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W88 has elevated the Live Baccarat experience in its Club W apps by introducing Baccarat Insurance—an exciting feature allowing players to make insurance bets during gameplay.

Key Features:

  • Player and Banker Insurance: Players can make ‘Player Insurance’ bets after placing a ‘Player’ bet and ‘Banker Insurance’ bets after a ‘Banker’ bet. No insurance is offered if both bets are placed simultaneously.
  • Fixed Odds: Insurance bets are offered at fixed odds based on specific player/banker point combinations outlined in a pay table.
  • Two Phases for Bets:
    1. After the initial dealing of 4 cards (player, banker, or both).
    2. After the player’s 3rd card is dealt and the banker requires a 3rd card.
  • Payout Limit: The total payout for insurance bets cannot exceed the original bet placed on either the ‘Player’ or the ‘Banker.’


W88’s Baccarat Insurance is a game-changer, adding a strategic dimension to Live Baccarat in Club W apps. With fixed odds, strategic betting phases, and a payout limit, this feature enhances the thrill of online casino gaming, making it an exciting and dynamic experience for players.

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