MingsAnnounced interview: Tyrone on being back, reveal video and Premier League aspirations


Tyrone Mings wore a huge smile as he was asked about the #AnnounceMings fan campaign on social media

Mings today became a permanent member of the claret and blue family.

Most tweets from the club this summer were greeted by an #AnnounceMings reply from impatient supporters.

And it wasn’t lost on the powerful defender, who admitted he loved the support he received on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

He told Club TV: “Yes, of course I saw all the responses.

“I couldn’t get away from it. That was even if I posted about stuff that wasn’t related to football or even if it was.

“Even if it was another company I’m involved in or my Academy, everyone was getting inundated.

“It’s nice to feel wanted. It’s nice to receive such a lovely welcome from the fans.

“It was something I wanted all summer long and something they wanted so thankfully we’re now sitting here and I’m a permanent Aston Villa player.”

The announcement video today saw Mings at Witton Train Station, linking in with a social media post that went viral of the defender in full claret and blue kit still enjoying the Play-Off Final victory several days after the 2-1 victory over Derby.

He loved being involved, adding: “It was very clever, tongue-in-cheek, it was a nice idea.

“Obviously it was very fitting as I was pictured in Bournemouth with my Villa kit on.

“It was a nice way to reveal the kit, too, and a good idea, for sure.”


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