Hodgson: “A Really Good Game Of Football Was Killed By The Decision Today”


Roy Hodgson’s post-match interviews were dominated by the controversial decision from referee, Kevin Friend, to award a handball decision against Joel Ward after consulting with the pitch side monitor.

The Eagles manager was passionate in his criticism of the new handball law, after an impressive performance from his side ended with nothing to show for their efforts.

“I think the rules are nonsense,” Hodgson said. “And I can’t understand how we in football have allowed this rule to come into operation. It’s ruining the game of football; the rules of football are accepted from people by an early age.

“These days we’re in a situation where we can’t understand what is a handball and what isn’t; it’s an absolute nonsense. I don’t want to profit from it or lose to it; there’s no doubt it’s killing the game.

“I will predict what will happen, people will be flicking balls onto people’s hands and screaming for handball and if you think that’s going to make the game better then good luck to you.

“A really good game of football was killed by the decision today. I’m talking about referees, too. I don’t blame referees because he’s got to give it because it’s what he’s been told to do.

“I would have been really happy with our team’s performance at 1-1 but we have lost in a way that I find totally unacceptable.

“I thought we were good last week and good this week; we’ve really started well. We’ve got no points to show for it but I have no criticism for our performance at all.

“Instead we find ourselves discussing something we don’t want to. Instead I have to make bold statements which I will make absolutely no apology for.

“It’s bizarre how referees and VAR referees are getting these decisions so horrendously wrong. I can only presume it’s because previously never had the chance to see replays in super slow motion.

“Important to watch things in normal time, too – different perception entirely.”

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