Count Down


A ceremony for these unprecedented times.

An Opening Ceremony to show us that we are all connected, living together side-by-side.

This Tokyo 2020 Games motto will be re-envisioned as the concept for the Opening Ceremony.

In just 5 days, the Games begin.

The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee and the Opening Ceremony Creative Team will continue to prepare until the last minute to deliver an inspiring ceremony for viewers watching from around the world.

Show Director KOBAYASHI Kentaro

“Though working within the confines of various conditions, all of the participating artists have generously poured their skills and talents into this production. To the best of our ability, we strive to express our encouragement for the main stars of the event—the athletes.

“I urge viewers to pay attention to the expressions on the participants’ faces. Everybody is in good spirits.”

“This is the film set of the opening video. A wide range of technology is used throughout the ceremony, but there are also many manual, analog elements that play a key role. It is my hope to add an essence of craftsmanship to the sportsmanship that is on show.”

Director of Choreography HIRAHARA Shintaro

“Under these circumstances, there are undoubtedly many thoughts and opinions surrounding the event. My aim was to create a work that imparts a sense of strength and hope to all viewers despite their standpoint, and share that vision with the performers.

“Our goal is to deliver a performance of human affirmation and hope for the future.”

“We use many implements during this performance. Through the creative use of these tools, we were able to communicate with the performers to produce the final piece.

“Note the energetic facial and body expressions of each individual performer.”

Scenographer TANEDA Yohei

“In this digital and virtual age, I wanted to present the beauty of the “forms” of Japan through three-dimensional features, such as the stage design and equipment for the Olympic cauldron. I encourage viewers to seek out various forms with hidden elements of Japanese taste. With many years of experience as an art director for movies, I am excited for people to enjoy a sense of anticipation—like watching a scene in a movie—through the stage modeling and set movement.”

“To incorporate the beauty of Japanese materials, I personally observe, feel, and check the materials such as the “ropes” and the tones of colour in the “wood”. I hope viewers will be able to appreciate the interesting and beautiful nature of these Japanese materials.

“Through the screen, I’d like for people to take notice of the shape of the stage from above. By observing from all different angles, viewers can explore the many facets of the three-dimensional elements.”


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