USDT Tutorial


Tether (USDT) is a popular stablecoin whose value is pegged to the U.S. dollar

Tether protects users from the volatility of the cryptocurrency space by fixing the value of its cryptocurrency to the value of an established fiat currency. All USDT tokens are 100% backed by Tether’s reserves.

1 Tether coin = 1 USD, which is the best hedge currency among all cryptocurrencies.

Features: 24/7 transactions; stable prices; anonymous transactions, not subject to bank supervision; unlimited transactions

How to register a W88USDT account?

Have W88 account

Please click on the USDT deposit method on the “Deposit page” after logging in, enter a new member account, and the current account password to register.


  1. The two currencies are separate accounts.
  2. MYR and USDT accounts can be switched at any time.
  3. Account registration information and level can be synchronized to your USDT account.

After registration, you can click on the “Switch Account” button below to enter USDT account to deposit.

Or click “Switch Account” under your member account on top of the right corner.


How to deposit?

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