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Hi Lo Card is simple card game that is to predict the next winning card rank Lower, Higher or Same Value (snap) with the based card. The game is played with a shoe of 6 deck of cards (48 standard cards exclude jokers and 10’s). On every round, new deck will reshuffle.

Card Suit

Card Rank and Card Point

1 Shoe – 6 Decks

1 Deck – 48 cards (exclude Jokers and 10’s)

Win Card : Current drawn card result to match if you win or lose.
Based Card : Previous draw winning card.
Burn Card : Card that is discarded from the shoe.

How to Play
1. At the start of the draw, Player to place bet on Lower, Higher, Snap or any other side bets.
2. When the time’s up, dealer will deal 4 cards. The First 3 cards are burn cards while the 4th will be the win card.
3. If the 4th card matches the corresponding bets you win, else lose.
4. On the new round, win card will be the based card.
5. The 3 burn cards will be returned to the deck for reshuffle.

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