, Tie)

  1. When the game starts, a light will go around the tiles.
  2. The boss reels will start to spin. If the boss reels stop with the same faces, a Battle Mode is unlocked! Member will have a chance to engage in a battle with the boss selected.
  3. If Thor wins the battle, a bonus will be granted.
  4. The light will stop on a tile. If player has bet on this tile, player wins!
  5. The side bet reel will end on a symbol. If player has bet on the correct symbol, player wins side bet award!


Bet Types

Main Bet
Each bet type comes with a face of one of the 4 characters and one of three colors (Green, Yellow, Red). Each character is assigned an odds. Odds change every draw.

Side Bet – Player, Banker, Tie

There are three side bets player can choose from:

Bet Type

x 2

x 2

x 8


Battle Mode

Battle mode will be triggered in two ways:
1. Boss Reels land on the same face
2. Logit stops on a battle zone (Gate / Cave)

Boss Reels

The reels will stop during the draw. When the two reels end in matching boss symbols, a Battle will be triggered. Defeat the boss and be awarded with a bonus. Bonuses are selected randomly.


Giant Ogre
Bonus Symbol Bonus Name Description
Blinding Light Light up another tile with the highest odds.
Mystic Energy Blast Light up another tile of the same character
Special 1 Light up the next tile
Lucky 2 Light up the next 2 tiles
Lightning Overrun Light up 1 to 3 tiles


Devil Girl
Bonus Symbol Bonus Name Description
Power 3 Light up the next 3 tiles
Great Thunderstorm Light up 4 tiles in each direction – north, south, east, west
Hammer Smash Light up one of each of the 4 characters in the same color.
All [Character face] Light up character in all three colors.
All Red Light up all characters in red.
All Yellow Light up all characters in Yellow.
All Green Light up all characters in Green.


Dark Lord
Bonus Symbol Bonus Name Description
Ultimate God Blast Light up ALL tiles


Battle Zones
If light lands on a battle zone, the battle mode will also be triggered.
Bonus will also be awarded when the boss is defeated inside the battle zone.


Zone Boss Unlocked
Giant Ogre or Devil Girl
Dark Lord